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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hvinr, m. whiz, whistling (h. rvarinnar; hvinrinn af hgginu).
hvirfill (gen. -s, dat. hvirfli), m. (1) circle, ring; (2) crown of the head (milli hvirfils ok ilja).
hvirfil-vindr, m. whirlwind.
hvirfing, f., hvirfingr, m. (1) circle (of men); setjast hvirfing, to sit down in a circle; (2) drinking match (drekka hvirfing).
hvirfings-brir, m. club-mate;
-drykkja, f. drinking bout (in a sort of club or guild).
hvirfla (a), v. to whirl, spread (r tinu at h. heyit).
hviss, interj. whew!
hv, (1) an old dat. of 'hvat'; spuri Hallr, hv at stti, then H. asked what was the matter; fyrir hv, why, wherefore (fyrir h. bir eigi lkningar?); (2) adv. why ? = fyrir hv (hv ertu sv flr ?).
hvla (-da, -dr), v. (1) with acc. to rest; h. li sitt, to let one's troops rest; h. sik, to take rest (eir hvldu sik ar ok eyki sna); hvldr, rested (eir hafa moedda hesta, en vr hfum alla hvlda); refl., hvlast = h. sk; (2) to lie, rest, sleep in a bed (h. rekkju sinni); h. hj e-m, to sleep with one; (3) to lie buried (til staarins ar sem 1afr hinn helgi hvlir).
hvla, f. bed; ganga (fara) til hvlu, to go to bed.
hvl-ber, m. bed of rest;
-brg, n. pl. = hvlubrg.
hvld, f. (1) rest, repose (taka h. or hvldir); (2) pause ( var h. nkkur um bardagann).
hvldar-dagr, m. day of rest, the Sabbath;
-hestr, m. relay horse;
, a. restless,
hv-lkr, a. of what kind or sort.
hvlu-brg, n. pl. cohabitation;
-flagi, m. bed-fellow;
-glf, n. bed closet;
-kli, n. pl. bed-clothes;
-tollr, m. hire of a bed;
-rng, f. want of room in one's bed.
hvna (hvn; hvein, hvinum; hvininn), v. to whiz, whistle (rvar hvinu hj eim llum megin).
hvskr, n. whisper, whispering,
hvskra (a), v. whisper.
hvsl, n., hvsla, f. whisper.
hvsla (a), v. = hvskra; recipr., hvslast, to whisper to one another.
hvta-bjrn, m. white bear, polar bear;
-dagar, m. pl. 'the white days, Whitsun-week.
hvtadaga-helgr, f. Whitsuntide
-vika, f. Whitsun-week.
Hvta-kristr, m. the white Christ.
hvt-armr, a. white-armed.
hvta-sunna, f. Whitsunday.
hvtasunnu-dagr, m. = hvtasunna.
hvta-vir, f. pl. the white dress worn by those newly baptized.
hvt-beinn, a. white-legged;
, a. white-feathered;
-fysa (-ti. -t), v. to be white with foam;
, a. white-haired, light-haired (meyjar -haddaar);
-hrr, a. white-haired.
hvti, f. fair complexion.
hvtingr, m. a kind of whale.
hvt-klddr, pp. clad in white;
-leikr, m. whiteness.
hvtna (a), v. to become white.
hvtr, a. white (hvtt silfr); h. hr, white-haired.
hvt-rndttr, a. white - striped;
-skeggjar, a. white-bearded;
-skinn, n. white skin, ermine;
-vungr (-s, -ar), m. one dressed in white weeds (hvtavir).
hvsa (-ta, -t), v. to hiss, of serpents (h. sem hggormr).
hvsa, hvsing, f. hissing.
hvnn (gen. hvannar, pl. hvannir), f. angelica.
hvrfun, f. vacillation; h., wavering (var h. hugr minn of at).
hvt (gen. hvatar, pl. hvatir), f. instigation, encouragmient, impulse.
hvtur, m. encourager, instigator.
hvtun, f. instigation, egging; ganga at h. e-s, to follow one's egging.
hyggendi, f. wisdom, prudence.
hyggi-liga, adv. wisely, prudently;
-ligr, a. wise, prudent.
hygginn, a. wise, prudent, intelligent (eir er hyggnastir vru).
hyggja (hygg, huga, hugr and hugar), v. (1) to think, believe; hugu mjk sr hvrir-tveggju, they were of different opinions; (2) to guess; fr hyggr egjanda rf, few can guess the needs of him that is silent; (3) to intend, purpose (sknarggn au, er hann hugi fram at

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