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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ff me e-m, to travel in one's company; vera vkingu, to be engaged in freebooting; trausti e-s, in his trust, under his protection; vera gu yfirlti, to be in good quarters, live well; liggja viti, to lie in a swoon; vera gu (illu) skapi, to be in good (ill) humour; (8) in respect of, in regard to; roskinn orum, mature in words; lttr mli, cheerful in speech; llurn mannraunum, in all trials; (9) denoting form or content, in; at eigi hafi komit til Noregs meiri grsemi skikkju, such a jewel of a cloak; f er v there is value in it; Hallr kva gan kost henni, H. said she was a good match; hvat er v? how is that? what is the matter? (10) by means of, through (opt kaupir sr litlu lof); (11) equivalent to a gen. or possess. pron.; hann braut hrygg henni, he broke her back; hann kntir saman alla halana nautunum, all the cows' tails; II. with acc., (1)in, into (spjtit fl nir vllinn); leggja e-t kistu, to put into a chest (coffin); steinninn kom hfu honum, the stone hit him in the head; sigla (lta) haf, to stand out to sea; var at sagt Gunnari inn bina, word was carried into the booth to Gunnar; giptast nnur lnd, to marry into other countries, marry an alien; deyja Mlifell, to pass into M. after death; rr svaf ok horfi lopt upp, with his face turned upwards; (2) of time; in, during; at mund, at that hour; ntt, this night; i vetr, this winter; (= um) fjrtn vetr, for fourteen winters; (3) denoting entrance into a state, condition, in, into; ganga bnd ok eia, to enter into bonds and oaths; falla vit, to fall into a swoom; taka e-n fri, to pardon one; bja bum setu, to call on the neighbours to take their seats; (4) denoting change into; skjldrinn klofnai tv hluti, split in two; brotna spn, to be shivered to pieces; verja f snu lausaeyri, to convert one's property into movables; (5) denoting the object, purpose, &c.; gjalda sonarbtr, to pay as the son's weregild; iggja e-t
vingjafir, to accept as a friend's gift; kaupa e-t skuld, to buy on credit; gra e-t hag (vil) e-m, to do something in one's favour.
-blr, a. bluish; -blstr, m. inspiration; -ba, f. female inmate; -b, f. in-dwelling; -byggjari, m. inmate, inhabitant.
(pl. -ir), f. doing, deed (poet.).
-endr, a. still breathing, alive, opp. to 'r-endr'; -fang, n. grappling with; -fellt, a. n., of the wind, filling the sails; -fr, prep., see 'fr'; ganga, f. undertaking, entering upon; -gangr, m. (1)beginning; (2) wearing of clothes.
gangs-kli, n. pl. wearing apparel (hfu menn -kli sn).
-gildi, n. equivalent, equal (eir ykkja vera lendra manna gildi); -gjarn, a. eager for (e-s); -grra, a. indecl. in full growth.
gull, m. sea-urchin.
hlutanar-mikill, -samr, a. meddlesome, interfering.
-hrddr, a. a little timid; -huga (a), v. to consider, muse over; -hugan, f. minding, consideraticn; -hugi, m. minding, sympathy.
-hgg, n. striking in.
korni, m. squirrel.
-kynda(-da, -dr), v. to kindle; refl., kyndast, to be kindled, take fire;
-lt, n. vessel into which a thing is put;
-lendast (d), v. refl. to settle in a country;
-lendr, a. settled in a place, naturalized.
m, n. dust, ashes.
ma, f. poet. strife, fight, battle.
Irar, m. pl. Irishmen, the Irish.
rast, v. refl. to be rumoured abroad.
ri, m. rumour, gossip (rare).
Irland, n. Ireland.
rska, f. the Irish tongue.
rskr, a. Irish.
sa (a), v. to cover with ice (ss).
sa-gangr, m. drifting of ice;
-lauss, a. ice-free;
-lg, n. pl. formation or layer of ice.
sarn, n. iron, .=jrn;
-borg, f. iron plating of a ship (poet.);
-kol, n. bellows;
-kol, -kul, n. iron chill or coldness.
-leikr, m. battle (poet.).
s-brot, n. broken ice;
-brn, f. edge of an ice-field;
-hgg, n. ice-breaking.

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