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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


so, very; h. fjarri, ever so far, very far Off (ek ligg einn hsi ok kerling mn, en h. fjarri rum mnnum); vara h., ever so much farther (um allt Hlogaland ok vara h.); h. meiri, ever more, much more (ek skal h. meiri stund leggja).
hvarf, n. disappearance (h. Iunnar); rann hann eim ar h., he ran out of their sight.
hvarfa (a), v. (1) to be turned round; lt hann sr hendi h. ker gullit, he rolled the gold cup round in his hand; (2) stroll about (flamir hvarfa um skóginn); e-m hvarfar hugr, one's mind wavers; (3) h. i milli, to
stand between
(in the way).
hvar-fss, a. fickle (poet.).
hvargi, adv. in each (every) place, everywhere; h. er (or sem), wheresoever (h. er tekr land).
hvar-leir, a. loathsome to all men.
hvarmr (-s, -ar). m. eyelid.
hvars, adv. = hvar es, wheresoever.
hvar-vetna, adv. everywhere.
hvass, a. (1) sharp, keen (h. knfr, hvssxi, hvasst vpn); pointed, tapering (h. hjlmr); (2) fig., of the intellect, keen (hvasst nmi); of the eyes or sight (hvss augu, hvss sjn); (3) sharp, acute; hvasst hljd, a sharp sound; (4) of wind, sharp, fresh (h. byrr, hvasst ver, andviri).
hvass-eggjar,a. keen-edged;
-eygr, a. keen-eyed;
-leikr, m. sharpness;
-leitr, a. sharp-looking;
-liga, adv. sharply;
-nefiar, a. sharp-nebbed;
-tenntr, a. sharp-toothed;
-viri, n. sharp gale, = hvasst ver.
(old gen. hvess, dat. hv), neut. pron. I. interrog. (1) what (h. snist r r?); h. er r, Hjlmar? what is the matter with thee, H.?; expressing wonder, what sort of ? (h. gmundr ertu?); with gen., h. er at fira, flaga, drauma, fiska? what sort of men. witches, dreams, fishes? h. manna ertu ? what sort of a man art thou?; with dat., hann spuri, h. mnnum eir vri, what kind of men they were; (2) implying an answer in the negative, to what end? of what use? (h. skal rgum manni langt vpn?) (3) how, = hve, hversu; frttir hann n, h. lii bnors-mlum, how the was going on; II. indef. pron. (1) each, every; h. at ru, 'each with the other', everything; at li, er honum fylgdi, flr sr hvat, scattered in all directions; h. br sinnar stundar, there is a time for everything; (2) = hvatki, with the relat. part. 'er (es)' or 'sem'; h. sem or h. es, whatsoever; (3) with compar., ever so much; hann var til hans h. betr en til sinna barna, he was ever so much kinder to him than to his own children.
hvata (a), v. (1) to hasten, with dat., h. fr sinni, h. ferinni, to hasten one's journey; h. gngunni, to quicken one's pace; h. bli, to hurry on the bonfire; (2) absol., to hasten, speed (h. til skipa, h. heim).
hvata-, gen. pl. from 'hvt'
hvata-buss, m. busybody
-mar, m. prompter.
hvatan, acc. from 'hvatr', at a quick pace (ra h.).
hvati, m. hurry, haste.
hvatki, indef. pron. (1) each thing, everything for itself (munu r vita til hvers h. kemr); (2) with 'er'; h. er (es), whatsoever (heill Atla, h. es ik dreymir).
hvat-ltr, a. quick;
-leikr, m. alacrity, activity (-Ieikr orrostum)
-liga, adv. quickly (ria -liga)
-ligr a. quick, brisk; -ligt li, active troops.
hvatr, a. active, brisk, vigorous (h. Mar, h. hugr); neut. 'hvatt' as adv. quickly (ria hvatt, sem hvatast).
hvat-ri, n. quick action;
-skeyti, n. precipitancy;
-skeytiligr, a. rash, headlong.
hvat-vetna (gen. hvers-, dat. hv-vetna), pron. n. anything whatever;
vex r hvatvetna augu, everything grows big in thy eyes; var Hrafin fyrir eim hvvetna, H. was superior in
every respect.
hvat-vsi, f. temerity;
-vsliga, adv. rashly;
-viss, a. rash, headlong, reckless (mar hvatvss ok vitr).
hvlf, n. (1) vault; (2) concavity (of a shield).
hvlfa (-da, -t), v. = hlfa.

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