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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hn-lenzkr, a. Hunnish;
-megir, m. pl. = Hnar, Hnir.
hnn (-s, -ar), m. the knob at the top of the mast-head; draga segl vi hn ( hn upp), vinda upp segl vi hna, to hoist a sail to the top.
hnn (-s, -ar), m. (1) bear's cub; (2) urchin, boy (poet.).
hnskr, a. = hnlenzkr, hnskr.
hs, n. house (leita n um hvert h. eim b); pl. the group of buildings on a farm, = br; taka hs (pl.) e-m, to take a person by surprise in his house; at hsa baki, at the back of the houses.
hsa (a), v. to build houses, furnish with houses (Uni bsai ar).
hsa-br, m. farmstead, farmhouses;
-kostr, m. lodgings, house-accommodation;         
-kot, n. cottage;
-kynni, n. pl. = -kostr;
-mt, n. pl. the joining of buildings;
-skipan, f arrangement of buildings;
-snotra,f an ornament on a gable-head or on a ship;
-topt, f. house walls (without the roof);
-umbtr, f pl. house repairs;
-vir, m. house-timber,
-vist, f. abode (hann tekr sr ar -vist).
hs-bak, n. back of the houses;
-bndi, m. master of the house;
-brenna, f. house-burning, arson;
-bnatr, m. house furniture, esp. hangings, tapestry;
-bmingr, m. house furniture, esp. hangings, tapestry;
-dyrr, f. pl. house doors;
-endi, m. house end, gable;
-fastr, a. domiciled;
-freyja, f., (1) mistress of the house; (2) wife;
-fr, f. (1) mistress of the house; (2) wife;
-gafl, m. house-gable;
-ganga, f. 'house-walking' , visits;
-gangr, m. begging from house to house (fara -gang);
-gumi, m. = -bndi;
, a. making many visits;
-gr, f. house-making.
hsi, m. case (skra-hsi, scissor case).
hs-karl, m. (1) house-carle, manservant; (2) pl. the king's men, his body-guard.
hskarla-li, n. body of house-carles.
hs-kona, f. housewife, lady of the house;
-kytja, f. hovel.
hsel, n. housel;
hsla (a), v. to housel, administer the Eucharist to one (var hslar ok d san).
hs-mnir, m. ridge of a house;
-prr, a.= hbla-prr;
-veggr, m. house wall;
-ekja. f. housethatch;
-ing, n. council, meeting (to which a king or chief summoned his people or guardsmen).
hvaan, adv. (1) whence; ttist engi vita, h. ver var , whence (from what quarter) the wind blew, mean ek veit eigi vist, h. G. hinn rki stendr at, as long as I know not what side G. takes; (2) from wheresoever; h. sem, from what place or source soever; hann siglir h. sem cr, he sails, whatever wind may blow; h. fa, from every side (ustu borgarmenn h. fa at eim); on all sides; hann vann sv, at h. aefa vru honum hendrnar, he worked as if he had hands all over him.
hval-fng, n. pl. stores of whale (blubber);
, f. whale pit (where blubber was kept);
-jrn, n. harpoon ,        
-kaup, n. purchase of whale-blubber
-klfr, m. young whale;
-koma, f. stranding of whales.
hvalr (-s, -ar, and -ir), m. whale; skera hval, to flense a whale.
hval-reit, f., stranding of whales;
-reki. m., stranding of whales;
-rekstr, m. stranding of whales;
-rif, n. whale's rib;
-saga, f. news of a whale.
hvals-auki, m. spermaceti.
hval-skurr, m. flensing (cutting up) of a whale;
-skyti, m. whale harpooner.
hvammr (-s, -ar), m. grassy hollow or little vale (kaus hann sr bsta f hvammi einum).
hvann-njli, m. angelica-stalk.
hvar, adv. (1) where, in or at what Place (h. vartu ntt, ea h. er itt heimili ?); h. skulu vit leita? where shall we search?; (2) where, to what Place, whither (s ek n, h. sk horfir); (3) anywhere; hr framarr en h. annars staar, here more than anywhere else; (4) in each Place (uru rj ing hverjum fjrungi ok skyldu ingnautar eiga hvar saksknir saman); hr ok h., here and there, now here now there; vast h., in most Places, in most instances; h. sem, wherever (h. sem hann fr); (5) ever

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