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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mind; (2) vera -sttt til e-s, to be opposed to one;
-ski, f. anxiety;
-skja (-ta, -tr), v. to make one anxious;
-tregi, m. affliction, grief;
-trr, a. true, faithful.
hugum-strr, a. great of heart.
hug-veikr, a. weak-minded;
-vit, n. understanding, sagacity;
-ekkr, a. endeared to one, after one's heart (-ekkr allri alu);
-okkar, pp. well disposed;
-okki, m. mind, disposition, judgement (hefir etta farit eptir -okka mnum);
-ungt, a. n., e-m er -ungt, one is depressed.
huld, f. giantess, = trollkona.
hulda, f. (1) cover, veil (mikil oka ok h. liggr yfir eyju eirri); (2) hiding, secrecy; drepa huldu e-t, to hide, conceal a matter.
huldar-httr, m. hood of disguise.
hulir, pp. hidden, obscure.
hulis-hjlmr, m. 'hiding helmet'; brega -hjlmi yfir e-n, to make one invisible.
, m. 'hiding helmet'; brega -hjlmi yfir e-n, to make one invisible.
f. hiding, covering.
humarr (gen. -s, pl. humrar), m. lobster; humra fjll, waves (poet.).
humtt, f. = hmt.
hunang, n. honey.
hunang-ligr, a. honeyed.
hunangs-dgg, f. honey dew.
-fall, n. honey dew.
-ilmr, m. smell of honey;
-lkr, m. stream of honey.
hund-, in compds., very, extremely;
-djarfr, a. exceedingly bold;
-forn, a. very old.
hund-g, f. barking;
-heiinn, a. 'dog-heathen', = heiinn sem hundr.
hund-margr, a. innumerable.
hundr (-s, -ar), m. dog, hound; vera r hunda hlji or hljum, to have made one's escape.
hundra (pl. hundru), n. hundred; trtt h. = 100; tlfrtt h. = 120; hundruum, by (in) hundreds; as value, one hundred and twenty ells of the stuff wadmal; h. frtt, a hundred paid in cattle; tlf hundru mrend, twelve hundred in dark-striped wadmal; hundra silfrs, ? the silver value of 120 ells (=20 ounces).
hundra-faldr, a. hundredfold.
hundras-hfingi, m. centurion.
hunds-bit, n. bite of a dog;
-so, n. broth made from a dog.
hund-tk, f. bitch.
hund-villr, a. utterly lost,quite astray;
-vss, a. very wise (hundvss jtunn).
hungr (gen. -rs), m. and n. hunger.
hungra (a), v. impers., e-n hungrar, one hungers;
hungrar, a. hungry.
hur (pl. -ir), f. door; h. er aptr, the door is shut; drepa h., to knock at the door.
hurar-sar, m. pl. 'door-beams';
-bak, n. the back of a door; at -baki, behind the door;
-bora, f, small hole in a door;
-flaki, m. hurdle;
-hringr, m. door-ring;
-jrn, n. door-hinge;
-k1ofi, m. door-groove;
-oki, a cross-plank joining the boards of a door ( borai A. hurarokann).
hur-ss, m. 'door-beam'.
huttututu, interj., to express shivering from cold.
h (pl. -ir), f. hide (of cattle).
har-vengr, m. a thong cut out of a hide.
h-fat, n. a kind of hammock.
hfats-flagi, m. hammock mate.
h-keipr, m. canoe of skin, kayak;
-lt, n. loss of one's hide, flogging;
-skr, m. a shoe of raw hide;
-strjka (see strjka), v. to flog;
-stroka, f. flogging;
-strkja (-ta, -tr), v. to flog;
-ak, n. roof of hides;
-ekja, (see ekja), v. to cover with hides.
hfa, f. (1) cap, bonnet; (2) vault, ceiling of a church (hann lt penta hfuna).
hfr (-s, -ar), m. hulk or hull of a ship (undir hfinn skipi).
hka (-ta, -t), v. to squat.
hm, n. twilight, dusk.
hma (a), v. to grow dusk (var n mjk hmat).
Hna-land, n. the land of the Huns.
Hnar, m. pl. the Huns.
hn-bora, f. the hole in the mast-head through which the halyard went; vinda segl vi -boru, to hoist the sail;
-dreginn, pp. hoisted to the top;
-kastali, m. the crow's nest at the mast-head ( knrrunum vru hnkastalar).
Hnir, m. pl. the Huns.

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