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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hug-gr, a. kind-hearted, cheerful;
-gfr, a. cheerful;
-gi, n. goodness of heart;
-hress, a. cheerful, at ease;
-hreysti, f. courage;
-hvarf, n. change of mind; telja e-m -hvarf, to persuade one to change his mind;
-hgr, a., e-m er -hgt, one feels at ease.
hugi, m. mind (= hugr); illum huga, with evil mind, ill, badly; hafa e-t huga, to have in one's mind, to think of; leia e-t huga, to consider.
huginn, m. the wise raven of Odin.
hug-kvmligr, a. ingenious, apt;
-kvmr, (1) recurring to one's mind; ( 2) mindful, attentive;
-kmligr, a. =kvmligr;
-lauss, a. faint-hearted, cowardly;
-leggja (see leggja), v. to lay to mind, to reflect on;
-leia (-dda, -ddr), v. to pay attention to, consider;
-leiing, f. reflection;
-ltt, a. n., e-m er -ltt = e-m er -hgt;
-lttir, m. mind's ease, comfort;
-leikit, pp. n., mr er eigi -leikit at, I have no mind to;
-leysa, f., faint-heartedness;
-leysi, n. faint-heartedness;
-ltill, a. fainthearted;
-ljfi, m. darling; (hann var ljfi allra manna);
-mar, m. bold man;
-mannliga, adv. boldly.
hugna (a), v. to please; e-m hugnar e-t, one is pleased, satisfied with a thing; impers., mr hugnar vel
(illa) vi e-n, I am pleased (displeased) with one; refl., hugnast = hugna.
hug-prr, a. stout-hearted, noble;
-pri, f. courage, nobleness.
hugr (-ar, -ir), m. (1) mind; hug ea verki, in mind or act; vera hug e-m, to be in one's mind; koma e-m hug, to come into one's mind, occur to one; leia e-t hugum, to consider; ganga (la, hverfa) e-m r hug, to pass out of one's memory, to be forgotten; sna hug snum eptir (at, fr) e-u, to turn one's mind after (to, from); mla um hug sr, to feign, dissemble; orka tveggja huga um e-t, to be of two minds about a thing; orkast hugar e-t, to resolve; ef r lr nkkut tveggja huga um etta, if thou be of two minds about the matter; (2) mood, heart, temper, feeling; gr h., kind heart; illr h., ill temper, spite; heill h., sincerity; reynast hugi vi, to make close acquaintance; hugir eirra fru saman, they loved each other; (3) desire, wish; leggja hug e-t, to lay to heart, take interest in; leggja ltinn hug e-t, to mind little, neglect; leggja hug konu, to fall in love with a woman; mr leikr h. e-u, I long (wish) for a thing; e-m rennr h. til e-s, to have affection for one; mr er engi hugr at selja hann, I have no mind to sell him; (4) foreboding; sv segir mr h. um, I forebode; hann kva sr illa hug sagt hafa (he had evil forebodings) um hennar gjafor; mr br hugr um e-t, I anticipate (eptir gekk mr at, er mr bau hugr um); mr br e-t hug, it enters my mind, I think; gra sr hug, to imagine; (5) courage; h. rr hlfum sigri, a stout heart is half the battle; hera huginn (hug sinn), to take heart, exert oneself.
hug-rakkr, a. stout-hearted;
-raun, f. (1) trial of one's mind; (2) trial of valour;
-rekki, f. courage, intrepidity;
-renning, f. thought;
-r, f. peace of mind.
hug-r, f. clinch on a sword's hilt.
hug-rnar, f. pl. 'mind-runes'.
hugsa (a), v. to think, think upon; hugsat hefi ek kostinn, I have thought over the terms; h. eptir um e-t, to consider; h. e-t fyrir sr, to ponder over, reflect upon; h. um e-t, to think about; h. sik um e-t, to take counsel with oneself about a thing, consider.
hugsan, f. (1) thought, thinking; bera h. fyrir e-u, to ponder over; (2) opinion (hr em ek annari h.).
hugsanar-augu. n. pl. mental vision, intellect;
-stund, f. time for consideration or reflection.
-tmi, m. time for consideration or reflection.
hugsi, a. indecl. thoughtful, meditative, absent-minded (hann fr jafnan sem h. vri).
hug-sjkr, a. distressed, anxious;
-skot, n. mind, soul;
-stt, f. care, anxiety, concern;
-speki, f, sagacity, foresight;
-steinn, m. the heart (poet.);
-sterkr, a. strong of mind;
-stiginn, pp. in high spirits;
-stolinn, pp. mad, crazy;
-strr, a. high-minded;
-str, a. (1) fixed in one's

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