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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


one (gekk konungr sv hart fram, at allt hrkk fyrir honum); h. undan, to give way, draw back, retreat (hrukku Baglar undan); h. vi, to stand at bay, make a stand (verr Sigvaldi n vi at h.); (2) to curl, of hair (hann hafi gult hr, ok hrkk mjk); (3) to suffice.
hrkkva (-ta, -tr), v. (1) h. e-u um e-t, to lash (switch) with a thing; beit eigi heldr en tlknski (a piece of whalebone) vri hrkt um; (2) to spur or whip a horse (eptir at hrkti hann hestinn); (3) refl., hrkkvast, to coil, wriggle, of a snake (undan honum hrktist ein nara at Oddi); hrkkvast aptr, to turn back (G. rei siastr ok skyldi geyma, at engir hrktist aptr).
hrnn (gen. hrannar, pl. hrannir), f. wave; dat. pl., hrnnum, in heaps (drepr hann hirmenn konungs nir hrnnum).
hrr, n. corpse = hrer.
, v. refl. = hrast.
hrr-ligr, a. dilapidated, ruinous.
hrrna (a), v. (1) to fall into decay (of buildings); (2) to wither (trit deyr, egar at hrrnar).
huga (a), v. (1) to excogitate, think out (hugat hefi ek mr r); (2) h. e-m e-t, to think of, intend, for one (verk hefi ek hugat r); (3) h. at e-u, to attend to, look after ( var at hugat srum Kormaks); h. um e-t, to be concerned about; h. fyrir e-u, to provide for.
huga-ltr, a. engaging, amiable;
-1iga, adv. amiably, lovingly.
hugar, a. (1) courageous, bold; (2) h. e-m vel (ltt), well (ill) disposed towards one; (3) e-m er mest um e-t hugat, one has most at heart (Haflii kva at snt, at henni var mest um hann hugat).
huga-samliga, adv. carefully;
-samr, a. gentle, engaging.
hugas-ra, f. sensible speech.
huga-fullr, a. anxious;
-gr, a. kind-hearted.
hugall, a. mindful, thoughtful.
hugalt, adv. carefully (geyma h.).
hugan, f. care, concern (konungr bar hr mikla hugan fyrir).
hugar-angr, n. heart's grief;
-bt, f. comfort;
-ekki, m. heart-ache, distress of mind;
-far, n. disposition, frame of mind;
-fst, f. desire;
-gr, a. kind of heart;
-heri, f. hard-heartedness;
-hrring, f. emotion;
-hvarf, n. estrangement;
-kraptr, m. strength of mind;
-ltliga, adv. amiably, gently;
-lund, f. disposition of mind, fancy;
-tti, m. fright, anxiety;
-reikan, f. wandering of mind;
f. wandering of mind;
f. insanity;
-styrkr, m. strength of mind;
-umskipti, n. pl. change of mind;
-vla, n. anguish of mind;
-i, f. fury;
-singr, m. excitement, agitation of mind;
hugat, adv. frankly, sincerely (mla hugat).
hug-st, f. heartfelt affection; unna -stum, to love with all one's heart;
-blaur, a. cowardly;
-bleyi, f. cowardice;
-blr, a. gentle of mind;
-bo, n. foreboding, anticipation, fancy (at er nr mnu -boi, at);
-boit, pp. n., hafa e-t -boit, to intend;
-bor, n. courage;
-borg, f. the breast (poet.);
-bt, f. comfort;
-brigr, a. fickle, false (vi e-n).
hug, f., only in compds., hugar-.
huga, f. interest, affection; leggja hugu til e-s, to take interest in, feel affection for one (konungr leggr enga hugu til hests sns); mla, ra af hugu, to speak from one's heart.
hugar-erindi, n. a matter which one has at heart;
-mar, m. intimate friend;
-ml, n. = -erindi.
hug-dirfa (-a, -r), v. to encourage;
-dirf, f. courage;
-djarfr, a. courageous, stout-hearted.
hugu-mar, m. = hugar-mar.
hug-dyggr, a. steadfast;
-fastliga, adv. steadfastly;
-fastr, a. steadfast, fixed in one's mind; e-m er e-t -fast, one is bent on;
-ftt, a. n., e-m verr ftt, one loses heart;
-feldr, a. agreeable;
-festa (-sta, -str), v. (1) to fix in one's mind; (2) to make up one's mind about;
-fullr, a. full of courage;
hugga (a), v. to comfort, console; refl., huggast, to be comforted.
huggan, f. comfort, consolation;
hugganar-or, n. word of comfort;
-vn, f. hope of comfort.
huggandi, m. comforter.
huggari, m. comforter.

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