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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-hfu, n. a ram's head;
-mark, n. the sign Aries.
-merki, n. the sign Aries.
hryju-verk, n. foul deed, outrage.
hryg, f. affliction, grief, sorrow (mikil hryg ok hrmung).
hrygar-bnar, m. mourning dress;
m. mourning dress;
-dagr, m. day of sorrow;
-efni, n. cause of sorrow;
-fullr, a. sorrowful, rueful;
-mark, n. token of sorrow;
-samligr, a. mournful;
-svipr, m. mournful look;
-yfirbrag, n. mournful look.
hrygg-afl, n. strength of the back;
-bjgr, a. crook-backed;
-brotinn, pp. broken-backed;
-brotna (a), v. to break one's back.
hryggiligr, a. mournful, sad.
hryggja (-a, -r), v. (1) to distress, grieve, with acc. (ekki hryggja mik ht n); refl., hryggjast, to become sad or sorrowful; (2) to cause to look sad (h. andlit sitt).
hrygg-knttr, pp. humpbacked.
hrygg-leikr, m. = hryg.
hrygg-lundir, f. pl. loins.
hryggr (-jar, -ir), m. (1) backbone, spine; (2) ridge, mountain-ridge.
hryggr (acc. -van), a. afflicted, grieved, sad; er r hryggt hug, art thou heavy of heart?
hrygg-spenna (-ta, -tr), v. to clasp the arms round another's back.
hrygg-sterkr, a. strong-backed.
hryggva, v. = hryggja (old form).
hrygna, f. spawner.
hrym(j)ast (d), v. refl. to become old and infirm; hrymdr, infirm from age (h. bi at sn ok elli).
hryn-henda, f. a kind of metre (having lines with four stresses).
hrynja (hryn, hrunda, hruninn), v. (1) to fall in, collapse, topple down (veggrinn hrynr, bjrgin hrynja); (2) to flow, stream (hrundu trin kinnr honum); (3) to fall loosely (klit hrundi ofan um hann); ltum und hnum h. lukla, let the keys rattle down from his girdle; (4) h. hla e-m, to shut upon one's heels.
hryssa, f. mare (cf. 'merhryssi').
hrytr, m. snoring.
hrgja (-a, -r), v. to heap together (h. hverjum ofan annan).
hr (gen. pl. hrva), n. (1) dead body, carrion; (2) fragments (of a thing), scraps.
hra (-dda, -ddr), v. to frighten; refl., hraeast e-t or vi e-t, to be afraid of, to fear, dread.
hrddr, a. afraid (vi e-t, of), frightened (at); vera h. um, at, to fear, be afraid, that.
hri-liga, adv. dreadfully, fearfully;
-ligr, a. dreadful, fearful.
hrinn, a. timid.
hr-dreyrugr, a. gory.
hrfa (-a, -t), v., h. um e-t, to bear with, tolerate; m ekki um at h. lengr, it is no longer tolerable.
hr-gfr, n. 'carrion beast', wolf.
hrkja (-ta, -tr), v. to spit; h. e-u t, to spit out.
hrla (a), v. to beat the loom with a weaver's rod (hrll).
hrll, m. weaver's rod, slay.
hr-ljmi, m. the light from decomposing matter.
-log, n. the light from decomposing matter.
hrva-daunn, carrion-smell; stench of dead bodies.
hrva -efr,
m. carrion-smell; stench of dead bodies.
hrzla, f. dread, fear.
hrzlu-fullr, a. in great fear;
-gi, n. timidity.
hra, f. disquiet, disturbance.
hru-lauss, a. free from disturbance, quiet, peaceable (sjaldan mun -laust vera essu herai).
hrra (-a, -r), v. (1) to move, stir (h. fingrna); h. katlinum, to stir the pot; h. e-t saman, to mix up (h. saman allt, moldina ok blit); (2) refl., hrrast, to move oneself, to be in motion ( hrrist heinin hfu r); to move from one's place, to budge, stir (ek tla han hvergi at hrrast).
hrrar, m. pl. groin.
hrriligr, a. movable.
hrring (pl. -ar), f. (1) motion, stir; (2) inclination.
hrsinn, a. boasting, vaunting.
hrsni, f. boasting, bragging.
hrast, v. refl. to grow old and decrepit.
hrur, m. 'the swift one', poet. name of fire.
hrkkla (a), v. to reel, totter.
hrkkva (hrkk; hrkk, hrukkum; hrokkinn), v. (1) to fall back, recoil, be repelled; h. fr, to shrink back; h. fyrir e-m, to give way before

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