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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hrjstr, n. barren, rocky place.
hrjstugr, a. rough, barren.
hrjta (hrt; hraut, hrutum; hrotinn), v. (1) to fall, fly, be flung (xin hraut r hendi honum); hraut upp hurin, the door was flung open; eldr hraut r hlunnunum, fire sprang from the rollers; hrjta spnirnir upp mti honum, the chips flew up into his face; h. sundr, to be snapped asunder ( sundur hrutu baugar); (2) to snore (hann svaf ok hraut sterkliga).
hrjfr, a. (1) rough to the touch (h. hls); (2) scurvy.
hroa-ligr, a. likely to cause disturbance.
-vnligr, a. likely to cause disturbance.
hro-gs, f. = hrot-gs.
hroi, m. (1) trash, rubbish; (2) disturbance, riot (h. ok stornir).
hrogn, n. roe, spawn.
hrogn-kelsi, n. lumpfish.
hroka (a), v. to fill above the brim.
hroki, m. a heap above the brim.
hrokkin-hrr, -hæðr, a. curlyhaired (bleikhrr ok hrokkinhrr).
hrokkinn, pp. curly (hrokkit hr); wrinkled (hrokkit skinn).
hrokkin-skinna, f. 'wrinkle-skin', old woman.
hrolla (-di), v. to shiver, shudder (hrollir hugr minn).
hrollr, m. shivering (from cold).
hross, n. (1) horse; (2) mare.
hrossa-bein, n. pl. horse bones;
-flga, f. fodder or pay given to keep a horse;
-ftr, m. pl. horses' hoofs;
-gaukr, m. the snipe;
-geymsla, f. horse keeping;
-hs, n. stable;
-hfn, f. horse pasture;
-kipping, f. quarrel about horses;
-kjt, n. horse flesh;
-kyn, n. horse kin;
-mar, m. groom;
-rei, f. = hross-rei;
-sltr, n. horse meat;
-st, n. stud of horses and mares;
-stuldr, m., stud of horses and mares;
-taka, f. horse stealing;
-vndr, m. horse-whip;
-jfr, m. horse-thief.
hross-bak, n. horseback; -baki, on horseback;
-bein, n. horse's bone;
-eigandi, m. horse-owner;
-fellir, m. loss of horses (from hunger or disease);
-fjldi, m. drove of horses;
-gjf, f. the gift of a horse;
-grsemi, f. a treasure of a horse, a valuable horse;
-hali, m. horse's tail;
-hauss horse's head (skull);
-hs, n. stable
-hvalr, m. walrus;
-hfu, n. head's head;
-ss, m. ice that is strong enough to ride on;
-klyf, f. horse pack;
-lifr, f. horse's liver;
-nautn, f. using another's horse;
-neyzla f. using another's horse;
-rei, f. riding another's horse;
-rfa, f. horse's tail
-sia, f. horse's side;
-tagl, n. horse's tail;
-ver, n. the worth of a horse;
-jfr, m. horse-stealer;
-ta, f. eater of horse-flesh.
hrosti, m. the mash (in brewing).
hrot-gs, f. barnacle-goose.
hrot-garmr, m. 'howling dog'; -garmr viar, fire (poet.).
hrotta-meir, m. warrior (poet.).
hrotti, m. (1) sword (poet.), (2) a coarse, rude fellow.
hrr (gen. -rs and -rar), m. praise
hrr-bamr, m. the famous branch (the mistletoe)
-barmr, m. the famous branch (the mistletoe)
-fss, a. eager for praise.
hrugr, a. triumphant, glorious.
hrf, n. shed (under which ships are built or kept).
hrkr (-s, -ar), m. rook, (the bird).
, m. rook, castle (in chess).
, n. slander, foul words.
hrpa (a), v. (1) to slander, defame; (2) to shout (h. e-n).
hrp-yri, n. pl. slander, calumny.
hrsa (a), v. to praise, with h. sr, to boast; h. sigri, to triumph.
hrsan, f. praise, boasting.
hrsari, m. boaster.
hrufa, f. rough surface, crust.
hrufla (a), v. to scratch.
hrukka, f. wrinkle.
hruma, (a), v. to enfeeble, make infirm; hrumar, infirm, worn by age.
hrum-ligr, a. infirm.
hrumr, a. infirm, decrepit, staggering (h. gngu).
hrundning, f. kicking, pushing
hrr, m. crust, scab on a sore.
hrga, f. heap (liggja hrgu).
hrgald, n. heap, mass.
hrt-mnar, m. the third month of winter (Dec.-Jan.).
hrr (-s, -ar), m. ram.
hrts-fall, n. a ram's carcase;
-gra, f. the skin and fleece of a ram;

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