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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hvll (-s, -ar), m. hill, hillock, knoll (dalr var hvlinum).
hvptr (-s, -ar), m. mouth, chops.
hvrgi (neut. hvrki and hvrtki), indef. pron. neither (of two); h. eirra, neither of them; neut. 'hvrki' as adv., hvrki . . . n, neither ... nor (hefir h. heyrt til hans styn n hsta).
hvrgin-ligr, a. neuter (-Iigt kyn).
hvrlgr or hvrugr, indef. pron. neither, = hvrgi.
hvrr, pron. (1) which (of the two) in pl. of two parties, hvrir sigrast, which of both (hosts) will gain the day; (2) each (of the two); h. vi annan, each to the other; sinn veg h., each his own way; (3) at hvru, yet, nevertheless, however.
hvrrgi, pron. = hvrgi.
-tveggja, pron. each of the two, either, both; (1) as adj., r hvrritveggju hlustinni, out of both ears; (2) as subst. with gen., -tveggi eirra, both of them; with a possess., -tveggi okkarr, both of us; (3) the neut. hvrttveggja, used as adv., both (hvrttveggja karlar ok konur).
hvrt, neut. from 'hvrr', as interr. adv., whether, direct and indirect; h. grtr ? whether dost thou weep (or not)? h. skal ek fara er eigi? whether shall I go or not? hann vildi vita, h. hann var brynju, he wanted to know whether he wore a coat of mail; with the rel. part. er (es or sem), h. er . . . ea, whether ... or (h. er eir tluu hr til fleira ea frra).
hvrz = hvrts = hvrt es (= er).
hv, adv. (1) how, in what manner (hv fr me eim?); h. heitir ? how art thou named?; (2) qualifying an adj. or adv., how, to what extent; h. gamall mar hann vri, how old he was; eir vissu eigi, h. fram var, they did not know the time of day; h. nr? when?
(hv nr mun hann heim koma?)
hvgi, adv. howsoever, always with a following particle, er (es) or sem (h.
lengi sem, h. via sem).
hveim, dat. from the obsolete pron. 'hvar' = hverr; (1) to whom? (h. eru bekkir baugum snir?) (2) to any
manni h., or manna h.) h. er (es), to whomsoever (orstrr deyr aldregi hveim, er sr gan getr).
hveiti, n. wheat;
-akr, m. wheatfield;
-mjl. n. wheat meal, flour.
hvel, n. wheel; hverfanda hveli, on it whirling wheel.
hvelfa (-da, -dr), v. to upset, overturn, with dat. (hann hvelfdi nkkvanum undir sr); impers., skipinu hvelfdi, the ship capsized.
hvell-mltr, a. clear-voiced.
hvellr, a. shrill, sharp in tone (h lr); hvell rdd, a clear voice; mla. (tala) htt ok hvellt, to speak loud and clearly.
hvelpr (-s, -ar), m. whelp
hvenar, adv. when? (= hv nr).
hverfa (hverf; hvarf, hurfum; horfinn); v. (1) to have a circular or rotatory motion, turn round (himinn hverfr); with acc. of the place, himin h. au skulu hverjan dag, they shall wheel round the heaven every day, of the sun and moon; (2) to be lost to sight (h. at sn); to disappear, vanish (hverfa af himni heiar stjrnur); e-m hverfr e-t, one loses a thing (Mvi hurfu sauir nkkurir); sian hvarf hann eim, he vanished out of their sight; (3) with preps. and advs., h. af at gera e-t, to leave off doing a thihg; h. aptr, to turn back, return; aptr hverfr lygi, er snnu mtir, a lie recoils before the truth; h. at e-m, to throng around one ( hurfu egar at honum allir ok fgnuu honum); h. at e-u, to turn to, to adopt (h. at e-u ri); h. brott, to disappear; h. eptir e-m, to follow one; h. fr e-u, to turn away from; gru-t far festa, r eir fr hyrfi, they did not moor the boat before they turned away; to leave off (n skal ar til taka, sem fyrr var fr horfit); h. sundr, to part; h. til e-s, to turn (go) to one, or to a place (hljandi Gurn hvarf til skemmu); esp. to go to one and take leave (Gunnar hverfr til allra manna, er hann er binn); to fall to one's lot, accrue to one (tti str heill til hans horfit hafa); e-t, to encircle, surround (h. um hodd goa); h. undan e-m, to be withdrawn from, lost to one (hvarf

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