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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hlm-lausn, f. releasing oneself by paying the ransom after a duel.
hlmr (-s, -ar), m. holm, islet; falla hlmi, to fall in a duel; skora e-m min, to challenge one; leysa sik af hlmi, to redeem oneself after a duel.
hlm-star, m =himgngu-star;
-stefna, f. meeting (duel) on a holm (koma, ria til -stefnu).
hn, pers. pron. she.
hp, n. a small land-locked bay or inlet (connected with the sea).
hpr (-s, -ar), m. troop, flock, crowd.
hr (gen. hs), m. pot-hook.
hra, (a), v. to commit adultery (h. or hrast undir bnda sinn).
hra, f. whore, harlot.
hran, f. adultery.
hr-dmr, m. adultery;
-karl, m. adulterer;
-kerling, f. harlot;
-kona, f. adulteress.
hrr (gen. hrs), m. adulterer.
hsta (a), v. to cough.
hsti, m. cough, coughing.
hstr, m.; see 'str'.
ht, n. whit, bit; hti heldr, a bit more, a good deal more; with superl., hti lkast, most likely; at er hti makligast, that is least undeserved.
ht, n. pl. threats; hafa htum vi e-n, to threaten one.
hta, (a), v. to threaten, = hta (h, e-m);
htan, f. threatening.
ht-samr, a. menacing.
hraa (a), v. to hasten, with dat.
hra-byri, n. a fresh fair wind;
-byrja, a. indecl., sigla -byrja, to sail with a strong wind;
-farta, a. inded. = -frr;
-feigr, a. doomed to instant death;
-frr, a. fleet, swift (hestr-frr);
-gei, n. hasty temper;
-liga, adv. swiftly;
-mltr, a. quick of speech; -mlt tunga, a glib tongue.
hrar (hr, hratt), a. swift, fleet.
hrafn (-s, -ar). m. raven.
hrafh-hvalr, m., a kind of whale;
-reyr, f. a kind of whale;
-tinna, f. obsidian or agate.
hrak-, in compds., denoting wretched, vile;
-b, n. wretched household;
-dr, n. hunted deer;
-fer, f. disgraceful journey;
-fr, f. disgraceful journey;
-liga, adv. wretchedly;
-ligr, a. wretched, disgraceful;
-magr, a. wretchedly thin.
hrakning (pl, -ar), f. wretched treatment, injury, insult (ek hefi af r heitingar ok hrakning).
hrakningr (-s, -ar), m. = prec.
hrak-yri, n. foul language.
hramm-dr, n. beast of prey.
hrammr ( -s, -ar), m. bear's paw.
hrapa (a), v. (1) to hurl, with dat. (h. e-m til helvtis); (2) to hurry on, hasten (h. fer sinni); (3) to rush on, hurry (h. fund e-s); h. til dauans: banans, to rush headlong to destruction; (4) to fall, tumble down (hrapai hann nir fjruna).
hrapar, m. hurry; af hrapai, hurriedly.
hrapal-liga, adv. hurriedly, headlong (fara -liga);
-ligr, a. hurried.
hrapan, f. downfall.
hrap-orr, a. hasty in one's language (Smundr var vi h.).
hrata (a), v. (1) to reel, stagger (hann bratai vi, en fll eigi); (2) to tumble down, fall (hratai hann ofan af ekjunni).
hrati, m. rubbish, trash.
hrauk-tjald, n. rick-formed tent.
hraun, n. (1) rugged ground, wilderness; (2) lava field, lava.
hraun-bi, m. dweller in a 'hraun', giant;
-hvalr, m. monster of the wilderness.
hraunttur, a. rugged, stony.
hraust-leikr, m. prowess, valour;
-liga, adv. valiantly;
-ligr, a. bold, valiant;
-mannligr, a. = -ligr;
-menni, n. a strong, stout man.
hraustr, a. (1) valiant, doughty; (2) strong, hearty (gamall, en h.).
hr-blautr, a. moist, raw, of hides (nautsh hrblaut).
hrki, m. spit, spittle.
hrr (hr,, hrtt), a. (1) raw, of meat or food (hrr fiskr, hrtt kjt); (2) raw,fresh, sappy (h. vir).
hr-skinn, n. shelter, refuge;
-vii, n. saplings, young plants;
-ti, n. raw.flesh used asfood.
hrea, f, see 'hra';
hreulauss, a., see 'hrulauss'.
hrear, f. pl. the scrotum.
hregg, n. storm, blast (var bi h. ok regn).

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