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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hregg-viri, n. tempest.
hreir, n. bird's nest.
hrorast (a), v. refl. to nestle.
hreir-bllr, m. 'nest-ball', egg.
hreifi, m. (1) wrist,= lflir; (2) the hand and fingers;(3) seal's fin, flipper.
hreimr, m. scream, cry.
hreina, (-da, -dr), v. to make (swine) squeal (ef svn eru hreind).
hrein-bjlfi, m. reindeer's skin;
-dri, n. reindeer.
hrein-feri, n. purity;
-ferugr, a. pure, chaste.
hrein-glkn, n. poet. wolf (?).
hrein-hjartar, a. pure of heart;
-ltr, a. clean, chaste;
-leikr, m. (1) cleanliness; (2) chastity;
-lifnar, m. = -lfi;
-liga, adv. (1) cleanly; (2) with purity;
-ligr, a. (1) clean, cleanly; (2) pure;
, n. Pure life chastity;
-lfr, a. Pure of life;
-lyndr: a. Pure of heart, upright;
-lti, n. cleanness, chastity;
-mannligr, a. of noble or manly bearing.
hreinn, a. (1) clean (hrein kli); (2) bright (hreinir kyndlar, hrein vpn); (3) clear (hrein r6dd); (4) Pure, sincere.
hreinn (-s, -ar), m. reindeer.
hreinsa (a), v. (1) to make clean, cleanse; (2) to purge, clear (h. land af vkingum).
hreinsan, f. cleansing.
hreinsanar-eldr, m. purgalory.
hrein-staka, f. reindeer skin.
hreistr, n. scales (of fish).
hrekja (hrek; hrakta, hrktum; hrakir, hraktr), v. (1) to drive away, chase off (h. e-n af mli); (2) to annoy, vex, ill-treat (Sigmundr sagist heldr vilja h. sem mest); h. e-n orum, to scold and abuse one; (3) to damage, spoil (h. ml fyrir e-m); absol., h. fyrir e-m, to do damage to one; (4) to abuse ( = h. e-n orum).
hrekkr (pl. -ir), m. trick, Piece of mischief (hrekkir ok slgir).
hrekk-vsi, f. trickiness;
-vss, a. tricky, mischievous.
hrella, (-da. -dr), v. to distress, annoy, trouble (h. e-n).
hrelling, f. anguish, affliction.
hremma (-da, -dr), v. to clutch.
hremsa (a), v. = hremma.
hremsa, f. (1) clutch; (2) poet. shaft
hreppa (-ta, -tr), v. to catch, obtain; en er hann hreppti verkann, when he received the wound.
hreppa-skil, n. pl, Poor-law matters.
hreppr (-s, -ar), m. poor-law district (in Iceland).
hrer, n. corpse, = hrr.
hress, a. hale, hearty, in good spirits.
hreass (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to refresh, cheer; hann ba hann h. sik, he bade him cheer up; refl., hressast, to recover strength, be refreshed; (2) to restore (b. stainn).
hress-leikr, m. good health.
hret, n. storm, = hregg.
hreyfa (-a, -r), v. to move, stir, with acc.; refl., hreyfast, to put oneself in motion, stir.
hreysar, f. pl. heap of stones.
hreysi, n. (1) = hreysar; (2) Cave, den (skra hreysi).
hreysi-kttr, m. ermine, weasel.
hreysta (-sta, -str), v. to encourage make valiant; h. sik, to cheer up, take heart or courage.
hreysti, f. valour, prowess.
hreysti-brag, n. feat of prowess
-liga, adv. stoutly, boldly;
-ligr, a, stout, bold;
-mair, m. valiant man;
-mannligr, a. gallant, bold;
-or, n, word of prowess;
-raun, f. trial of valour;
-verk, n. deed of prowess.
hreyta (-tta, -tt), v. to cast, scatter, throw about, with dat. (h. mold-inni, hringum).
hreyting, f. spreading, scattering.
hreyti-speldi, n. top (a child's toy).
hriflinga-bjrg, f. hand-to-mouth life (er slkt kallat -bjrg).
hrifs, n. robbery, pillaging.
hrifsa (a), v. to rob, pillage.
hrifsan, f., = hrifs
hrifsing, f., = hrifs.
hriki m., huge fellow.
hrikja (-a). v. to creak (rare).
hrinda (hrind; hratt, hrandum; hrundinn), v. (1) to push, thrust, with dat. (hann hratt hestinum vk eina); var hrundit htnum, the ship's boat was put out; h. hur (upp), to push the door open; h. e-m myrkvastofu, to cast into prison; h.

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