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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mikils, there is a prospect of much ,entertainment; (3) refl., Hjalta tti vnt horfast, H. thought that matters looked unpromising; horfust eir Gizurr hfum at, he and Gizurr lay with their heads together.
horfa (a), v. = hrfa.
horfin-alda, a. indecl. luckless;
-heilla, a. indecl. luckless; horfinheilla er mr, luck has left me.
horfinn, pp.; see ' hverfa (4)'.
horn, n. (1) horn (of cattle); vera harr h. at taka, to be hard to take by the horns, hard to deal with; (2) drinking-horn , (3) horn, trumpet (blsa h.); (4) corner, angle; sktr tvau h. um e-t, there is a great difference between; sktr tvau h. me okkr, we are at variance; (5) nook, corner (in a house).
horna-fláttr, m. flaying a hide with the horns;
-skvol, n. noise of horns;
-tog, n. a rope round the horns.
horn-blstr, m. sound of trumpets;
-bogi, m. horn-bow;
-fiskr, m. garfish or green bone;
-gfugr, a. proud of his horns
-kerling, f. old woman in the corner;
-kona, f. = -kerling;
-reka, f. = -kerling;
-sil, n. stickle-back;
-skafa, f. a scraper made of horn;
-spnn, m. horn spoon;
-stafr, m. corner pillar i n a building.
hornungr (-s, -ar), m. (1) bastard son; (2) scamp, outcast (vera h. e-s).
horr, m. (1) starvation; detta, nir hor, to starve to death; (2) mucus from the nose.
horsk-leikr, m. knowledge, wisdom;
-ligr, a. wise, noble.
horskr, a. wise (h. ok gull).
hortugr, a. Pert, impertinent,
hosa, f. hose, legging.
hosar, pp. wearing hose.
hosna-reim, f. garter
-sterta, f. garter.
hot-vetna, see ' hvatvetna'.
h, interj. hoh! ah! oh!
ha (a), v. to shout 'hoh' (h. fit).
hf, n. (1) moderation,measure; kunna h., to show (observe) moderation; er h. (or at), then it i's all right; at hfi, tolerably, moderately (jarl svarar essu at hfi vel); e-t gegnir hfi, it is fair; vel er essu til hfs mikils, this affair is well settled r hfi, beyond measure; (2) proportion, equal degree (hefi hann I i at v hfi, sem hann er sjlfr frkn ok djarfr); (3) judgement (vil ek, at hafir ar engis manns h. nema itt)
hf, n. feast, banquet.
hf-gullinn, a. with golden hoof;
-hvarf, n. pastern of a horse.
hf-lauss, a. immoderate;
-leysa, f. immoderation, excess;
-liga, adv. (1) with moderation; (2).fitly; (3) fairly (munu eir n vera -liga hrddir);
-ligr, a. moderate.
hft (-s, -ar), m. hoof (of a horse).
hóf-samligr, a. moderate temperate;
-samr, a. moderate temperate;
-semd, f. moderation, temperance
-semi, f. moderation, temperance.
hf-skegg, n. fetlock.
hfs-mar, m. temperate, just man
hf-stilling, f. moderation.
hg-brr, a. easy to bear;
-frr, a. lively, light (of a horse);
-ltr, a. of easy temper;
-leiki, m. = -vri;
-liga, adv. calmly, meekly; taka -liga , to touch gently;
-ligr, a. easy, gentle;
-lfi, n. easy (quiet) life
-lyndi, n. easy temper;
-lyndr, a. easy-tempered, peaceable;
-lti n. gentleness;
-samr, a. gentle;
-semd, f. gentleness;
-seta, f. = -lfi;
-strt pp., n. easy to steer (eigi verr mr n -strt ftunum);
-vra (-a, -r), v. -to calm, appease;
-vr, f. calmness of mind;
-vrr, f. calmness of mind;
-vrligr, a. gentle, meek of mind
-vrr, a. gentle, meek of mind
hl, n. praise,flattery.
hlfa (-di, -t), v. to capsize (ar hlfir skip sjnum).
hlkr (-s, -ar), m. ring or tube (of metal) on a staff, knife-handle, etc.
hll (-s. -ar), m. - hvll.
hlm-ganga, f. 'holm-going', a duel or wager of battle fought on an islet (hlmr).
hólmgöngu-bo, n. challenging to hlmganga;
-lg, n. pl. the law, rules of h.;
-mar, m. duellist;
-star, m. a place where a 'hlmganga' is fought;
-sver, n. a sword used in 'hlmganga'.
hlmi, m. (1) islet, = hlmr; knoll.

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