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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hnoa, n. clew.
hno-saumr, m. clincher nails.
hnoss (pl. -ir), f. costly thing, ornament (hverr vildi mr hnossir velja).
hnot (gen. -ar, pl. hnetr), f. nut.
hnot-skgr, m. nutwood, hazelwood.
hnugginn, pp. bereft (miklu h.).
hnka (-ta, -t), v. to sit cowering.
hnta, f. = knta.
hnyja, f, club, rammer.
hnykill (gen. -s. dat. hnykli; pl. hnyklar), m. knot, tumor.
hnykka-stafr, m. a kind of peg (?)
hnykking, f. pulling.
hnykkja (-ta, -tr), v. to pull violenty, with dat. (h. e-m til sin); h. e-u upp, to pull up a thing; absol., ykkist sveinninn hafa vel hnykkt, he thought he had made a good pull.
hningr (-s, -ar), m. dolphin.
hnfil-drykkja, f. drinking-bout.
hnffil, m. short horn (=knfill).
hnfl-ligr, a. taunting ( -lig or).
hnfil-yri, n. pl. taunts, gibes.
hnggr (acc. -van), a. stingy (h. fjr).
hnri, m. = hneri.
hodd, f. hoard, treasure (poet.).
hof, n. heathen temple.
hof-fer, f. pride, pomp;
-flk, n. courtiers;
-garr, m. lordly mansion.
hof-goi, m. temple-priest;
-gyja f. priestess;
-helgr, f. temple-feast.
hof-Ir, m. = hof-flk;
-mar, m. courtier; gentleman in waiting.
hofs-dyrr, f. pl. temple-doors;
-eir, m. temple-oath;
-goi, m. = hofgoi;
-helgi, f. sanctity of a temple;
-mold, f. temple-earth, holy mould.
hof-stabr, m. sanctuary;
-tollr, m. temple-toll, rate.
hoka, hokra (a), v. to crouch (h. ea skra); h. undan, to slink away.
hol, n. hollow, cavity, esp. cavity of the body; ganga (hlaupa) . h., to pierce to the inwards (of weapons);
hit efra h., the cavity of the chest; mera h., the stomach.
hola, f. hole, hollow.
hola, (a), v. to make hollow.
hol-bl, n. blood from the inwards.
hold, n. (1.) flesh; svrr ok h., skin and flesh; bjarnar h., bear's flesh; (2) pl. fleshiness;
-borinn, pp., -borinn brr, one's own brother;
-fi, m. mortification.
holdgan, f. incarnation.
holdgast (a), v. refl. to take flesh.
hold-grinn, pp. grown to the flesh
-ligr, a. carnal (-lig st);
-ligr brir, one's own brother;
-ltill. a. lean.
holdr, a. fleshy; vel h., well-fleshed.
hold-rosa, f. fieshy side of a hide
-tekja, f. = holdgan.
hol-fenni, n. hollow pile of snow;
-gmr, a. having a hollow palate;
-hggvinn, pp. cut into the cavity of the body.
hollendr, m. pl. supporters.
hollosta, f. faith, loyalty (vi e-n)
hollr, a. (1.) faithful, loyal (h. e-m; of the gods, gracious (holl regin); (2) wholesome, salutary (holl r).
holl-rr, a. giving wholesome counsel;
-ri, n. wholesome counsel.
holr, a. hollow; h. innan, hollow within (etta gu er holt innan).
hol-sr, n. wound in a vital Part.
holt, n. (1) wood (opt er holti heyrandi nr); (2) rough stony ridge.
holt-ri, n. wooded ridge.
hol-und, f. a wound entering the cavity of the body; mortal wound.
holundar-sr, n. = holsr, holund
hopa (a), v. (1) to move backwards; h. hestinum undan, to back the horse; (2) to draw back, retreat (= h. aptr, hl, undan).
hoppa (a), v. to hop, skip.
hor-digull, m. a clot of mucus hanging from the nose.
horfa (-a, -t), v. (1) to turn (be turned) in a certain direction; horfi upp eggin, the edge turned upwards; sur horfu dyrr, the door looked south; h. baki vi e-m, to turn the back against one; h. vi e-m, to face one; fig. to set oneself against one (eir er heldr hfu vi honum horft snum huga); (2) to look in a certain way, to have a certain appearance; h. vnt, to look unpromising (vnt horfir um sttir); hvrurn horfir vnna, who is more likely to get the betler; h. fastliga, erfiliga, to look difficult; horfir mjk mti oss, matters look bad for us; horfir til gamans

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