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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


amukt, talisman (h. er horfinn or pssi num); (3) share, allotment, portion (hann fri lvi skip sin ok kallar at vera hans hlut); (4) Part (of a whole); hggva tv hluti, to cut in two Parts; mestr h. lis, the most part of the company; meiri h. dmanda, the majority of the judges; tveim hlutum drra, twice as dear; (5) participation; eiga hlut e-u or at e-u, to have part in, be concerned in (mr uggir, at hr muni eigi gfumenn hlut eiga); ar er ttir hlut at, wherein thou wast concerned; (6) condition, position, lot; eiga hlut e-s, to be in one's place (position); ef ttir minn hlut, if thou wert in my place; lta hlut sinn, to be worsted; sitja yfir h1ut e-s, to oppress, weigh a person down; leggja hlut sinn vi e-t, to cast in one's lot with, to espouse a cause; hafa (f) hrra, meira (lgra) hlut, to get the best (worst) of it; (7) thing; allir hlutir, all things; kynligr h., a strange thing; um alla hluti, in all things, in all respects.
hlut-rningr, m. one robbed of his share; vera -rningr e-s or fyrir e-m, to be unfairly dealt with;
-samr, a. meddlesome (um e-t);
-seigr, a. tenacious, obstinate;
-skipti, n. (1) sharing; (2) booty; (3) share, lot;
-sll, a. getting the best share;
-takandi, m. partaker;
-takari, m. partaker;
-vandr, a. upright, honest;
-verk, n. work allotted, task.
hlykkjttr, a. crooked.
hlykkr (-s, -ir), m. bend, curve.
hlymja (hlym, hlumda, hlumit), v. to make a loud noise.
hlymr (-s, -ir), m. a resoundhg noise (hlymr var at heyra).
hlynna (-ta, -t), v. to prepare the way for one (h. fyrir e-m).
hlynr (-s, -ir), m. maple tree.
hl, n. warmth (sumar-hlit).
hla (-dda, tt), v. (1) to listen (eyrum hlir hann, en augum skoar); h. e-m, to listen (give ear) to one; h. messu, tium, to hear mass, attend service; h. e-t or til e-s, to listen to (sitja menn ar umhverfis ok hla til sgunnar); (2) to yield to, obey (h. rum, orum e-s); (3) to do, be Permissible or proper; hlir a hvergi (it will not do) at hafa eigi Ig landi; engum rum skyldi at h., nobody else should dare to do so; Einar lt engum h. mti at mla, E. would not hear of any one's gainsaying; (4) refl. to listen (hann hlist um, hvrt nkkurir vekti); to be allowable (konungr sagi, at eim skyldi at ekki hlast).
hlinn, a. (1) willing to give ear to one, compliant (hann var h. vinum snum um ll g r; (2) yielding homage to one.
hl-samt, a. n. suitable, proper; vera h., = hla (3).
hlnast (a), v. refl. to obey (ef r vili mr hlnast).
hlni, f. obedience, homage;
-brot, n. disobedience (vi e-n);
-mark, n. token of obedience.
hlja (hl, hla, hlit), v. to cover, shelter (hlrat henni brkr n barr).
hlr, n. (1) cheek; h. ronai, her cheek reddened; (2) bow of a vessel, = kinnungr; (3) the flat of an axe.
hlr-bjartr, a. having brightly painted bows (of a vessel).
hlri, m. friend, brother (poet.).
hlja (hl; hl, hlgum; hleginn), v. (1) to laugh; h. htt, to laugh loud; h. at e-u, to laugh at; au tendi, er eim hl hugr vi, that gladdened their hearts; (2) h. e-n, to laugh at, deride one.
hlr (hl, hltt), a. warm, mild (ver var ykkt ok hltt).
hla (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to lade (h. skip); h. hest, to load, saddle, a horse; (2) with dat. to load ( munt gulli h. Grana bgu).
hlgi, n. ridicule; f e-m, hlgis, to make one a laughing-stock.
hlgi-liga, adv. laughably;
-ligr, a. laughable;
-mll , a. humorous.
-mlugr, a. humorous.
-orr, a. humorous.
hlgja (-i). v. to -make one laugh; at hlgir mik, at, it makes me glad, I am rejoiced, that.
hlg-ligr, a. = hlgiligr.
hlu-dyrr, f. pl. door of a barn;
-vindauga, n. barn window.

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