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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


h., to get a hearing; egja unnu hlji, to keep a watchful silence; af hlji, hlji, in all stillness, silently; (2) sound (orfinnr kom engu hlji lrinn); koma h. um e-t, to become aware of; drepr h. r e-m, one is struck dumb; (3) musical sound, tune; (4) trumpet (h. Heimdallar = Gjallarhorn).
hlja (a), v. to sound (hverr stafr hljar me lngu hljiea skmmu).
hljar, a. sounding; sorgsamliga h., having a plaintive note.
hlja-grein, f. distinction of sound, accentuation.
hljan, f. sound, tune.
hlj-bjalla, f. tinkling bell;
-fall, n. consonancy;
-fegr, f. euphony;
-fyllandi, m., -fylling, f. = stuill;
-fœri, n. musical instrument;
-gr a. well-tuned;
-ltr, a. reticent, taciturn;
-leikr, m. silence, sadness;
-liga, adv. in all stillness, silently;
-ligr, a. silent;
-lyndr, a. taciturn;
-lti, n. stillness;
-mikill, a. shrill-sounding;
-mli, n. secrecy; fra e-t -mli, to hush up.
hljna (a), v. to become silent; ar til hljnar um ml essi, till the noise about it subsides.
hljr (hlj, hljtt), a. silent, taciturn; tala hljtt, to speak in a low voice; lta hljtt um sik, to keep quiet: var hljtt, there was silence.
hlj-samliga, adv. = hljliga;
-samr, a. = hljr;
-semd, -semi, f. stillness, calmness.
hljs-grein, f. (1) a kind of sound; (2) pronunciation; (3) accentuation.
hlj-stafr, m. vowel.
hljmr (gen. -s), m. sound, tune.
hljta (hlt; hlaut, hlutum; hlotinn), v. (1) to get by lot, to have allotted to oneself (hn hlaut at sitja hj Bjrglfi); (2) to get (h. sigr); margir hlutu gott af hans rum, many benefited by his counsels; (3) to undergo, suffer (h. hgg, fr, harm); (4) to be obliged to; sv mun n h. at vera, it must needs be so; fara hltr me mr, thou must go with me; (5) refl., hljtast af e-u, to result or proceed from (mun hr h. af margs manns bani); hlauzt sv til, at tunn tti Ingimundr, it so happened that.
hlotnast (a), v. refl. to fall to lot (e-m hlotnast e-t).
hla, v. to be boiling hot.
Hlyn (gen. -ynjar), f. the Earth.
hlummr (-s, -ar), m. handle of an oar.
hlumr (-s, -ir), m. (1) = hlummr; (2) roller = hlunnr.
hlunka (a), v. to give a dull, hollow sound (brin hlunkai undir hfunum hestanna).
hlunn-goti, m. poet. ship.
hlunnindi, n. pl. emoluments.
hlunnr(-s,-ar),m. roller for launching or drawing up ships.
hlunn-vigg, n. poet. = -goti.
hlust (pl. -ir), f. ear (= eyra).
hlusta (a), v. to listen (h. til e-s).
hluta (a), v. (1) to draw (cast) lots for a thing (h. e-t or h. um e-t); (2) to select by lot (vru menn hlutair til skipstjrnar); (3) refl., hlutaist sv til, at, it so turned out that (= hlauzt sv til, at); hlutast til e-s, to meddle with a thing (ekki hefi ek hlutazt til mlaferla, yvarra); h. til me em, to assist one in a case.
hlut-deila (-da, -dr), v. to meddle with a thing (-deila e-t);
-deilinn, a. meddlesome;
-deilni, f. meddlesomeness;
-drjgr, a. lucky, getting the better share;
-fall, n. casting of lots; leggja e-t til -falls, to settle a thing by drawing lots; bja til -falla, to bid one proceed to cast lots;
-gengr, a. up to the mark; -gengr vi e-n, equal to one, a match for one;
-girni, f. = -deilni;
-gjarn, a. = -deilinn.
hluti, m. (1) part ( eim hluta veraldar); at mnum hluta, for my part, as far as I am concerned; (2) share, lot; gera hluta e-s, to wrong one; eptir er enn yarr h., your part (of the work) remains yet.
hlut-lauss, a. not partaking in, having taken no part in (-lauss er skn af manndrpi);
-laust, adv., ra -laust, to pass free, unmolested.
hlutr (-ar, -ir), m. (1) lot; bera (leggja) hluti skaut, to throw the lots into a cloth (lap of a garment); skera (marka) hluti, to mark the lots; (2)

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