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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hlei, m. shutter (= hleri).
hlr, a. famous, renowned (?).
hleifr (-s, -ar), m. loaf.
hleifs-efni, n. dough for a loaf.
hleina (-da), v. to guard oneself(?).
hlekkjast (t) v., in the phrase, e-m hlekkist , one gets impeded, suffers miscarriage.
hlekkr (-s or -jar; pl. -ir), m. link; pl. a chain of links.
hlemmr (-s, -ar), m. trap-door.
hlenni, m. robber (poet.).
hlenni-mar, m. robber, thief.
Hlr (gen. Hls), m. the Sea.
hler, n. listening; standa hleri, to stand eaves-dropping or listening.
hlera (a), v. to listen.
hleypa (-ta, -t), v. (1) to make one run or go; to move or impel in some way; h. njsnarmnnum land upp, to send spies ashore; hleypti hann annarri brninni ofan kinnina, he let one eye-brow sink upon the cheek; h. hur ls, to shut a door; h. nni veg sinn, to lead the river into its channel; h. e-u e-n, to cause to fall upon one (hleypti Gra skriu ); hann hleypir t vatni miklu r sullinum, he presses much water out of the sore; h. r e-m. auganu, to poke the eye out; (2) to throw off (h. heimdraganum); h. akkerum, to cast anchors; (3) h. berki af trjm, to cut the bark off the trees; h. upp dminum, to break up the court (by violence); (4) to gallop, ride swiftly = h. hesti (Hrungnir var reir ok hleypti eptir honum).
hleypi-ffl, n. a headlong fool;
-flokkr, m. band of rovers;
-fr, f. ramble, roving;
-hvel, n. a kind of war engine;
-mar, m. rover.
hleyping, f. galloping.
hleypi-piltr, m. errand-boy;
-skip, n., -skta, f. swift boat.
hleyta-menn, m. pl. kinsmen.
hleyti, n. (1) part = leyti; (2) pl. affinity; gra h., bindast hleytum vi e-n, to marry into another's family.
hli, n. (1) gate, gateway (h. heitir gari); (2) wide gap; (3) space, interval (var hvergi h. milli); (4) space of time; pause, halt (eptir at var h. orrostunni).
hli (pl. -ar), f. side; standa ara h. e-rn, to stand on one side of one; tvr hliar e-m, on either side of one; allar hliar, on all sides.
hlia, (a), v. to give way, recede (h. undan, h. fyrir e-m); refl., hliast, to become open.
hli-farmr, m. 'side-burthen', load (-farmr Grana);
-lauss, a. without a gate or opening (veggir -lausir);
-mltr, pp. said in oblique speech.
Hli-skjlf, f. the seat of Odin.
hli-skjr. m. side window;
-veggr, m. side wall.
hli-vrr, m. porter.
hli (pl. -ir), f. mountain side, slope (fagrar hlir grasi vaxnar).
hlf (pl. -ar), f. cover, shelter, protection, esp. shield.
hlfa (-a, -t), v. (1) to shelter, protect, with dat. (h. sr me skildi, en vega me sveri); (2) to spare, deal gently with (mun ek ekki h. r grinni); refl., hlfast vi e-n, to spare one (hann hlfist vi engan mann); h. vi at gra e-t, to refrain from doing a thing; h. vi, to hold back (sumir hlfust vi mjk).
hlfar-lauss, a. uncovered.
hlf, f. protection, defence.
hlfar-lauss, a.= hlfarlauss;
-star, m. safe place;
-vpn, n. weapon of defence.
hlfi-skjldr (hlf-skjldr), m. shield of defence (hafa e-n at -skildi).
hlt, f. sufficiency, satisfaction; til (nkkurrar) hltar, tolerably, pretty well; at gri h., very well indeed.
hlta (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to rely on, trust, with dat. (hltir strr ekki rum konum at v at jna honum lauginni); (2) to rest satisfied with, be content with (var hann kvntr, en hltti eigi eirri einni saman); eigi m v einu h., er bezt ykkir, one must put up with something short of the best; eigi mun minna vi h., less than that will not do; eigi muntu v einu fyrir h., thou shalt not get off with that; (3) to submit to, abide by (h. stt, h. rskuri, dmi, rum e-s).
hlj, n. (1) silence, hearing; bija (kveja sr) hljs, to beg (ask for) a hearing (Njll kvaddi sr hljs); f

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