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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-leikr, m. 'sword-play', fight;
, m. 'sword-liquid', blood (poet.).
(gen. hjarar and hjrs, dat hjrvi), m. sword.
hjr-stefna, f. 'sword-meeting', battle, fight (poet.).
hjrtr (gen. hjartar, dat. hirti; pl. hirtir, acc. hjrtu), m. hart, stag.
hjr-undar, pp. wounded by a sword;
-ing, n. = -stefna.
hla, n. (1) pile, stack; (2) pavement (in front of a homestead); (3) border, lace-work; feldr binn hlum, a laced cloak.
hlaa (hle; hl,hlum; hlainn), v. (1) to pile up (h. korni hjlma); h. grjti (hellum) at hfi orum, to be present at another's burial, to survive; (2) to build, with acc. (h. vegg, vru); (3) to load, esp. lade a ship (h. skip e-u, af e-u, me e-u); kistur hlanar af gulli, chests laden with gold; (4) to fell, lay prostrate, with dat. (gtu eir hlait honum um sir ok bundu hann); h. seglum, to take in sail; (5) to slay (bera vpn Finnana ok f hlait eim); (6) refl., hlaast at, to throng, crowd; vr viljum eigi, at fjlmenni hlaist at (throng to see), er vr erum afklaeddir; hlaast mara bga, to mount the horses.
hlaa, f. store-house, barn.
hla-b, f. a booth with walls of turf or stones.
hla-binn, pp. ornamented with lace, laced (= hlum binn).
hlai, m. pile, stack.
hlakka (a), v. (1) to cry, scream (of the eagle); (2) to rejoice; h yfir e-u, to exult over a thing.
hlamm, n. a dull, heavy sound.
hlamma (a), v. (1) to give a dull, heavy sound; (2) to exult.
hland, n. urine;
-ausa, -skjla, f., -trog, n. urine trough.
hlass, n. cart-load.
hlaup, n. (1) leap, jump (Egill hljp yfir dkit, en at var ekki annara manna h.); (2) run, running; taka h., to take to running, to run (hann tk h. heim til herbergis); vera hlaupum ok sendifrum, to run on errands; (3) a sudden rise (in a river), flood, freshet (hlaup kom na); (4) assault (= frumhlaup).
hlaupa (hleyp; hljp, hljpum; hlaupinn), v. (1) to leap, jump (hann hljp meirr en h sina); hljpu eir hesta sna, they sprang upon their horses; h. fyrir bor, tbyris, to leap overboard; h. sund, to leap into the water; h. upp, to spring to one's feet, start up ( hljpu varmerm upp); (2) = renna, to run (eir hlaupa eptir, en hann kemst skg undan); refl., hlaupast brott, to run away; (3) of a river, to flood; hjlpu vtn fram ok leysti rnar, the waters rose in flood and the ice was broken; of ice, mikit svell var hlaupit upp (there was a great sloping sheet of ice) ru megin fljtsins; (4) with preps., e-m, h. e-n, to attack one; h. , to come suddenly on, spring up, of a gale ( hljp tsynningr steini); h. saman, of a wound, to heal over; h. sundr, to open up again (srit var hlaupit sundr).
hlaupa-far, n. assault;
-fr, (pl.) uproar;
-piltr, m. errand boy.
hlaupari, m. (1) landlouper; (2) charger (horse).
hlaup-r, n. leap-year.
hlaupingi (pl. -jar), m. landlouper, runaway.
hlaup-r, a. in a great flurry;
-rfr, a. precipitate;
-stigr, m. run-away-path (taka e-n eim -stigi).
hlaut, f. blood of sacrifice.
hlaut-bolli, m. sacrificial bowl;
-teinn, m. sacrificial twig (for sprinkling the blood with).
-vir, m. rod immersed in sacrificial blood, divination rod.
hlka, f. thaw.
hlna (a), v. to thaw (ver tk at ykkna ok hlna).
hltr (gen. -rar and -rs), m. laughter; reka upp h., to burst out laughing; hafa e-t at hltri, to ridicule, make a laughing-stock of.
hltr-mildr, a. prone to laughing.
hl, n. (1) shelter; (2) lee, lee side; sigla h., to stand to leeward.
hl-barr, m. (1) leopard (also poet. bear, wolf); (2) shield (poet.).
hl-bor, n. the lee side.

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