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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


heyrandi (pl. -endr). m. hearer; heyranda (gen. pl.) hlji, in the hearing of all, in public.
heyrr, pp. (1) able to hear (h. vel); (2) listened to, paid heed to, esteemed (biskup vel heyrr).
heyri-ligr, a. becoming; mr er -ligt at, it is incumbent on me to.
heyrin-kunnigr, -kunnr, a. well known, known to all.
heyrn, f. hearing; h. e-m, in one's hearing; sumt ritai hann eptir sjlfs sns h., from what he heard himself
heyrum-kunnr, a. = heyrin-kunnr.
hey-sala, f. sale of hay;
-sti, n. the middle of a hay-stack;
-taka, f. plunder of hay;
-teigr,. m. strip of a hayfield;
-tjga, f. pitchfork;
-ver, n. payment for hay;
-verk, n. hay making;
-vndull, m. wisp of hay;
-rot, n. want of hay;
-rota, a. indecl. short of hay;
-nn, f. = -annir.
hifna-, = himna.
higat, adv. = hingat.
hildi-leikr, m,. game of war, battle (poet.);
-meir, m. warrior (poet.).
hildingr (-s, -ar), m. chief, hero.
hildr (gen. hildar, dat. and acc. hildi), f. battle (poet.); vekja bildi, to wage war, to fight.
hilmir (gen. -is), m. chief, prince.
himbrin, n. great northern diver.
himin-bora, f, = -rauf;
-fastr, a. fixed in heaven (of stars);
-geisli, m. heavenly beam;
-jurr, m. the rim of heaven;
-lopt, n. the vault of heaven.
himinn (gen. himins, dat. himni; pl. himnar), m. heaven; undir berum himini, in the open air.
himin-raufar, f. pl. the windows of heaven;
-rki, n. kingdom of heaven;
-skaut, n. quarter of heaven;
-tungl, n. heavenly body;
-vangr, m. field of heaven ( -vanga).
himna-brau, n. bread of heaven, manna;
-drttinn, m. king of heaven;
-fagnar, m. heavenly joy;
-mjl, n. flour of heaven, manna;
-rki, n. kingdom of heaven;
-vald, n. heavenly power;
-vist, f. abode in heaven.
hirtir (-is, -ar), m. herdsman, shefi-
himneskr, a. heavenly.
hind, f. hind (female of 'hjrtr').
hindra, (a), v. (1) to keep behind, hinder; (2) to loiter, linger; b. eptir e-u, to loiter about a thing; (3) impers., e-n hindrar e-t, one wants or lacks a thing;
hindri, a. compar. (rare), hindra dags, the next day.
hindr-vitni, f. idolatry, superstition.
hingat, adv. hither;
-burr, m. the birth of Christ;
-fer, f. journey hither;
-fr, f. journey hither;
-kvma, f. coming hither, arrival.
hinka (a), v. to limp, hobble.
hinkr, n. loitering, delay.
hinn (hin, hitt), dem. Pron. (1) the other; hinn ftinn, on the other leg; pl. the others, the rest (Kimbi bar sr sn engan mun betr en hinir); (2) emphatically, that; hitt ek huga, that was what I thought; hitt vil ek vita, that I want to know.
hinn (hin, hit), def. art., before an adjective standing alone or followed by a substantive, the, = inn, enn (eptir hinni eystri kvsl).
hinna, f. film, membrane.
hinnig (= hinneg, hinnog), adv. (1) there, in the other place, opp. to 'hr'; (2) the other way (= hinn veg); (3) thus, so; (4) the other day formerly; (5) hither.
hinztr (hinnstr), a. superl. hindmost, last; hinzta sinni, for the last time; h. fundr, the last meeting.
hir, f. a king's or earl's bodyguard; the king's men (hann hefir h. um sik sem konungr).
hira (-ra, -rr), v. (1) to keep in a box or chest (sgerr hiri slurnar, ar sem r vru); (2) h.hey, to gather in hay; (3) to hide, conceal; (4) to mind, care for (aldregi hiri ek at); h.eigi um e-t, not to care about (eir hiru ekki um lf sitt) hir eigi, hirit eigi, do not seek (hir eigi at hopa hl!)
, m. king's bishop;
-brir, m. comrade of the king's men;
-bnar, m. apparel for king's man.
hirir (-is, -ar) , m. herdsman, shepard,pastor;
hir-li, n. the king's troops;
-ligr, a. belonging to the king's men, courtly

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