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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


(-lig mlsnild);
-lg, n. pl. laws and statutes of the king's me n, their community or fellowship (taka e-n lg)
-mar, m. king's men.
hirmanna-lr, m. a trumpet belonging to the king's men;
-stefna, f. a hustings of the king's men;
hir-mr, f. court lady;
-prestr, m. king's chaplain;
-prr, a. courteous;
-pri, f. royal pomp;
-siir, m. pl. the customs of the king's men
-stefna, f. meeting of the king's men
-stjri, m. the captain of the king's men;
-stjrn, f. the dignity of a stjri;
-stofa, f. king's hall;
-sveit, f. the host of king's men;
-vist, f. the position of a king's man.
hiru-leysa, f. carelessness, neglect.
hirsi, n. millet.
hirta (-rta, -rtr), v. to chastise.
hirting, f. chastisement.
hirtingar-lauss, a. unchastised;
-leysi, n. want of chastisement;
-or, n. pl. severe words;
-samr, a. severe.
hirzla, f. (1) keeping; (2) box, chest.
hita, f. heating, heat.
hiti, m. heat, warmth.
hitna (a), v. to become hot; impers., e-m hitnar, one gets hot (warm).
hitta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to hit upon, meet with one; h. r, to hit upon a device; h. leiina, to find one's way; absol., h. inn vginn, to find the way into the bay; sjaldan hittir leir li, an unwelcome guest always misses the feast; h. vandri, to get into scrapes; h. e-t, to hit upon (hitti hann ar rolf); (2) to hit, strike (spjtit hitti brjst hestsins); (3) to visit, call on, see (fru margir menn at h. Hkon konung); (4) refl., hittast, to meet one another; hann ba vel fara ok heila h. (meet again safe and sound).
hitu-eldr, m. a fire for heating (brewing);
-hs, n. brew-house;
-ketill, m. boiler.
hixta (-xta, -xt), v. to hiccough; to sob; mean nd hixti, while the breath rattled in his throat.
hixti, m. hiccough; sobbing.
h-bli, n. see 'h-bli'.
h, n. lair, den, esp. of a bear.
h-bjrn, m. common bear.
ht, f. skin-bag.
hjal, n. chatter, talk.
hjala (a), v. to chatter, talk (h. e-n); hjalast vi, to talk together.
hjaldr (-rs), m. fight, battle (poet);
hjal-drjgt, a. n. talkative, chatting; eim verr -drjgt, they have much to say.
hjalli, m. ledge in a mountain s
hjallr, m. (1) scaffold, frame of timber; (2) shed (for drying fish).
hjals-kona, f. female friend.
hjalt, n. (1) the boss or knob at the end of a sword hilt (eptra, efra hjalti (2) the guard between the hilt and blade (fremra hjaltit).
Hjalt-land, n.Shetland;
-lendingr (-s, -ar), m. Shetlander;
-lenzkr, a. from Shetland.
, a. from Shetland.
hjara, f. hinge, = hjarri.
hjarar-sveinn, m. = hjar-sveinn;
hjar-hundr, m. shepherd's hound;
-reki, m. = -sveinn;
-rkr, a. able to drive a drove;
-sveinn, m. shepard boy;
-tk, f. shepherd's dog.
hjarn, n. hard frozen snow.
hjarna, (a), v. to revive, recover strength (h. vi).
hjarni, m. brain,= heili.
hjarn-skl, m. brain pan, skull.
hjarri, m. hinge.
hjarsi, m. the crown ofthe head.
hjarta (pl. hjrtu, gen. hjartna) n. (1) heart; (2) mind, feeling.
hjarta-blaur, a. cowardly;
-bl, n. heart's blood;
-gr, a. kind-hearted;
-ligr, a. hearty;
-prr, a. stout-hearted, generous;
-pri f. stoutness of heart, courage;
-ragr, a. = -blaur;
-rtr, f. pl. heart strings;
-sr, n. heart wound;
-tregi, m. heart-ache.
hjart-bl, n. = hjarta-bl;
-flginn, pp. heart-felt, cherished in heart;
-mrr, m. the fat about the heart;
-nmr, a. heart-touch
-sri, a. heart-sore, broken-hearted.
hjart-skinn, n. deer-skin (hjartskinns glfar).
hjassi, m. see 'hjarsi'.
hjassi, m. a fabulous beast.
hj, prep. with dat. (1) by, near;

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