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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


her-togi, M. (1) commander of troops (2) duke;
-vir, f. pl. armour;
-vpn, n. pl. weapons;
-vegr, m. highway;
virki, n. ravaging, plundering, damage.
hr-vist, f. dwelling, here.
her-vigi, n. ravage, man-slaughter
-vkingr, m. plunderer, pirate;
-va (-dda, -ddr), v. = hr-kla.
herzla, f. tempering (of steel).
her-urft, f. want of troops;
-r, f. 'war-arrow' (sent round as a to of war); skera upp -r, to summon a district to arms.
hesli, n. hazel-wood;
-kylfa, f. hazel club;
-skgr, m. hazel-wood;
-stng , f. hazel-pole;
-vndr, m. hazel wand;
hespa, f. (1) hasp, fastening; skein (of wool).
hesta-at, n. horse-fight;
-birgr, a. Well provided with horses;
-geldir, m. horse gelder;
-geymsla, f. horse keeping;
-gneggjan, f. neighing of horses;
-gnr, m. noise (din) of horsemen;
-jrn, n. pl. horse-shoes;
-keyrsla, f. driving the horses on, in horse-fight;
-kostr, m. supply of horses (hafa ltinn -kost);
-l, n. horsemen;
-mar, m. = -svein
-skipti, n. change of horses;
-stafr, m. horse staff (used in a horse-fight).
-stallr, m. = hest-hs;
-sveinn, m. horse boy, groom;
-va, n. horse ford;
-vg, n. horse flght;
-ing, n. a meeting for a public horse fight;
hest-bak, a. horse-back;
bein, n. horse bone;
-birgr, a. = hestabirgr
-brynja, f. armour for a war-horse,
-bnar, m. horse-gear
-frr, a. able to ride;
-gangr. m. set of horse shoes;
-gjf, f. gift of a horse;
-hs, n. horse-stall, stable;
-klrr, m. hack
-ln, n. loan of a horse;
-lause, a. without a horse.
hestr (-a, -ar), m. (1) stallion (hestar rr ok merhross eitt); (2) horse.
hest-skei, n. race-course;
-skr, m. horse-shoe;
-tonn, f. horse's tooth
-ver, n. horse's worth;
-vig, n. hesta-vg;
-vrr, m. mounted guard (halda hestvr).
hetja, f hero, dauntless man.
hetju-skapr, rn. courage, valour.
hetta, f (1) hood; (2) a kind of cape.
hey (dat. heyi or heyvi), n. hay; hira h., to get in hay; pl. stores of hay (hann hefir rnt mik llum heyjum).
hey-annir, f. pl. hay-making time, haying season;
-bjrg, f. stores of hay (var all-ltil -bjrg manna);
-des, f. hay-rick;
-fang, n. produce of hay;
-ftt, a. n., var -ftt, there was little hay;
-garr, m. stack-yard;
heygja (-ta, -tr), v. to bury in a how (haugr), = haugfra.
hey-gjf, f. giving hay (to horses or cows);
-hjlmr, m. hay-rick;
-hlass, n. load of hay.
heyja (hey; ha, hair), v. (1) to hold conduct, (h. ing, dm); h. glei to indulge in mirth; h. sr orfjlda to acquire a store of words; (2) h. orrostu, bardaga, hlmgngu to fight a battle or duel (hann hafi margar orrostur har); refl., heyjast vi (viz. bardaga), to fight, bandy words (eir hust ar vi um stund).
heykjast (t), v. refl. to bend, cower down (h. nir).
hey-kleggi. m. = hey-des;
-kostr, m. stores of hay;
-lauss, a. short of hay;
-leiga, f. rent paid in hay;
-leysi, n. failure in hay;
-ltill, a. short hay; var hey-litit, there was little hay;
heyra, (-a, -r), v. (1) to hear; h. heyrir at, er gras grr jru hears the grass grow; h. ilia, hard of hearing; h. e-t til e-s, to hear (a sound)from one; hefir hvrki heyrt til hans styn n hosta, neither groan nor cough has been heard from him; heyrir blstr (acc.) hans alla heima, when he blows, it can he heard in all the worlds; (2) to listen to, give ear to; h. bn e-s, to listen to (to grant one's prayer; h. e-t, to listen (= hla e-t); (3) h. til e-s or e-m til, to belong to, concern (etta ml, er heyrir til dttur innar); at er til mn heyrir, as far as I am concerned; (4) with dat. to behave (mr heyrir eigi at egja vi yr) (5) refl. e-m heyrist e-t. one thinks he hears; heyrist eim llum sem sveinninn kvi etta. they all thought they heard the boy say this (verse).

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