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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


herja-fr, m.father of hosts, Odin.
Herjan, m. Lord of hosts (a name of Odin).
herjans-kerling, f. hag-;
-sonr, m. 'devil's limb', wretch.
her-kastali, m. castle, strong-hold.
her-kerling, f., only in 'hver -kerling', every old woman.
herkja, v. to drag oneself along.
her-klukka, f. alarm-bell;
-kla (-dda, -ddr), v. to clothe in armour; refl., -klast, to put on armour;
-klasti, n. pl. armour;
-konungr, m. warrior-king;
-kumbl, n. war token, arms (on shields).
-kuml, n. war token, arms (on shields).
hr-kvma, f. arrival.
her-land, n. harried land;
-leia (-dda, -ddr), v. to lead off into captivity;
-leiing, f. captivity;
-leisla, f. = her-leiing.
hr-lendr, -lenzkr, a. domestic, native, opp. to 'tlenzkr' (foreign).
her-li, n. war-people, troops;
-ligr, a. marlial-looking;
-lr, m. war trumpet (eyta h.).
herma (-da, -dr), v. (1) to relate, repeat, report (h. or e-s); (2) h. eptir e-m, to imitate or mimic one.
her-mar, m. man of war, warrior (hann var mikill h.).
hermann-liga, adv.,gallantly;
-ligr, a. gallant, martial.
hermast (d), v. refl. to wax wroth (e-m hermist vi e-n).
hermd, f. vexation, aimer.
hermdar-fullr, a. wrathful;
-litr, m. colour of wrath;
-or, n. pl. angry words;
-verk, n. deed of renown (?);
-yri, n. pl. = -or.
her-megir, m. pl. warriors.
hermi-krka, f. mimic, ape.
hermi-liga, adv. right angrily.
herming, f. indignation, wrath.
hermt, pp. n., e-m verr h. vi e-t, to wax angry with a thing.
hrna, adv. here (= hr).
hernaar-flk, n., plunderers, forayers;
-menn, m. pl. plunderers, forayers;
-r, n. pl. a planning for plunder;
-sk, f. a case of raid.
hernar (gen. -ar), m. (1) harryng, plundering (2) warfare, raid, foray (hefja herna, fara herna).
her-nema, (see nema), v. to capture, take by force.
herneskja, f. armour.
her-numi, a., -numinn, pp. captive
-op, n. war-cry, war-whoop.
herr (gen. hers, older herjar), m (1) crowd, great number (fylgdi oss h manna); me her manns, with a host of men; vgar h., overwhelming host (2) army, troops (on land and sea) Cf. 'allsherjar-'.
herra (indecl. in sing.; pl. herrar) m. master, lord.
herra (a), v. to confer the title 'herra' upon a person.
herra-dmr, m., lordship dominion;
-dmi, n. lordship dominion;
-ligr, a. lordly;
-mar, m. lordly man, lord, knight.
herramann-liga, adv. in a lordly manner;
-ligr, a. lordly.
herra-samligr, a. = herraligr.
her-saga, f. war-news.
hers-borinn, pp. born of a hersir.
hers-hfingi, m. commander of an army; general.
hersir (-is, -ar), m. a local chief lord (in Norway).
herskapar-bningr, m. warlike equipment;
-fri, n. implement of war.
her-skapr, m. harrying, warfare;
-skr, a. (1) warlike, martial; (2) exposed to raid or warfare, in a state of war (landit var hersktt; ann tima var mjk -sktt);
-skip, n. warship;
-skjldr, m. war shield; fara land -skildi, to harry a land (= herja land);
-skr, n., harness;
-skri, m. harness;
-skrddr, pp. clad in armour;
-spori, m. caltrop.
herstast (at), v. refl. to speak harshly to one (h. e-n).
hersti-ligr, a. harsh.
her-stjri, m. commander;
-stjrn, f. command of troops.
herstr, a. harsh; mla herst vi e-n, to speak harshly to one.
her-taka. (see taka), v. to capture; -taka konu, to abduct a woman;
-taka, f, captivity;
-taki, m. captive;
-tekja. -tekning, f. = her-taka.
hertoga-dmr, m. leadership; dukedom;
-dmi, n. duchy;
-nafn. n. title of a duke.

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