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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hepti, n. haft (of a dirk).
hepting, f. tether; impediment.
hepti-sax, n. a kind of digger.
hér, adv. (1) here; į landi h., in this country; h. ok hvar, here and there; (2) here, hither (margir žeir er h. koma); (3) with preps., h. af, here from, from this; h. eptir, hereafter, according to this; h. fyrir, for this, therefore; h. til, hereto; h. um, in this, as regards this.
heraš, n. (1) district; (2) country, opp. to 'bœr' (town).
herašs-bóndi, m. franklin;
-bót, f. bettering the affairs of a district;
-brestr, m. a crash that can be heard all over the district;
-bygš, f. a district and its people;
-deild, f. district quarrel;
-fteygr, a. quickly known over a district;
-flótti, m. flight or exile from a district;
-fundr, m. district meeting;
-ķseta, f. = herašs-vist;
-kirkja, f. parish church;
-konungr, n. kinglet;
-rķkr, a. of influence in one's district;
-sekr, a. outlawed within a district;
-sekt, f. outlawry within a district;
-stjórn, f. district government;
-vist, f. abiding within a certain district;
-vęrt, a. n., eiga -vęrt, to be at liberty to reside within a district;
-žing, n. district assembly (in contrast to the 'alžingi').
heraš-vęrt, a. n. = herašs-vęrt.
her-baldr, m. poet., warrior.
her-bergi, n. (1) room; (2) lodgings, quarters (var žeim vķsat fyrst ķ gesta-hśs til herbergis).
herbergis-mašr, m., groom of the chamber.
-sveinn, m. groom of the chamber.
herbergja (-ša, -šr), v. (1) to harbour (a person); (2) to lodge, take up one's quarters (= h. sik).
her-blįstr, m. blast of trumpets
-boš, n. war summons;
-brestr, m. explosion;
-bśdir, f. pl. camp;
-bśinn, pp. armed;
-bśnašr, m. armament.
herša (-rša, -ršr), v. (1) to make hard, temper (h. jįrn , sverš); (2) to press, clench; h. hendr (knśa) at e-u, to clench with the hands (fists); fig., h. atgöngu, to make the attack harder; (3) to make firm, exhort; h. huginn, h. sik, to take heart, exert oneself; (4) absol. to follow closely, pursue vigorously (Birkibeinar heršu eptir žeim); h. įfram, to push on; h. at (e-m) to press hard (upon one); (5) impers. to become hard; vešr (acc.) herši, it blew up a gale; herši seglit, the sail was strained hard (by the gale) (6) refl. to take heart (baš konungr menn vel viš heršast).
herša, f. (1) tempering (of steel) steelings, (2) hardness, severity
herša-drengr, m. hump on the back (cf. ' heršar');
-lķtill, a. narrow shouldered;
-munr, m. superiority, superior force.
heršar, f. pl. shoulders, the upper part of the back.
heršar-blaš, n. shoulder blade;
herša-sįr, n. a wound over the shoulders;
-toppr, m. shoulder tuft (of a horse's mane);
-herši, f. hardness, hardihood
herši-breišr,a. broad-shouldered;
-lķtill, a. = heršalķtill;
-lśtr, a. with stooping shoulders.
herši-mašr, rn. hardy man.
herši-mikill, a. = herši-breišr;
-žykkr, a. thick-shouldered.
heršu-góšr, a. well tempered (ųx heršugóš ok snarpegg).
her-draga (see draga), v. to drag violently (at grķpa, slį, eša h.).
her-fang, n. booty (taka fé e-s at -fangi);
-fenginn, pp. captured, taken by force;
-ferš, f. (1) warfare, military expedition; (2) host.
herfi, n. harrow.
herfi-liga, adv. wretchedly;
-ligr, a. wretched.
        her-fjóturr, m.'war-fetter';
-flokkr, m. body of warriors;
-fólk, n. men of war;
-fórur, f. pl. harness;
-fœrr, a. able for war service;
-för, f. = -ferš (1); ganga, f. march
-gjarn, a. warlike;
-glötušr, m. destroyer of hosts;
-hlaup, n. rushing to arms;
-horn, n. war trumpet
heri, m. hare; hafa hera hjarta, to be hare-hearted.
herja (aš), v. (1) to go harrying or freebooting; (2) with acc. to despoil, waste (h. land); refl., herjast į, to harry (wage war on) one another

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