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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


helgi, f. (1) holiness, sanctity (h. lafs konungrs); (2) inviolability, security.
helgi-brigi, n. Sabbath-breaking;
-hald, n. holiday-keeping;
-star, m. holy place.
helgr (gen. helgar, dat. and acc. helgt; pl. helgar), f. holiday, festival; hringja til helgar, to ring for a festival.
hel-grr, rn. voracity betokening death;
-grindr, f. pl. Hel's gate.
heljar-karl, m. (1) accursed fellow; (2) one doomed to die;
-mar, M. (1) accursed fellow; (2) one doomed to die;
-skinn, n. a dark-skinned person.
heljast, v. refl. to work hard (hann heljast sklasm).
hella, f. flat stone, slab of rock.
hella (-ta, -t), v. to pour out (h. e-u); var hellt ik mjlk, milk was poured into thy mouth; h. t bli, trum, to shed blood, tears.
hellir (gen. hellis, dat. and acc. helli; pl. hellar), m. cave, cavern.
hellis-berg, n. cavernous rock; :
-dyrr, f. pl. door (entrance) of a cave;
-mar, m. cave-dweller, outlaw;
-munni, m. mouth of a cave;
-skti, m. jutting cave.
hellna-grjt, n. flat stones, slabs.
hellu-stainn, m. flat stone, slab.
helma, f. haulm, straw.
helming, f. = helmingr.
helminga (a), v. to halve.
helminga-skipti, n. division in two equal portions.
helmingr (-s, -ar), m. half; at helmingi, by half; skipta helminga, to share in two equal portions.
helmings-flag, n. joint company (with equal shares).
helsi, n. collar, esp. for a dog.
hel-skr, m. pl. shoes for the dead;
-stafir, m. pl. baneful characters;
-stri, n. agony.
heltast (t), v. refl. to become lame.
helti, f. lameness.
hlu-fall, n. fall of rime;
-kaldr, a. rime-cold;
-oka, f. rime-fog, mist.
hel-vegr, m. the way to Hel;
-vti, n. hell, the abode of the damned.
helvtis-kvalir, f. pl. torments of hell;
-mar, m. a man doomed to hell.
helvzkr, a. hellish, infernal.
helzt, adv. superl. (cf. 'heldr'), most of all, especially (hefi ek at helzt hug mr).
helzti, adv. far too (= helzt til); h. lengi, far too long.
helztr, a. superl., see 'heldri'.
hemingr, m. the skin of the shanks.
henda (henda, hendr), v. (1) to catch with the hand (hann kastai heininni lopt upp, en allir vildu h.); to pick out or up (hann safnar mnnurn til at h. svinin); h. e-t augum, to catch with the eyes; h. til smtt ok strt, to pick up small and great alike, look closely after; h. gaman (skemtan) at e-u, to take a delight in (hann hendi skemtan at sgum ok kvum); h. sakir e-m, to pick up charges against one; (2) to touch, concern one (tiendi au, er bi okkr henda; (3) to befall, happen to one; hafi hent glpska mikil, they had committed a great folly; hann kva at dugandi rnenn h. (it happened to brave men) at falla bardgum.
hendi-langr, a. helpful, ready to help (vera e-m -langr um e-t).
hending (pl. -ar), f. (1) catching; var hendingum rne eim, they were near coming to close quarters; (2) rhyme or assonance; rhyming or assonating syllable.
hendingar-or, n. rhyming syllable.
hendi-samr, a. picking, thievish.
hengi-skafl, m. jutting heap of snow.
hengja (-da, -dr), v. to hang up, suspend; to hang on a gallows; h. sik, to hang oneself;
henta, (-nti, -nt, or, a), v. to fit, be suitable for (srum mnnum hentir betr mjlk en mungt); eigi hentir sv, it will not do that way.
henti-ligr, a. befitting, = hentr.
hent-leikr, m. opportunity.
hentr,, suited for one; er slkum mnnum bezt hent ar, there is the right place for such men.
hentug-leikr, m.= hentleikr.
hentugr, a. befitting, convenient.
heppi-fengr, a. making a good catch.
heppinn, a. lucky, fortunate.
hepta (-pta, -ptr), v. (1) to bind, fetter; h. hross, hest, to hobble a horse; (2) to impede, hinder (illt er fljanda at h.); h. sik, to restrain oneself, forbear; refl. to be thwarted (heptist fer eirra).

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