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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


eptir e-m, called (named) after one; (2) to call on one; h. e-n . brott, to call on one to be gone, bid one go (heitit mik han); h. e-n, to exhort one (in battle); to invoke (h. hinn heilaga laf); h. e-n til e-s, to invoke (appeal to) one for a thing (hann ht r til fulltings); (3) intrans., the pres. 'heiti' (not 'heit'), to be hight, be called; inn ek, n heiti, now I am called Odin; Olafr heiti ek, my name is 0.; lfr ht mar, there was a man, whose name was U.; br heitir Bakka (at brfelli), there is a farm called B.; h. (to be reckoned) frjls mar, hvers manns ningr; (4) with dat. to promise (h. e-m e-u); mantu, hverju hzt mr, do you remember what you promised me? h. e-m hru, to threaten one; Bri var heitit meyjunni, the maid was promised to B.; (5) refl., heitast, to vow, plight one's faith (eir htust reka Hkon r landi); h. e-m, to vow one's person to one (h. hinum heilaga lafi konungi); to be betrothed to one.
heita (heitta, heittr), v. (1) to heat (h. spjt eldi); (2) to brew (h. mungt, h. 1).
heita, f. brewing (cf. lheita).
heitan, f. threatening.
heitanar-or, n. pl. menaces.
heitast (a), v. refl. to make threats, to speak threateningly (aldrei heitaist hann vi vini sina); h. til e-s, to use threats to obtain a thing; h. at gera e-t, to threaten to do a thing.
heit-bundinn, pp. bound by a vow ( e-u vi e-n;
-fastr, a. true to one's word;
-fengi, f. the being -fengr;
-fengr, a. able to eat one's food burning hot;
-f, n. votive money;
-gu, m. a god to whoin one inakrs a vow.
heiti, n. name, denomination.
heitingar, f. pl. threats, imprecations (h. ok hrakning).
heit-kona, f. one's promised spouse
-or, n. promise (of marriage).
heitr. a. (1) hot, burning; eldi heitari, hotter than fire; e-m verr heitt, one gets warm; (2) hot, ardent, zealous (vera h. vi e-t).
heit-ramr, a. boasting, braggart.
heit-rof, n. breach of faith;
-rofi, m. promise-breaker.
heitsi, a., vera e-s h., to engage, oneself to a thing.
heit-strenging, f. making a solemn vow;
-strengja (-da. -dr), v. to vow solemnly (= strengja e-s heit);
-sngr, m. votive somg~
heitu-hs, n. brew-house;
-ketill, m. boiler;
-mar, m. brewer.
hekla, f. cowled or hooded frock,
hel (gen. heljar, dat. helju), f. Hel (the goddess of dealh); blr sem h., black as Hel; (2) abode of the dead, (grta Baldr r helju); leysa hfu, sitt r helju, to save oneself from death; rasa helina opna, to rush into open death; liggja heljar remi, to be on the verge of death; (3) death, (ykkir ekki betra lf en hel); berja e-n grjti hel, to stone one to death.
hla, f. hoarfrost, rime.
hla (hldi, hldr), v. to cover with rime; to fall as rime.
hel-blr, a. black as death.
heldr, adv. compar. (1) more, rather; h. en, rather than, more than (vpn eirra bitu eigi h. en vendir); (2) at h., any the more; also, all the more (at h. tveimr, at ek mynda gjarna veita yr llum); at heldr tt, even although; (3) rather (n vartu h. til skjtr, en ek h. til seinn); var brrin dpur h., the bride was rather sad (4) after a negative, but, on the contrary.
heldri, a. compar. better;
helztr, a. superl. best; heldra lagi, in a high degree; ykkir mnnum s helztr kostr, the best choice.
hel-fss, a. murderous (-fss hnd);
-fr, f. death.
helga (a), v. (1) h. sr land to appropriate land by performing sacred rites; (2) to hallow to one (ht hann at helga r allt landnm sitt; (3) h. ing, to proclaim the sanctity of a meeting; h. e-n, to proclaim a person inviolable; (4) refl., helgast to he sanctifled.
hel-galdr, m. death-dirge.
helgan, f. (1) sanctification, sanctity (2) sacrament.
helgar-frr, m. holiday-truce.

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