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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


heimis-garr, m. homestead;
-haugr, m. 'homestead-cairn';
-kvir, m.= heimiliskvir.
heim-kvma, f. return home;
-kynni, n. home, household;
-leiis, adv. homewards (fara -leiis);
-leyfi, n. leave to go home;
-ligr, a. worldly.
heimoll, a. = heimill.
heimol-leikr, m. intimacy;
-liga, adv. (1) with full right to possession; (2) privately (f e-m e-t -liga);
-ligr, adv. (1) intimate; (2) private (heimolligr klerkr).
heimr (-s, -ar), m. (1) a place of abode, a region or world (nu man ek heima); spyrja e-n hvern heim, to ask one freely; (2) this world (segu mr r heimi, ek man r helju); koma heiminn, to be born; fara af heiminum, to depart this life; liggia milli heims ok heljar, to lie between life and death; (3) the earth; kringla heimsins, the globe.
heim-rei, f. (1) ride home; (2) inroad, attack.
heims-aldr, m. age of the world;
-lfa, f. quarter (part) of the world;
-brestr, m. crash of the world;
-byg, f. the peopled world.
heimska, f. folly, nonsense,
heimsk-liga, adv. foolishly; lta -liga, to play the fool;
-ligr, a. foolish, silly (heimsklig or).
heimskr, a. foolish, silly; verr opt heitum h. mar feginn, fair words often make a fool s heart rejoice.
heimsku-verk, n. foolish deed.
heims-liga, adv. = heimskliga.
heim-skn, f. (1) visit; (2) inroad, attack on one's home (veita e-m -skn).
heims-slit, n. pl. the end of the world;
-sl, f. the sun; undir heims-slu, on earth.
heim-st, f. homestead.
heims-vist, f. living, dwelling;
-rijungr, m. = -lfa.
heim-skja (see skja, v. to visit.
heimta (-mta, -mtr), v. (1) to draw, pull; h. upp akkeri, to weigh anchor; fig., h. sik fram me fgjfum, to make one's way by giving presents; h. sik vinttu vi e-n, to get on friendly terms with one; h. nyt af f, to milk cattle; (2) to get back, recover, regain (ttust eir hafa hann r helju heimtan); esp., to get home the sheep from the summer pastures; (3) to claim (h. e-t at e-m); h. arf, skuld, toll, to claim an inheritance, debt, toll; h. vilmli, to claim the fulfilment of a promise; h. e-n tal vi sik, to ask for an interview with one; (4) impers., e-n heimtir, one longs (slks var vn, at ik mundi angat h.); (5) refl.,heimtast fram at aldri, to advance in years; h. saman, to gather together, join (heimtust brtt skip hans saman).
heimta, f. (1) claim, demand (of payment due to one); (2) esp. in pl. (heimtur) bringing home sheep from the summer pastures (vera h. gar).
heimting, f. claim, demand.
heimull, a. = heimoll, heirnill.
heim-vn, f. (1) prospect of coming home; (2) prospect of salvation.
hein, f. hone, whetstone.
heinar-smjr, -sufl, n. the grease or liquor which mowers put on the whetstone.
hein-berg, n. hone-quarry;
-brni, n. hone, whetstone.
heipt, f. (1) feud, deadly war; vinna e-m h., to wage war against one; deila heiptir, to wage deadly feud; (2) deadly hatred, spite (meirr af h. en st); h. ok harindi, ill-will and tyranny; hafa h. e-m, to hate.
heiptar-bl, n. bloodshed;
-fenginn, a. breathing hatred against one;
-hugr, m. wrath, hatred (hafa -hug e-m);
-ml, n., words breathing hatred.
-or, n. pl. words breathing hatred.
heipt-fenginn, a.=heiptarfenginn;
-gjarn, a. spiteful;
-mr, a. wrathful;
-mgr, m. foeman, adversary;
-rkr, a. vindictive, revengeful;
-, f. deadly hatred, revengefulness;
-yri, n. pl. words of hatred.
heit, n. (1) solemn promise, vow; efla (stofna, festa) heit, to make a vow; strengja e-s h., to make a solemn vow; (2) pl. threats (hann st undir heitum ok illyrum).
heita (heit; ht, htum; heitinn), v. (1) to call give a name to; Grmni mik htu, they called me G.; heitinn

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