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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


heilsa (a), v. to say hail to one, greet one (= bija e-n heilan vera), with dat. h. . e-n = h. e-m.
heilsa, (1) health; (2) restoration to health (hann var feginn heilsu sinni); (3) salvation.
heil-samligr, a. wholesome, salutary.
-samr, a. wholesome, salutary.
heilsan, f. salutation, greeting.
heil-smliga,        adv. uprightly, fairly, properly.
heilsu-bt, f. improvement of health, recovery;
-brag, n. cure;
-drykkr, m. healing draught;
-far, n. state of health;
-gjf, f. cure, restoration to health;
-lauss, a. in bad health;
-litll, a. in weak health;
-r, n. means to recover one's health;
-samligr, a.,
-samr, a. wholesome, salutary;
-tapan. f. perdition.
heil-und, f. brain wound.
heilundar-sr, n. = heilund.
, a. indecl. 'hale-witted', of sound mind, sane.
heim, adv. home, homewards; skja e-n h., to visit one; to attack one.
heima, n. home (ganga til sins h.) at h. mnu, at my house; eiga h., to have one's home, to live (Hallfrer tti h. at Haukagili).
heima, adv. at home, at, or in, one's own house (halr er heima hverr) sitja h., to remain at home.
heima-bl, n. homestead, manor;
-bndi, m. franklin or yeoman in a -bl;
-brunnr, m. home-well;
-dyrr, f. pl. entrance to a dwelling-house;
-elskr, a. fond of staying at home;
-flk, n. home folk, household;
-gribungr, m. a bull kept at home;
-hs, n. dwelling-houses;
-kona, f. house-maid;
-land, n. home estate
-l, n. = heima-flk.
-mar, m. one of the household , a servant (= gri6ma6r).
heiman, adv. from home; in some phrases the reference is to the marriage and dowry of women.
heiman-bnar, m. preparation for a journey from home;
- fer, f. journey (voyage)from home;
-fylgja, f. the dowry which the bride takes with her from home;
-fr, f. = heiman-fer;
-frull, a. strolling from home
-gengt, a. n., in the phrase, eiga ltt -gengt, to have no time or opportunity to leave home.
heima-prestr, m. resident priest, parson;
-seta, f. sitting at home;
-sveit, f. = heima-flk;
-taa, f. the hay from the home-field;
-vist, f. staying at home.
heim-bo, n. invitation, feast;
-dragi, m. a stay-at-home; hleypa -draganum, to see the world.
heimfarar-lefi, n. = heimleyfi.
heim-fer, f. (1) going home, return home; (2) inroad into one's home, atfr, heimskn.
heimferar-leyfi, n. = heimleyfi.
heim-fss, a. longing for home;
-fr, f. = heim-fer;
-ganga, f. going home;
-gs, f. tame goose;
-hamr, rn. one's own skin.
heimila (a), v. to give a title or right to a thing (heimilai jarl eim at er urfti at hafa).
heimild, f. title, right.
heimildar-mar, m. a man from whom a title is derived;
-tak, n. taking proper possession or title (-tak skginum).
heimilda-vandr, a. fastidious in regard to title.
heimili, n. house, home, homestead (eiga h. e-s staar).
heimilis-fang, n. domicile;
fastr, a. having a fixed homestead;
-hs, n. (1) closet; (2) privy;
-kvir, m. home-verdict;
-prestr, m. chaplain;
-sk, f. a charge that can be brought home to one;
-vist, f. permanent habitation; vera -vistum me e-m, to reside with one.
heimill, a., e-m er e-t heimilt, one has a right to, is free to have a thing; heimill er mar eim, er hafa urfu, the food is free to those who need it; kva honum heimilan sinn styrk, his help should be at his disposal; segir, at at var skylt ok heimilt, due and just; eiga heimilt (at gera e-t), eiga e-t heimilt, to have a right (to do a thing), to have at one's disposal; lta e-m e-t heimilt, to give one a right to, to place at one's disposal lt . honum heimilan hest sinn).

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