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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


regard one's words;
-nafn, n. empty name, sham name.
hé-gómi, m. falsehood, jolly nonsense; segja -góm į e-n, to slander one.
hįgóm-ligr, a. vain, false.
hegri, m. heron.
heiš, n. bright (clear) sky (vešr var bjart ok skein sól ķ heiši).
heišar-brśin, f. edge of a heath.
heišar-lauss, a. ignominious dishonourable;
-liga, adv. honourably;
-ligr, a. honourable.
heišar-vegr, m. road across a heath.
heiš-bjartr, a. serene (vešr -bjart).
heiš-fé, n. fee, stipend.
heišin-dómr, m. heathendom.
heišingi (pl. -jar), m. (1) heathen, gentile; (2) wolf (poet.).
heišingligr, a. heathen.
heišinn, a. heathen, pagan; heišnir menn, heathens.
heiš-mašr, m. = mįlamašr.
heišnast (aš), v. to become heathen.
heišni, f. (1) heathenism; (2) heathen. country (= heišit land); (3) the heathen age, the time of heathendom.
heišr, a. bright, clear, cloudless; h. himinn, clear sky; heišar stjörnur, bright stars.
heišr (gen. heišar, dat. and acc. heišir; pl. heišar). f. heath, moor.
heišr (gen. heišrs). m. honour.
heišr (gen. -ar), m. honour, worth.
heišra (), v. to honour.
heiš-rķkr, a. cloudless, serene.
heišrs-mašr, m. man of honour.
heiš-skķrr, a. bright, cloudless (-skķrt vešr);
-vanr, a. accustomed to the clear sky;
-višri, n. bright weather.
heiš-viršr, a. honest, honourable.
heila-bust. f. crown of the head.
heilag-leikr, m. holiness;
-liga, adv. holy;
-ligr, a. holy.
heilagr, (acc. helgan (heilagan), pl. helgir (heilagir), etc.), a. (1) holy; (2) inviolable, sacred.
heilan, f. healing.
heil-brigši, f. health;
-brigšr, a. hale, healthy.
heilendi, n. good health.
heilindi, n. good health.
heil-eygr, a. 'hale-eyed', having sound eyes;
-fœttr, a. 'hale-legged';
-hugašliga, adv. sincerely, = af heil umhuga;
hugašr,a.'whole-minded', sincere.
heilhuga-frišr, m. sincere peace;
-rįš, n. sincere purpose.
heil-hugi, m. sincere person;
-hugliga, adv. sincerely. '
heili, m. brain, = hjarni.
heili-vįtgr, m. healing liquor, balm.
heill, a. (1) hale, sound; illa h., in ill health; hann sagši at žar var vel heilt, he said they were all well there; kona eigi heil, enceinte; grœša e-n at heilu, to heal one fully; (2) whole, healed, in respect of wounds or illness, with gen. (verša h. sįra sinna); er um heilt bezt at binda, it is better to bind a hale than a hurt limb; (3) blessed, happy; njótiš heilir handa, ( bless your hands', well done; kom heill! welcome, hail! far h.,farewell! (4) whole, entire; h. hleifr, a whole loaf; sjau hundruš heil, full seven hundred; (5) true, upright; rįša e-m heilt, to give one a wholesome (good) advice; af heilum hug, af heilu, sincerely; heilt rįš, wholesome advice; heil kenning, a useful, profitable lesson.
heill, n. and f. luck, omen, foreboding; góšu (illu) heilli, in a good (evil) hour; mörg eru giptusamlig heill, there are many good auspices; fall er farar h., a fall is a good omen; hann baš žeim h. duga, he wished them good speed; heillum horfinn, forsaken by luck; ok var brugšit heillum sveršsins, the spell of the sword was broken.
heilla (aš), v. to enchant, spell-bind, bewitch; heilluš ertu (thou art infatuated), ef žś aetlar, etc.
heilla-brigš, n. pl. turn of luck;
-drjśkgr, a. fortunate, happy;
-leysi, n. ill-luck;
-mašr, m. lucky man;
-rįš, n. good advice, wholesome counsel;
-vęnligr, a. hopeful, promising;
-vęnn, a. boding good luck, promising well.
Heil-leikr, m. (1) health; (2) sincerity, uprightness;
-liga, adv. fairly, candidly;
-ligr, a. fair;
-nęmligr, a. wholesome;
-rįšr, a. giving wholesome counsel, taking wholesome counsel;
-ręši, n. wise (wholesome) counsel.

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