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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


hef, f. prescriptive right (me rttri ok lglegri hef).
hefa (a), v. to acquire a prescriptive right to (h. sr e-t).
hefar-mar, m. possessor, holder.
hefill (pl. heflar), m. a noose fastened to the edge of a sail to help in furling it; lta siga (or hleypa segli) r heflum, to unfurl the sail.
hefil-skapt, n. a boat-hook to pull the sail down.
hefja, (hef; hf, hfum.; hafir and hafinn), v. (1) to heave, raise, lift (h. stein); hann hf upp augu sin, he lifted up his eyes; h. sik lopt, to make a leap; h. handa, to lift the hands (for defense); h. hfus, to lift the head, be undaunted; h. graut, to lift the porridge, eat it with a spoon; (2) to exalt, raise in rank; b. e-n til rkis, to raise one to the throne; (3) to begin; h. ml sitt, to begin one's speech; h. fer, to set out on a journey, to start; h. flokk, to raise a party; h. kall, to raise a claim; impers., hefr e-t = hefr upp e-t, it begins (hr hefr Kristnisgu); refl., hefjast, to begin originate (hvaan af hefir hafizt skldrskarpr; (4) impers. to be carried, drifted (by storm or tide); hf skipin ll saman (all the ships were drifted) inn at landinu; eir ltu h. skipin ofan forstreymis, they let the ships drift down the stream; (5) with preps., h. e-t af e-u, to take it off; impers., en er af henni hf ngvit (acc.), when she recovered from her swoon; hf af mr vmur allar, all ailments left me; refl., hefjast af hndum e-m, to leave one; h. rs, to take to one's feet (= hafa rs); refl., lta hefjast fyrir, to retreat, withdraw; h. munn sinn sundr, to open one's mouth; impers., Birkibeina (acc.) hefr undan, the B. drew back; h. e-t upp, to lift up (hann hf orminn upp hendi sr); impers., hf honum upp brn (acc.), his face brightened; h. e-t upp, to begin (= hefja 3); Egill hf upp kvit, E. began his poem; impers., hr hefr upp Konunga-bk, here begins the K.; refl., hefjast upp, to begin (hr hefjast upp landnm); hefjast upp til friar (me frii), to begin warfare; lta befjast vi, to lay to (naut.).
hefla, (a), v. to furl the sail.
hefna (-da, -dr), v. to avenge, take vengeance, with the thing and the person in gen., h. sra, to avenge the wounds, h. brur sns, to avenge one's brother, h. sn, to avenge oneself; with dat. of the person, h. e-m, to take vengeance on (skulu vi h. honum); with the thing in gen. and the person in dat.; ttu honum at h. frndalts, thou hast to avenge on him the death of a kinsman; impers., e-m hefnir e-t, one pays (suffers)for a thing (sv hefndi honum at mikla mikillti); with preps., h. e-m fyrir e-t, h. e-s a e-m, to avenge a thing on one; refl., hefnast, to avenge oneself (= hefna sn); h. e-s, to avenge a thing; h. e-m, to avenge oneself on a person; e-m hefnist e-t, one has to pay (suffer) for; hefnast mun honum vist, the day of retribution will assuredly come to him.
hefnd, f. revenge, vengeance.
hefnda-laust, adv. without retribution or revenge.
hefndar-dagr, m. day of vengeance;
mar, m. avenger.
hefni-lei, f. 'way to vengeance'; ra -lei, to set about taking vengeance;
-leit, f. seeking for vengeance; ra -leit e-s, to seek vengeance for;
-samr, a. revengeful.
hegat, adv.= hingat, higat.
hega (a), v. to arrange (h. e-u).
hegan, f. conduct, behaviour.
hgeitill, m.flint.
heggr (pl. -ir). m. bird cherry.
hegla (-di, -t), v. to hail.
hegna (-da, -dr), v. (1) to hedge, protect; (2) to punish, chastise (hegna rnsmenn, siu).
hegnari, m. chastiser.
hegnd, f. punishment, chastisement.
hegning, f. punishment, chastisement.
h-gma (a), v. to speak falsely; -gma e-n, to slander one.
hgma-dr, f. vain-glory;
fullr, a. vain, vain-glorious;
-mar, m. charlatan, quack;
ml. n. vain speech; gora or e-s at -mli, to dis-

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