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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fashion of the hair;
-hvass, a. hair-edged;
-klćđi, n. hair cloth;
-knifr, m. razor;
-laug, f. washing the hair;
-leppr, m. lock of hair.
hárr, a. hoary, grey-haired.
hár-rœtr, f. pl. roots of the hair;
-skurđr, m. cut of the hair.
hárs-litr, m. color of the hair.
hár-taug, f. string of horse-hair;
-vara, f. fur;
-voxtr, m. hair-growth.
há-segl, n. top-sail.
há-seti, m. oarsman, opp. to ' stýrimađr' (helmsman).
há-seymdr, pp. studded with large nails (beizl háseymt).
há-sin. f. Achilles' tendon.
háska-ferđ, -för, f. dangerous journey (exploit);
-lause, a. free from danger;
-ligr, a. dangerous;
-samliga, adv. dangerously;
-samligr, a. perilous;
-samr, a. perilous;
-timi, m. time of danger;
-vađ, n. dangerous ford;
ván, f. danger to come.
há-skeptr, a. long-handled, long-shafted (háskept řx, spjót).
háski, m. danger, peril.
hás-mćltr, a. hoarse-speaking.
háss, a. hoarse.
há-stađr, m. high (important) place;
-stafir, m. pl., in the phrase, gráta (œpa) -stöfum, to weep (shout) loudly;
-steint, a. n. full of high boulders (var hásteint í ánni).
há-stokkr, m. gunwale.
há-stóll, m. high-seat;
-sumar, n. midsummer;
-sćti, n. high-seat, seat of honour (= öndvegi).
, n. high-seat table;
-kista, f. a chest near the high-seat
mađr, m. the man in the high-seat.
há-talađr, a. loud-voiced;
-timbra (). v. to build high;
-tiđ, f. festival, feast (halda hátíđ).
hátiđar-aptann, m. eve of a feast;
-dagr, m. festal day, holiday;
-hald, n. holding a feast.
hátiđis-dagr, m. = hátíđardagr.
hátíđ-liga, adv. with festivity;
-ligr, a. festive, festal.
hátta (), v. (1) to arrange, dispose, with dat.; h. sér, to conduct oneself; impers., háttar svá, at hann kom, he happened to come; (2) to go to bed.
hátta-brigđi, n. change of manners.
háttađr, pp. fashioned, conditioned (hvernig var jörđin háttuđ ?); e-u er svá háttat, it is so made or conditioned of that nature or kind; yđr frćndum er svá háttat, you kinsmen are of that stamp.
hátta-góđr, a. well-mannered, well. behaved;
-lykill, m. key to metres;
-skipti, n. (1) change of manners; (2) shifting of metre;
-tal, n. enumeration of metres.
hátt-prúđr, a. well-mannered, polite;
-prýđi, f. good manners.
háttr (gen. háttar, dat. hćtti; pl. hćttir, acc. háttu), m. (1) mode of life, habit, custom (rikra manna háttr); halda teknum hćtti, to go on in one's usual way; (2) pl. conduct, behaviour (vanda um háttu manna); fara vel međ sínum háttum, to conduct oneself well; ráđa sjálfr sínum háttum; one's own master; halda háttum viđ ađra menn, to conduct oneself properly; (3) mode, way of doing a thing; kunna hátt á e-u, to know how to do a thing; (4) mikils háttar, of importance; lítils háttar, insignificant; ţess háttar, of that kind; alls háttar, of every kind; á allan hátt, in every respect; (5) moderation, measure; eptir hćtti, duly, properly; (6) metre.
hátt-samr, a. well-mannered.
háttung, f. danger, risk.
há-tún, n. high place.
hávađa-mađr,         m. a noisy, self-assertive man;
-mikill, a. boastful1, self-assertive;
-samr, a. boisterous.
há-vađi, m. (1) noise, tumult; kveđa e-t upp, segja e-t, í -vađa, to proclaim loudly; (2) loud self-assertion; (3) = hávađa-mađr.
há-vetr, m. midwinter
-vetri, n. midwinter (ţegar hávetri var liđit).
heđan, adv. (1) hence, from this place; (2) fyrir h. hafit, on the hither side of the sea; (3) henceforth; h. í frá, hereafter.
heđinn (dat. heđni), m. jacket of fur or skin; vefja (or veifa) heđni at höfđi e-m, to wrap a skin round one's head, to hoodwink one.
heđra, adv. here, hither.

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