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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


aptr af e-u, to abstain from; (6) to hold, consider, deem (hn hlt engan hans jafningja); (7) to hold, keep up; h. varnir, to keep up a defence; h. vr, to keep watch; (8) to hold, compel, bind (heldr mik ekki til tanferar); heldr ik vrkunn til at leita , thou hast some excuse for trying; III. with preps., h. e-u, to hold, wield in the hand (h. sveri); to hold to a thing, go on with it, be busy about (h. drykkju, fer sinni, sslu); h. e-t af e-m, to hold (land, office) from or of one (eir er hfu haldi land af Danakonungi); h. mikit af e-m, to make much of one; h. eptir e-m, to pursue one; h. e-u eptir, to keep back; h. sik fr e-u, to keep oneself back from, refrain from; h. e-u fram, to uphold, support; h. e-u fyrir e-u, to withhold from one; to protect against (hldu engar grindr fnu fyrir birninum); h. e-n fyrir e-t, to hold, consider one to be so and so (san hlt konungr Erling fyrir tryggvan vin); h. e-t, to hold fast, grasp ( skalt h. hurarhringinn); h. til e-s, to be the cause of, be conducive to; heldr ar margt til ess, there are many reasons for this; hlt til ess (conduced to it) ggirni hans; h. til e-s, to be bent on, fond of (h. mjk til skarts, til glei); h. til jafns vi e-n, to bear up against one, to be a match for one; h. um e-t, to grasp with the hand (= h. hendi um e-t); h. barni undir skrn, to hold at baptism; h. e-u upp, to hold aloft, lift (h. upp hndum); h. upp rum, to hold up the oars, cease pulling; to uphold, maintain, support (h. upp hofum, kristninni); to keep going (h. upp bardaga); to discharge (h. upp kostnai, btum); b. upp bnum fyrir e-m, to pray for one; h. e-u vi, to maintain a thing; h. vi e-m, to stand against (hvar sem harm kom fram, hlt ekki vi honum); impers. to be on the point of; hlt vi atgngu (acc.), they were near coming to fight; heldr n vi ht, it is little short of threats; IV. refl. , haldast, to hold oneself, stay (mtti hann eigi ar h.); to hold out, continue, last (hlzt vintta me eim); to be kept safe and sound; mennallir hldust (all hands were saved) ok sv f; to be valid, stand (engi m h. dmr hans); h. , to pull one against another, wrestle, fight; impers., e-m helzt vel (illa) e-u, one has good (bad) luck with a thing (mr helzt ltt sauamnnum); h. vi, to stay, remain; h. vi e-m, to resist, make a stand against one (hlzt ekki vi honum).
hald-gr, a. lasting, durable.
haldinn, pp. (1) in such and such a state; vel h., in good condition, well to do, doing well; ungliga h., very ill; (2) satisfied with (Hrani sagist ekki af v h. vera); (3) heilu ok hldnu, safely, safe and sound.
haldin-orr, a. discreet, close;
-yri, n. discreetness.
hald-kvmast (d), v. refl. to avail, be of use to (-kvmast e-m).
- kvmd, f. convenience, comfort;
-kvmiligr, a. convenient
-kvmr, a. convenient, useful;
-samr, a. holding close; vera -samr e-u, to keep it close;
-semi, f. (1) fast holding; (2) closeness, stinginess.
hali, m. tail; leika (veifast um) lausum hala, to play with a loose tail, to be unrestrained; bera brattan halann, to cock up the tail, to be proud; draga eptir sr halann, to drag the tail, to play the coward.
halla, (a), v. (1) to incline or turn sideways, with dat. (h. keri, skipi); (2) to sway to the wrong side (= h. til um. e-t); h. sgu, to give an unfair report; h. nkkurum orum til, to let fall a few words; h. eptir e-m, to be biassed in one's favour; h. sr, to lean with one's body; impers. to lie over, with dat. (hallai honum sv, at sjr fll inn annat bor); slu hallar, the sun sinks; vetri hallar, the winter is declining; tafli hallar e-n, the game turns against one; (3) to slope (hann skildi eigi fyrr vi en hallai af norr); (4) refl., hallast, to lean with the body; to lie over ( tk mjk at h. Ormrinn); hallaist bardaginn, the battle turned against them; h. eptir e-u, to sway towards a thing.
hallar-bnar, -bningr, m. hang-

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