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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


adv., hvernig skulum vr til h., how shall we arrange it; h. sv til, at, to arrange or contrive it so that; h. e-m til e-s, to turn out so and so for one (at hagai lafi til mikils harms); (2) to suit, be suitable (skip me eim. farmi, sem ek veit vel hagar til Islands).
haga-beit, f. grazing;
-garr, m. fence round a pasture-field.
hag-fastr, a. grazing constantly on the same pasture;
-ftt, a. n. short of grazing (mlnytu verr hag-ftt).
hag-feldr, a. meet, fit, suitable (ek mun r h.; hagfelt erindi).
hagi, m. pasture, field for grazing; var hestum. h. fenginn, the horses were put out to grass.
hag-jr. f. pasture land.
hag-keypi, n. good bargain.
hagl, n. hail;
-hri, f. hail-storm.
hag-leikr, m. skill in handicraft.
hagleiks-gr, f. fine workmanship;
-matr, m. handicraftsman, artist.
hag-liga, adv. skilfully, handily, neatly;
-ligr, a. (1) skilful, handy, neat; (2) fit, proper, convenient.
hagl-korn, n. hailstone;
-steinn, m. hailstone;
-vindr, m. hail-storm.
hag-mrr, f. pasture, marsh.
hag-mltr, a. well-spoken.
hagna (a), v. to be meet for one; hvrurn ykkrum hefir betr hagnat, which of you has had the best luck?
hagnar (gen. -ar), m. advantage.
hag-nta (-tta, -ttr), v. to make use of, have profit of.
hagr, a. handy, skilful (h. mar tr ok jrn).
hagr (-s, -ir), m. (1) state, condition, affairs (hvat er n um hagi na?); (2) means (ef hann hefir eigi hag til at fra au fram); (3) favour, advantage; hag e-m, to one's advantage at hgum, suitably.
hag-r, n. opportunity;
-rr, a. giving wise counsel;
-ra (-rdda, -rtt), v. to put right (fyrir sr);
-ri, n. service (gera e-m hagri);
-skeytr, a. a good shot;
-skipti, n. fair bargain;
-spakligr, a. practical, wise;
-speki, f. forethought, good sense;
-str, a. fair, favourable (-str byrr);
-tkr, a. practical;
-orn, m. hawthorn.
-yrnir, m. hawthorn.
haka (gen, hku), f. chin.
hala-broddr, m. point of a tail;
-fer, f. the rear;
-langr, a. long-tailed;
-tafl, n. a kind of game.
hald, n. (1) hold, fastening; (2) keeping in repair (fyrir h. kirkju); (3) support, backing (hann hefir n h. mikit af konungi); h. ok traust, help and support in need; koma e-m at haldi, hald, to be of use or help to one; hr kemr illa h., it does little good; (4) custody 1afr konungr tk vi haldi Hrreks konungs); (5) esteem (vera me e-m gu haldri); (6) keeping, observance (cf. jla-hald, drottinsdaga hald).
halda (held; hlt, hldum; haldinn), v. I. with dat. (1) to hold fast (Gunnarr var kyrr sv at honum hlt einn mar); to keep back, restrain (Hrafn fekk eigi haldit henni heima); (2) to withhold (hldu bndrgjaldinu); (3) to keep, retain ( skalt jafhan essu sti h.); to preserve (h. viringu sinni, lfi ok limum); h. vku sinni, to keep oneself awake; (4) to hold, keep one's stock; also ellipt. (vetr var illr ok hldu menn illa); (5) phrases, h. njsnum, to keep watch, to spy (= h. njsnum til um e-t); h. (hendi) fyrir auga, to hold (the hand) before the eyes, shade the eyes; h. hendi yfir e-m, to protect one; (6) to hold, stand, steer, ellipt., eir hldu aptr (held back again) um haustit; eir hldu t eptir fri, they stood out the firth; h. heim, to steer homewards; (7) to graze, put in the field (h. f til haga); (8) impers. to continue, last (hlt v lengi um vetrinn); 11. with acc. (1) to hold in possession, a fief, land, estate (eir hldu alla hina beztu stai me sjnum); (2) to hold, keep, observe, a feast, holiday ( hvers minning heldr enna. dag?); (3) to keep (h. or sn, ei, sttir, fri); to observe (h. gus lg ok landsins); (4) to uphold, maintain , support (h. vini sna, h. e-n til rkis); (5) h. sik, to comport oneself (kunna h. sik me hfi); h. sik rkmannliga, to fare sumptuously; h. sik

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