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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


with; h. f htum vi e-n, to threaten one; h. e-t me hndum, to have in hand; hfum eiai sigrinn r hendi, let not victory slip out of our hands; h. r vi e-n, to behave so and so towards one (hefir illa r haft vi mik); h. e-t til e-s to use for (hfu eir til varnar skot ok spjt); to be a reason or ground for; vr hyggjum at til ess haft vera, at ar hafi menn szt, we believe the foundation of the story is that men have been seen there; h. mikit (ltit) til sns mls, to have much (little) in support of one's case; h. e-t til, to have at hand, possess; or au, sem hann hafi um haft, the words which he had used; keisari hafi ftt um, did not say much; h. e-n undir, to get one under, subdue one; h. e-t uppi, to take (heave) ufi (h. uppi fri, net); Skarpheinn hafi uppi xina, S. heaved up the axe; h. flokk uppi, to raise a party, to rebel; h. uppi tafl, to play at a game; h. e-n uppi, to bring one to light; h. uppi rur, to begin a discussion; h. e-t ti, to have done, finished (h. ti sitt dagsverk); h. vi e-m, to be a match for one; h. sik vi, to exert oneself; h. mikit (ltit) vi, to make a great (little) display; hann sng messu ok bafi mikit vi, and made much of it; hann bad jarl leita, bann hafi ltit vi at, he did it lightly; haf ekki slkt vi, do not say so; haf ltit vi at eggja sonu ina, refrain from egging on thy sons; (15) refl., hafast, to dwell, abide; eir hfust mjk ferum, they spent much of their life in travelling; hafast vel, to do well, thrive (vaxa ok vel h.); h. at, to do; Lambi s hvat Steinarr hafist at, what he was doing; h. vi, to dwell, stay (hr mun ek vi hafast); h. vel vi, to bear oneself well up; h. or vi, to speak to one another.
hafandi, pr. p. being with child.
haf-bra, f. wave;
-fugl, m. sea. bird;
-frandi, pr. p. sea-going, sea-worthy;
-geringr, f. pl. tremendous waves;
-gjlfr, n. roar of the sea;
-gola, f. sea-breeze;
-gufa, f. mermaid;
-hallt, adv. standing seawards;
-hrtr, m. sea-ram;
-ss, m. drift ice;
-kaldr, a. cold as the sea;
-lei, f. standing seawards; stefna -lei, to stand seawards;
-leiis, adv. seawards;
-ligr, a. marine.
hafna (a), v. to forsake, abandon, with dat. (h. fornum si, bltum ok heinum gum); kr hafnai tinu, the cow left off eating.
hafnan, f. abandonment, forsaking (h. heimsins, veraldar).
hafnar-dyrr, f. pl. entrance of a haven (hfn).
hafnar-feldr, m. a shaggy cloak for everyday use.
hafnar-mark, n. harbour mark;
n. harbour mark;
-tollr, m. harbour toll.
hafnar-vaml, -v, n. plain stuff.
hafn-borg, f. sea borough, sea-port.
haf-nest, n. provisions for a voyage.
hafn-leysa, f. harbourless coast;
-leysi, n. harbourless coast;
-ligr, a. harbour-like.
hafr (-rs, -rar), m. he-goat, buck.
hafr-belgr, m. = hafr-staka.
haf-rek, m. wreck, jetsam;
-reka, a., tossed or driven about on the sea
-rekinn. pp. tossed or driven about on the sea
hafr-staka, f. goat's skin.
haf-rr, a. sea-worthy (hafrr sexringr).
hafs-botn, m. gulf (firir ok hafsbotnar);
-geil, f. sea-lane.
haf-skip, n. a sea-going ship
-skrimsl, n. sea-monster.
hafs-megin, n. the main, high sea.
haf-stormr, m. storm at sea;
-strambr, m. fabulous sea-monster.
haft, n. (1) bond, chain; esp. pl., hft, fetters; sitia hftum, to be in fetters; halda e-n hftum, to keep one in bonds; (2) pl., hft, gods.
hafta, f. female prisoner, bondwoman (h. ok hernuma).
haftr, m. male prisoner, bondman.
haf-tyrill, m. little auk;
-velktr, pp. sea-tossed;
-viri, sea-breeze;
-villa, f. loss of one's course at sea;
-villr, a. having lost one's course at sea.
haga (a), v. (1) to manage, arrange, with dat. (sv skulu vr h. inngngu vorri); fnu var hagat til gzlu, the money was taken into keeping; with

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