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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ings of a hall;
-dyrr, f. pl. door of a hall
-glf, n. floor of a hall;
-veggr, m. wall of a hall.
hall-lendi, n. slope, declivity
-lendr, a. sloping;
-mla (-ta, -t), v. to speak ill of one (-mla e-m);
-mli, n. pl. blame, reproof;
-oki, a., fara, vera halloki fyrir e-m, to be overcome, defeated.
hallr, a. (1) leaning to one side, lying over, sloping (vru jakarnir hallir mjk t af skerinu); bera hallt hfuit, to carry the head on one side; standa hllum fti, to stand unevenly; verr hallt e-n, one is worsted; (2) biassed, partial; inclined or attached to one (h. til e-s or undir e-n); h. til illsku, prone, inclined, to evil.
hallr, m. (1) slope, hill; (2) big stone (enn hari hallr).
hall-ri, n. bad season, famine.
halr (-s, -ir), m. poet. man.
haltr, a. limping, lame, halting; h. eptra fti, lame of the hind leg.
haltra (a), v. to halt, limp.
halzi, a. inded. holding (with gen.).
hamalt, a. n., only in the phrase, fylkja h., to draw up in a wedge shaped column (= svnfylkja).
hamar-gnipa, f. peak of a crag;
-klettr, m. crag, rock.
hamarr (gen. -s, dat. hamri, pl. hamrar), m. (1) hammer; hann geri hamar yfir, he made the sign of the hammer over it; (2) back of an axe; (3) crag, precipice (ar stendr h. mikill fyrir eim); rtugur h., a crag thirty fathoms high.
hamar-rifa, f. rift in a crag;
-skalli, m. head of a hammer;
-skaft, n. shaft of a hammer;
-skti, m. jutting or overhanging crag.
hamars-mark, n. sign of the hammer;
-mur, m. the thin end of a hammer.
hamar-spor, n. a hammers print.
hamast (a), v. refl. (1) to assume the shape of an animal (h. arnarlki); (2) to rage (like a berserk).
ham-far, n., -farir, f. pl. travelling in the shape of an animal (fara -fari, -frum);
-fng, n. pl. fury, frenzy;
-hleypa, f. a human being who travels in the shape of an animal; a witch that goes in ham-farir.
hamingja, f. (1) guardian spirit; (2) luck, good fortune.
hamingju-drjgr, a. lucky;
-hjl, n. wheel of fortune;
-hlutr, m. lucky chance;
-lauss, a. luckless;
-leysi, n. want of luck;
-mar, m. lucky man;
-mikill, a. very lucky;
-mt, n. lucky appearance (-mt er r);
-raun. f. trial of fortune;
-samligr, a. lucky-looking;
-skipti, n. turn (vicissitude) of fortune;
-skortr, m. lack of good luck;
-tjn, n. bad luck.
hamla, f. oar-thong, grummet; lta sga hmlu, to pull backwards (stern foremost); ganga e-m hmlu (um e-t, to take one's place, be a substitute for one (in a thing).
hamla (a), v. (1) to pull backwards; (2) to stop, hinder (h, e-m); (3) to maim, mutilate (sumir vru hamlair at hndum ea ftum).
hampr, m. hemp.
hamr (-s, -ir) (1) skin, slough; hleypa hmum, to cast the slough (of snakes); (2) shape, form; skipta hmum, to change one's shape.
hamra-fjall, n. craggy mountain
-klif, n. cleft between two crags.
ham-ramr, a. (1) able to change one's shape; (2) seized with warlike fury (berserks-gangr).
hamra-skart, n. = hamraklif.
ham-remi, f. the state of being ham-ramr (2).
hams, m. (1) snake's slough (ormar skria or hamsi vr); (2) husk.
ham-stoli, a. deprived of one's wits, frantic, furious.
-stolinn, a. deprived of one's wits, frantic, furious.
hana-galan, f. cock-crew.
handa, (=til h.), prep. with dat. to for (h. Oddi).
handa-band, n. shaking of hands
-festi, f. a hold for the hands.
-festr, f. a hold for the hands.
hand-afl, n. strength of hand; lesa sik upp (to haul oneself up) me -afli.
handa-gangr, m. grasping after a thing;
-grvi, f. 'hand-gear', gloves;
-kast, n. =handa-lti;
-klapp, n. clapping of hands;
-lti, n. pl. gestures with the arms.
handan, adv. from beyond; hean

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