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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gl, n. = glingar-or.
gla, (-da, -dr), v. to comfort, soothe (ver mik gla).
gling, f. soothing;
glingar-or, n. pl. soothing words.
gzka, L (1) goodness, kindness; (2) good things (= gi).
gzku-fullr, a. full of goodness, merciful;
-lauss, a. merciless;
-samligr, a. good, kind;
verk, n. charitable deed.
gfga (a), v. (1) to worship (g. go); (2) to honour (g. drttins-dag).
gfgan, f. worshipping;
gfgari, m. worshipper.
gfug-kvendi, n. noble woman, lady;
-ltr, a. worshipful, generous;
leikr, m. worshipfullness, highness;
ligr, a. (1) worshipful, noble-looking; (2) magnificent (-ligr star);
-menni, n. noble, worshipful man;
-mennr, a. with many worshipful men.
gfugr (gfgari, gfgastr), a. noble, worshipful (g. at kyni).
ggn, ggnum, see 'gegn, gegnum'.
gltr (gen. galtar, dat. gelti; pl. geltir), m. boar, hog.
gng, n. pl. passage (r kastala vru gng upp kirkju).
gngu-drykkja, f. drinking-bout;
-fri, n. = gang-fri;
-frr, a. able to walk;
-kona, f. vagrant woman;
-l, n. (1) footmen, infantry; (2) help, assistance.
gngull, a. running much about.
gngu-mar, a. beggar, vagrant;
-mannliga, adv. beggar-like, beggarly;
-sveinn, m. vagrant, tramp;
gr, n. poet. flock.
gra, grva (-a, -r, and grr), v. (1) to make, construct, build (g. hs skip, haug); g. bk, to write a book; (2) to set in order, prepare, perform, &c.; g. veizlu, to make a banquet; g. sei, blt, to perform a sacrifice; g. fer, to make a journey; g. r sitt, to make up one's mind; g. r me e-m, to take counsel with, advise one; (3) to contract (g. vinttu, flagskap); (4) to grant, render; g. kost, to give a choice; (5) with acc. of an adj.; g. sik lkan e-m, to make oneself like to, imitate one; g. sik reian, to take offence; g. skjt-krit, to make a quick choice; (6) to do, act; g. gott (illt), to do good (evil); hefir hann marga hluti grt str-vel til min, I have received many great benefits at his hands; g. e-m gagn, to give help to one; (7) to do, avail; at mun ekki g., that won't do; ekki grir at dylja, it is no use denying it; (8) to send, dispatch (hann gri egar menn fr sr); (9) to beget (af henni gri hann hinn fyrsta soninn); (10) to judge or arbitrate in a case (= g. um ml); to fix the amount of a fine (gri Njll hundra silfrs); g. sr e-t, to adjudge to oneself; (11) with infin. as an auxiliary verb; ef hn gori koma, if she did come; gorit hn hjfra, she did not wail; (12) impers. one becomes; hann gri flvan, he turned pale; ver gri hvast, a gale arose; bri mikla gri at eim, they were overtaken by a storm; mr grir svefnhfugt I grow sleepy; (13) with preps., g. mikit af sr, to distinguish oneself; g. e-t af e-m, to extort (take) from one; g. e-t af vi e-n, to wrong a person, transgress against one (ek hefi engan hlut af grt vi ik); g. gan (mikinn) rm at mli e-s, to cheer (praise) another's speech; g. at e-u, to mend, put right (tekr hann knf ok grir at sknum); to heal (kannt nkkut g. at slkum meinum); hann gri at eina at, er hann tti, he did only what he ought; slkt grir at, er slin etr, so it happens when one eats seaweed; g. at skapi e-s, to conform to one's wishes; g. at litum; to take into consideration; g. sr getit at e-u, to be displeased with; g. hluta e-s; to wrong one, do harm: to; g. fleika sik, to make oneself look sad; g. eptir e-m, to send for one; g. e-t eptir, to imitate; g. r fyrir e-u, to suppose; g. sr mikit (ltit) fyrir, to make great (small) efforts; g. sr e-t hug, to resolve, plan; g. sr gott hug, to be easy in mind; g. milli ( m.) e-m, to decide between; g. til e-s, to make preparations for; g. e-t til, to prepare, make

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