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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ready, dress meat; g. til e-s, to de serve a thing; hvat hafir til grt, what hadst thou done to deserve it?; g. smdir til e-s, to confer honour upon one; g. til saka vi6 e-n, to transgress against one; g. um ml,         to arbitrate in a case (r uru mlalyktir, at rdr skyldi g. um); g. mikit urn sik, to make a great noise; g. sr mikit um e-t, to make         much of, admire; g. upp, to rebuild, restore (g. upp hs, skla); g. e-n         upp, to upset one; g. e-n tan, to banish, exile (Flosi var grr tan); g. e-t vi e-n, to do with one ( var um rtt, hvat vi skyldi g.); g. vi e-u, to prevent; (14) refl., grast, to become, arise ( grist hltr); s atburr grist, it came to pass; grist me eim flagskapr, they entered into fellowship; grast konungr, to become king; sv grist, at, it so happened, that; impers., nsta grist mr kynligt, I feel rather uneasy;        grast ferar sinnar, to set out for a journey; with infin., r var at er Gurn grist at deyja, was nigh to death; g. , to occur, happen (sgdu eir konungi, hvat hafi grzt); g. til e-s, to set about doing (essir menn         hafa grzt til sv mikils strris).
gr-bnn, a. begging hard, impotunate (grast g. vi e-n).
gr, f. (1) making, building; (2) doing, act, deed; or ok grir, words and deeds; (3) arbitration, award; leggja ml g., to submit a case to arbitration; taka menn til grar, to choose umpires; segja or lka upp g., to deliver the arbitration.
grar-mar, m. umpire.
gr-farinn, pp. quite gone, quite lost ,
-hugall, a. very heedful, mindful.
grttr, a. poisonous (g. er drykkrinn, i!).
grla, adv. quite, fully (vita g.).
grn (pl. garnar and garnir), f. gut.
grning, f. doing, deed.
, .. a storm raised by witchcraft;
-mar, rn. sorcerer.
grningar, f. pl. witchcraft, sorcery.
grninga-stt, f. sickness caused by sorcery;
-stakkr, m. enchanted jacket;
-ver, n. = -hri;
-vttr, f. witch.
grningr, m.=grning.
grr, grr, gerr (acc. grvan), a. and pp. (1) skilled, accomplished (vel at sr g.); leggja grva hnd e-t, to to be an adept, a master in a thing; (2) ready, willing (g. gull at bja). with gen., g. ills hugar, prone to evil skulut ess grvir, be ready for that! (3) sv grt, so done, so; vera menn at sv grt at hafa, it must be so at sv grvu, this being the case.
grr, adv. compar. more,
grst, adv. superl. most fully.
gr-ri, n. arbitrary act;
-samliga, adv. altogether, quite.
gr-semi, -simi (pl.-semar), f.         costly thing, jewel, treasure;
-simligr, a. costly.
gr-tki, n. unlawful seizure of another man's property.
grva, v. = gera, gra.
grva (grva, gerva), adv. quite, clearly; muna g. to remember clearly; ef g. kannar, if thou search closely cf. grr, grst.
grv-allr, a. entire, whole,
grvi (pl. grvar), f. gear, apparel
br, n. store-house.
grvi-leikr, m. accomplishments;
-ligr, a. accomplished, doughty.
gtu-breidd, f. breadth of a road;
-leysi, n. pathless tract;
nisti, n. provisions for a journey;
-skar, n. a defile with a path through it.
gtva (a), v. to bury.
gtvar, m. slayer(?).

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