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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gunn-fni, m. 'gonfarron', war-banner; processional banner.
gunn-heilagr, a. invulnerable;
hvatr, a. warlike.
gunnr (gen. -ar, dat. and acc. -i), f. war, battle (poet.).
gunn-tamir, pp. used to war.
guss, n. fuss;
gusea (a), v. to make fuss and noise.
gusta (a), v. to blow in gusts.
gust-illir, a. having foul breath;
kaldr, a. gusty, chilly (verit var gustkalt);
-mikill, a. gusty.
gustr, m. (1) gust; (2) smell.
Gyinga-land, n. Palestine;
-skirn, f. circumcision.
gying-ligr, a. Jewish.
Gyingr (-s, -ar), m. Jew.
gyðja, f. (1) goddess; (2) Priestess.
gylfi, m. prince, king (poet.).
gylfra, f. (1) ogress witch; (2) er at helzt vi ori, at gylfrum gangi vinittan, it is rumoured that your friendship is all gone to the dogs.
gylla (-da, -dr and -ta, -tr), v. to gild; g. hli, to flatter.
gylling, f. (1) gilding; (2) pl. vain praise (fara me glyllingar).
gylta, f. young sow.
gyltr, f. young sow.
gymbill, m. he-lamb.
gymbr (gen. -rar), f. ewe-lamb.
gyra (-a, -r), v. (1) to gird (with a belt); g. sik, to gird oneself, fasten one's belt (cf. gyrr brkr); g. sik me sveri, to gird on a sword; (2) to girth (g. hest, g. sul).
gyrill, m. (1) girdle; (2) purse (hon lt fit gyrilinn).
gyrja, v. to stain with blood.
gys, n. mocking; gera gys at e-u, to mock at a thing.
gyss, m. mocking;
gyzki, m. wonder (rare).
ggr (gen. -jar, pl. -jar), f. giantess, hag (ar bj ein ggr).
gfa, f. goodluck; bera gfu til e-s, to have luck in a thing.
gfr, a. quiet, meek; at er mr ok gfast, that is most pleasant to me.
gfu-drjúgr, a. lucky;
-ftt, a. n., e-m er -ftt, one has little luck;
-hlutr, m. share of good luck;
-lauss, a. luckless;
-leysi, n. lucklessness;
mar, m. lucky man;
-mannligr, a. as a lucky man;
-mikill, a, having great luck;
-munr, m. difference in luck;
-raun, f. trial of luck;
-samliga, adv. luckily;
-samligr, a. lucky;
-skipti, n. turn or change of luck;
-skortr, m. want of luck;
-vant, a. n. wanting in luck.
ggjast (), v. refl. to bend eagerly forward and peep.
gr, adv. only with the prep. ; (1) yesterday (vara at n n gr) (2) poet. tomorrow (tt n er gr deyjum).
gra, f. sheepskin with the wool on.
gr-dagr, m. yesterday;
-kveld, n. yesterday evening.
gta (-tta, -tt), v. (1) to watch, take care of, guard, with gen.; g. skkla e-s, to take care of one's shoes; g. dura hllinni, to guard the door of the hall; g. ka, hesta, to tend cows, horses; g. dma, to observe justice; g. rsins, to take heed to the advice; g. til e-s, to mind, take care of, attend to (sv gttu eir til, at ekki var at); (2) refl., ok um at gttust, and took counsel together.
gti-liga, adv. heedfully.
gtinn, a. heedful, wary.
gtir, m. keeper, warder.
gtti, n. door-frame, doorpost; hur var g., the door was ajar.
gtur, f. pl., hafa g. e-u, gefa g. at e-u, to take care of, mind.
gzla, f. watch, keeping.
gzlu-engill, m. guardian angel;
-lauss, a. unguarded;
-mar, m. keeper;
-stt, f. an illness which involves watching over the patient.
ga (-dds, -ddr), v. (1) to endow, enrich (g. e-n f ok viringu); (2) to increase; g. rs, fer, to quicken the pace; g. rrinn, to quicken the stroke, pull quicker; adding the prep. ; sv mikit gddi etta , it increased so much, went to such a pitch; var nkkuru heimskari en r, ef mtti g., sillier, if possible, than before.
ga-lauss, a. void of good things, barren (galaust land).
gi, n. pl. good or profitable things, boons, emoluments.
gingr (-s, -ar), m. nobleman, chief (konungr ok hans gingar).

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