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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gu, m. (and n.), God.
gudm-ligr, a. god-like, divine.
gu-dmr, m. godhead, divinity;
-dttir, f. god-daughter;
fair, m. godfather;
-gefmn, pp. given by God, inspired;
-hrddr, a. godfearing;
-hrzla, f. fear of God;
lasta, (a), v. to blaspheme;
-lastan, f. blasphemy;
-latr, a. ungodly;
leysi, n. godlessness;
-ligr, a. godlike, divine;
-magn, n. = gomagn;
-ningr, m. traitor to God, apostate, renegaade.
guniing-skapr, m. apostasy.
gu-rttligr, a. righteous;
-rkiligr, a. ungodly;
-rkr, a. ungodly;
-rkiliga, adv. piously;
-rkinn, a. pious;
-sifi (gen. -sifia). m. 'gossip' godfather;
-sifjar, f. pl. spiritual relationship, sponsorship; veita e-m -sifjar, to be a sponsor (godfather) to.
gus-lg, n. pl. the canon law (halda -lg ok landsins).
gu-spjall, n. gospel;
-spjalligr, a. evangelical.
guvefjar-kli, n. pl. a suit of clothes made of guvefr;
-kyrtill, m. kirtle of guvefr.
-skikkja, f. kirtle of guvefr.
gu-vefr, m. a costly fabic used for garments, etc.; ? velvet.
gufa, f. vapour, steam.
gugna (a), v. to lose heart, quail.
gul, n. gentle breeze, = gol.
gula, f. (1) = gola; (2) -gulustt.
gul-brnar, a. yellow-brown;
-grr, a. yellow-grey;
-grnn, a. yellow-green ( gulgrnum kyrtli).
gull, n. (1) gold; (2) = fingrgull.
gull-aldr, m. golden age;
-auigr, a. rich in gold;
-aur, m. wealth in gold;
-band, n. golden head-band;
-baugr, m. gold ring;
-bitlar, a. golden-bitted;
-bitull, m. bit (bridle) of gold;
-bjartr, a. bright as gold;
-bka (a) v. to embroider in gold;
-bla, f. (1) gold boss; (2) golden bull (bulla aurea);
-brynja, f. golden coat of mail;
-binn, pp. ornamented with gold;
-bollr, m. golden ball;
-dlkr, m. gold pin;
-festr, f. gold chain;
-fjallar, pp. embroidered in gold;
-gdr, a. of pure gold;
-grr, a. made of gold;
-hagr, a. skilled in working gold;
-hlsar, m. pl. gold-necks, lordlings;
-hrr, a. golden-haired;
-hella, f. bar of gold;
-hjalt, n. gold hill;
-hjlmr, m. golden helmet;
-hla, n. gold lace (esp. to tie up the hair with);
-hlainn, pp. laced with gold;
-hringr, m. gold ring;
-hs, n. jewel-chest;
-hyrndr, a. golden-horned.
gullin-bursti, m. gold-mane;
-hjalti, m. golden-hilt (a sword with a hilt of gold);
-kambi, m. gold comb.
gullinn, a. golden.
gull-knappr, m. gold button; gold knob;
-kntr, m. gold knot;
-krna, f. golden crown;
-leggja (see leggja), v. to lace with gold;
-ligr, a. golden, of gold;
-ml, n. inlaid figure of gold;
-men, n. gold necklace;
-milandi, m. distributor of gold;
-nisti, n. gold pin;
-ofinn, pp. gold-woven;
-rekinn, pp. inlaid with gold (-rekit spjt;
-rendr, a. gold-striped;
-ritinn, pp. written in gold;
-roinn, pp. gilt;
-saumar, pp. embroidered with gold;
-settr, pp. gold-mounted;
-skillingr, m. gold shilling;
-skotinn, pp. woven with gold;
-skr, m. gold shoe;
-smeittr, pp. gold-enamelled (of a shield)
-smeltr, pp. gold-enamelled (of a shield)
-smir, m. goldsmith;
-smi, f. goldsmith's work, working in gold;
-spnn, m. (1) gold ornament (on ships); (2) gold spoon;
-sproti, m. gold sceptre;
-stafar, pp. gold-striped;
-stafr, m. golden letter;
-steindr, pp. gilt;
-stng, f. bar of gold;
-stylgja, f. gold brooch;
-tafla, f. golden piece (used in playing);
-teinn, m. golden rod;
-vafir, pp. wound with gold;
-veggr, m. golden wall;
-vijar, f. pl. gold withies;
-vndr, m. golden wand.
gulr, a. yellow (gult silki).
gul-rendr, a. gold-striped.
gulu-stt, f. jaundice.
gumi (pl. gumar), m. man (poet.).
gumnar, m. pl. men (poet.); gumna synir, the sons of men.
gumpr, m. bollom, fundament.
gumsa (a), v. to scoff at, mock.
gunnar-fss, a. eager for battle.
-giarn, a. eager for battle.

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