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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-hygni, f. silliness;
-lettr, a. thin-faced.
grunnr (-s, -ar), m. bottom (of sea or water); til grunns, til grunna, down to the bottom; ganga grunn, to come to an end (fig.).
grunnr (grynnri, grynnstr), a. shallow; standa grunnt, to be shallow (vinitta okkur stendr grunnt).
grunn-stiglar, pp. hard frozen;
-si, f. simplicity, credulity;
-sliga, adv. foolishly;
-sligr, a. foolish;
-sr, a. shallow-witted, foolish;
-svi, n. shallow water;
-igr, a. shallow-minded;
-igr, f. shallowness of mind, credulity.
grunr (-ar, -ir), m. suspicion, doubt, uncertainty (e-m er grunr d e-u); grafa grun (um e-t), to suspect; hafa grun e-m um e-t, to suspect one of a thing; e-m leikr grunr , um e-t, one feels suspicious about a thing; draga gruni . um e-t, to conceive a suspicion of; renna grunum . e-t, to doubt, to guess at; ba um grun, to be suspected, um grun, by guile (sem etta vri eigi um grun grt).
grun-samligr, a. suspicous-looking;
-samr, a. suspected (hafa e-n -saman);
-semd, f. suspicion.
grunsemdar-lauss, a. free from suspicion.
grfa (-a, -t), v. to grovel, to cower or crouch down (hann grfi at eldinum; eir grfa skjldu sina).
grfa, f., in the phrase, liggja grfu, to lie face down, on one's belly.
gryfja, f. hole, pit.
grynna, (-ti, -t), V. impers. to become shallower; grynnir dalinn, the dale became less deep; refl., grynnast = grynna ( er grynntist yfir at landinu).
grfi-liga, adv. hideously.
grjandi, f. dawn (rare).
grla, f. (1) giantess; (2) bug-bear (ekki hiri ek um grlur yrar).
grta (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to stone one to death (g. e-n hel, til bana); (2) g. e-n, at e-m, to pelt one with stones.
grta, f. pot.
grting, f. stoning (to death).
grttr, a. stony.
grtu-ker, n. earthen pot.
gr, f. malice, hostility (= grleikr).
grgi, f. greediness, gluttony.
grska, f. malice (= gr).
gra (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to make grow; (2) to heal (g. sar, g. sjka); (3) to increase; g. f, to make money; refl., vindrinn grddist, the wind increased; grist e-m f, peningar one makes money.
grari, m. healer, saviour.
gri-ligr, a. healable.
gring, f. (1) growth, increase (byrr var gringu); (2) healing, cure (g. stta; andlig g.).
grfr, a. fit to be buried.
grnast (-d). v. to become green (grnist jr).
grn-fainn, a. green-stained.
grn-leikr, m. greenness, verdure.
Grn-lendingr, m. Greenlander.
grn-lenzkr, a. of or belonging to Greenland (Grnland).
grnn, a. (1) green (g. sem gras); (2) fresh (g. fiskr); (3) good fit; s mun n grnstr (the most hopeful choice) at segja satt.
grn-t, f. tuft of grass;
-tyrfa (-a, -r), v. to cover with green turf.
grta (-tta, -ttr), v. to make one weep, distress one; grttr, grieved.
grti, n. pl. tears, sorrow.
grti-ligr, a. lamentable, sad.
grtir, m. one who makes another weep (ggjar g.).
grf (gen. grafar; pl. grafir and grafar), f. (1) pit, ditch (grafa g.); (2) grave; at mein leiddi hann til grafar, caused his death.
grftr (gen. graftar and graftrar, dat. grefti and greftri), m. (1) digging (vera at grefti); (2) burial, interment; veita e-m grft, to bury; (3) tomb; (4) carving.
grn (gen. granar, pl. granar), f. (1) the hair on the upper lip, moustache (sv ungr, at eigi mun g. sprottin); (2) lip; legu munn vi g., lay thy mouth to his lips; e-m bregr v fyrir g., one is startled, alarmed; brega grnum, to draw back the lips, grin; in pl. the lips of a cow or bull.
grn (gen. granar), f. pine-tree.
grptr (gen. graptar), m. = grftr.
grsugr, a. grassy, grass-grown.

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