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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


great value; epli au, er henni munu gripir ykkja, apples which she will think of great value.
gripr, m. vulture (rare).
grr (gen. -ar), f. giantess.
grma, f. (1) a kind of covering for the, face or the head, a mask or cowl (hata grimu fyrir andliti, hfi sr); (7) armour covering a horse's head and breast; (3) beak (on a ship); (4) night (poet.).
grmu-mar, m. a masked or disguised man.
grpa, (grp; greip, gripurn; gripinn), v. (1) to grasp, seize (hann greip sver sitt skjld); (2) to seize upon (g. gz fyrir mnnum); (3) with preps., g. e-u, to catch hold of (H. greip stafni); g. klinu, to touch upon a sore place; g. til e-s, to seize (g. til sversins); greip hundrinn til hans, the dog snapped at him; g. upp, to catch up (Loki greip upp mikla stng); g. vi ori, to commence speaking.
grsa-sr, f. a sow with pigs.
grss (gen. grss, pl. grsir), m. (1) young pig; (2) hog.
grjr, a. grey (poet., rare).
grjt, n. stones; vera at grjti, to be turned into stones; bera g. e-n, berja e-n grjti, to stone one.
grjt-berg, n. quarry;
-bjrg, n. pl. rocks;
-burr, m. throwing of stones;
-flaug, f. stone shower;
-flutning, f. conveyance of stones;
-hla, n. stone wall;
-hll, m. stone mound, stone heap;
-hr, f. shower of stones;
-hrgr, m. = -hll;
-kast, n. throwing stones;
-klettr, m. boulder;
-ligr, a. stony, flinty;
-ml, f. gravel, pebbles;
-pll, m. in the phrase, vera grjtpll fyirir e-u, to be the chief supporter (mainstay) of;
-skria, f. stone-slip;
-smir, m. stone-mason;
-varti, m. cairn of stones;
-veggr, m. stone wall.
gra (grr, greri, grinn), v. (1) to grow (of vegetation); jr grr, earth grows; var grund grin grnum lauki, the ground was covered with green herbs; (2) to grow together, become joined to (hfu konungs var grit vi bolinn); (3) of wounds, to be healed (sr hans greru seint); Inglfr l srum vetr enna, ok greri yfir at kalla, his wounds were healed in a way; of the person, grinn sra sinna, healed of one's wounds; g. um heilt, to be quite healed; fig. to be reconciled (grr um heilt me eim).
gri, m. growth, increase.
grr (gen. -rar, pl. -rar), m. growth, crop (blta til grrar).
grrar-ligr, a. fertile; healing.
grr-samr, a. fertile;
-setja (see setja), v. to plant;
-vnligr, a. healing (-vnlig smyrsl).
grf, f. pit.
grm-lauss, a. free from shot.
grmr, m. blot, dirty spot.
grufla, (a), v. to grovel an all-fours.
gruggttr, a. muddy, turbid.
gruna, (a), v. (1) to suspect, mistrust (Grettir grunai hann); vera grunar um e-t, to be suspected of; (2) to doubt (ekki grunum vr illvilja yvarn); (3) to suppose, guess (gruna ek, at fjlmenni muni fyrir); (4) impers., mik grunar e-t or um e-t, I suspect, doubt.
grunan, f. suspecting, suspicious.
grun-brusligr, a. suspicious-looking ( ert g. mar).
grund (pl. -ir), f. green field, grassy plain ( grundinni hj ver).
grunda (a), v. to meditate on.
grundan, f. meditation.
grundr, m. inquiry; gefa (grafa) grund at e-u, to inquire into.
grund-valla (a), v. to found;
-vllr, m. ground for a building (marka -vll til hss, kirkju); foundation; reisa hs af -velli, to make a building from the ground.
grun-lauss, a. unsuspecting; tra gui -laust, to put absolute faith in God; vera -lauss af e-u, to be unsuspected, above suspicion;
-maurar, m. pl., only in the phrase, e-n bita grunmaurar, one suspects.
grunn, n. shallow, shoal; ra g., to run a ground.
grunn-eygr, a. goggle-eyed;
-fall, n. a breaker on a shoal;
-fastr, a. fast aground;
-fri, n. pl. anchor-tackle. cable; draga upp -fri, to weigh anchor;
-hygginn, a. shallow-minded,

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