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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ina); fig., koma, ganga greipr e-m, to fall into one's clutches.
greizla, f. payment, discharge.
gremi, f. wrath, anger.
gremja (grem. gramda, gramit), v. to anger, provoke, exasperate (gremdu eigi go at r); refl., gremjast e-m, to be angry with.
gren (gen. pl. grenja), n. lair of a fox or wolf (sem melrakki greni).
grenja (at), v. to howl, bellow.
grenjan, f. howling, bellowing.
grennast (d), v. refl. to become thin.
grennd, f. vicinity.
grennslast (a), v. refl. to inquire.
gren-skolli, m. a fox in its earth.
grepp-ligr, a. frowning, ugly.
greppr (-a, -ar), m. (1) poet, scald; (2) doughty man.
grepta, greptra, see grefta, greftra.
gres-jrn, n. iron wire.
gretta (-tta, -tt), v., g. sik or grettast, to frown, make a wryface.
Grettis-haf, -tak, n. Grettir's lift.
grey (gen. pl. greyja), n. (1) bitch; (2) paltry fellow, coward.
grey-baka, f. = grey (1) bitch.
greyfa (-a, -r). v. to bend down with the face to the ground.
grey-hundr, m. bitch;
-menneks, f. paltriness, meanness.
greypa (-ta, -tr), v. to groove.
greypi-liga, adv. fiercely;
-ligr, a. fierce, fearful.
greyp-leikr, m. fierceness;
-ligr, a. = greypiligr.
greypr, a. fierce, fearful.
grey-skapr, m. = grey-mennska;
, n. pack of hounds.
gri, n. (1) domicile, home; (2) pl. truce, peace, pardon, quarter; selk g.: to make truce; segja sundr grium, to dissolve the truce; lfs g. ok lima, safety for life and limbs; beia (sr) gria, to sue for quarter; beia gria Baldri fyrir alls konar hska, to seek protection for B. against all kinds of harm; gefa e-m g., to give one quarter; ganga til gria, to accept pardon.
gria-brek, n. pl. breach of truce;
-gjf, f. granting truce;
-lauss, a. without truce, truceless;
-mark, n. sign of truce;
-ml, n. pl. truce formularies;
-rof, n. pl. breach of truce;
-setning, f. truce-making;
-star, m. sanctuary, asylum.
gri-btr, m. = gri-ningr.
, m. servant.
grika, f. housemaid, female servant.
gri-kona, f. housemaid, female servant.
gr-maðr, m. male servant.
gri-ml, n. pl. = griaml;
, m. truce-breaker;
-sala, f. a granting truce;
-samr, a. peaceful.
grungr (-s, -ar), m. = graungr.
, f. lodging, home.
Grikkir (gen. -ja), m. pl. Greeks.
Grikk-land, n. Greece;
Grikklandshaf, n. the Grecian Archipelago.
grikkska, f. Greek (language).
grikkskr, a. Greek, = girskr.
grimmast (d and a), v. to chafe, be furious (g. mti gui).
grimmd, f. (1) grimness, fierceness; (2) = grimmdarfrost.
grimmdar-frost, n. biting frost;
-hugr, m. hostile mind.
grimm-eygr, a. fierce-eyed;
-hugar, a. in a grim humour;
-leikr, m. savageness, cruelly;
-ligs, adv. fiercely; hefna grimmliga, to take a fearful revenge;
-ligr, a. fierce, fearful;
-lundar, a. of grim temper.
grimmr, a. (1) grim, stern, dire; grta grimmum trum, to weep bitter tears; g. dmr, severe jugement; (2) wroth; sv var hn grimm orin Brjni konungri, at, she hated him so much, that.
grimm-igr, a. ferocious, fierce (-igr skapi).         
grind (pl. grindr and grindir), f. (1) a gate made of spars or bars, a fence pl. pen, fold (f byrgt grindum); fullar grindir, full-stocked folds (3) haven, dock (liggja grindum, of ships); (4) store-houses.
grind-hli, n. barred gate.
gripa-auigr, a. rich in precious things;
-gjald, n. payment in precious things;
-kista, f. jewel chest;
-taka, f. seizure of property.
grip-deild, f. robbery, rapine.
gripr (-ar, -ir), m. (1) costly thing; valuable treasure, property: (2) value, money's worth; enn rija hlut hann, ann er mikill g. er , that is of

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