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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


of many things; gta tungu ba gma, to keep guard on the tongue, speak warily; (2) finger-tip ( hendi heitir fingr, nagl, gmr).
gm-sparri, m. gag.
gz, n. goods, property.
gra-f, n. entire cattle.
grar, a. entire, not castrated.
graungr (-s, -ar), m. bull.
grafa (gref, grf, grfum.; grafinn), v. (1) to dig (g. grf); g. torf, to dig peat; fig. to seek out the sense of (g. vsu); (2) to earth, bury (g. lk); (3) to carve, engrave (dkkr steinn ok grafit innsigli); (4) to inlay; fagr liti, sem er flsbein er grafit eik, as when ivory is set in oak; (5) impers. to suppurate (lrit tk at g. bi uppi ok niri); (6) with preps., g. at e-u, eptir e-u, to inquire into, try to flnd out; also refl., grafast eptir e-u; g. nir, to dig down; sv kyrr sem hann vri grafinn nir, as if he had been rooted in the ground; g. til e-s, to dig for (g. til vatns); g. um e-t = g. eptir e-u; grf hann sv undir eim, at, he sounded them so that; g. e-t upp, to find out.
graf-alr, m. burin, graver.
grafar-bakki, m. verge of a grave;
-gr, f. digging of a grave;
-lkr, m. a brook which has dug itself a deep bed.
graf-silfr, n. hidden treasure;
-tl, n. pl. digging tools.
gramendr, m. pl. the angry gods.
gramr, a. wroth, angry (g. e-m).
gramir, m. pl., grm. (viz. go), n. pl. used as subst., fiends, demons; (gramir munu taka ik); deili grm vi ik, the fiends bandy words with thee.
gramr (-s, -ir), m. king, warrior.
grana-hr, n. whiskers (cf. 'grn').
grand, n. hurt, injury (gera, vinna, e-m grand).
granda (a), v. to injure, do harm (engi grandai rum).
grand-lauss, a. guileless;
-ligr, a. dangerous, injurious;
-varr, a. guileless;
-veri, f. guilelessness.
granna, f. neighbour.
granni, m. neighbour.
grann-leikr, m. slenderness;
-leitr, a. thin-faced;
-ligr, a. slim, slender of build (ungr ok grannligr vxt).
grannr, a. thin, slender.
grann-vaxinn, pp. slender, slim of figure (hr vxt ok g.).
gran-raur, a. red-bearded;
-selr, m. bearded seal;
-sr, a. long bearded;
-sti, n. the bearded part of the face, the upper lip.
graptar-dagr, m. burial-day;
-kirkja, f. a church with a burying ground;
-reitr, m. burial-place;
-star, m. burial-place.
gras, n. grass, herbage, herb.
grasar, pp. prepared with herbs.
gras-dalr, m. grassy dale;
-garr, m. garden;
-geilar, f. pl. grassy lanes;
-gott, a. n. with good crop of grass;
-grnn, a. grass-green;
-lauss, a. grassless;
-leysa, f. failure of grass;
-leysi, n. failure of grass;
-loinn, a. thick with grass;
-lona, f. grassy spot;
-lgr, a. lying in the grass;
-mikill, a. rich in grass;
-rtr, f. pl. roots of herbs or grass;
-stt, f. grass-fever;
-t, f. grassy spot among cliffs;
-vllr, m. grassy field;
-vxtr, m. growth of grass.
grautar-dli, m. porridge-spot (on the body);
-ketill, m. porridge-pot;
-stt, f. 'porridge-fever';
-trog, n. porriage-trough;
-trygill, m. porriage-trough;
-vara, f. porriage-stick.
grautr (gen. -ar), m. porriage.
gr-bildttr, a. with grey-spotted cheeks, of a sheep;
m. grey bear, opp. to 'hvtabjrn';
-blr, a. grey-blue.
gra, f. step; fig. degree.
gri, m. gentle breeze.
gri, m. step, degree = gra.
grr, m. greed, hunger.
grugr, a. greedy (g. ormr).
gr-eygr, a. grey-eyed;
-gs, f. wild goose;
-klddr, pp. grey-clad;
-kollttr, a. grey and without horns;
-kufl, m. grey cowl;
-leikr, m. malice;
-leitr, a. pale-looking;
-liga, adv. with malice;
-ligr, a. malicious;
-lyndr, a. spiteful,malicious;
-munkr, m. grey friar.
grna (a), v. to become grey, fig. to grow rough (tekr at g. gamanit).
grn-st, n. stud of grey horses;
-varir, pp. grey-coated (lfar-varir).
grr (gr, grtt), a. (1) grey ( grm kyrtli); g. fyrir hrum, grey-haired;

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