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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gn-mikill, a. roaring, stormy.
gnr, (-s -ir), m. clash, din.
gn-rei f. roaring thunder.
gnfa, (-a, -t), v. to stand up, rise high, tower (g. vi himin).
grgr, a. = gngr.
gnltra (a), v. to howl, bark.
gntra (a), v. to clatter, rattle.
go, n. (heathen) god.
goa-blt, n. sacrifice to the gods.
-gremi, f. wrath of the gods;
-heill, n. favour of the gods;
-hs, n. house of gods, heathen temple;
-reii, f. = ga-gremi.
go-borinn, pp. god-born;
-dmr, m. godhead;
-g, f. blasphemy.
goi, m. heathen priest; chief (in Iceland during the republic).
go-kunnigr, a. of the kith of gods; .
-mlugr, a. skilled in the lore of the gods;
-mgn, n. pl. divine powers, deities (g. au er eir bltuu).
go-or, n. dignity and authority of a goi (goor ok manna forr).
goors-lauss, a. without a goor;
-mar, m. owner of a goror;
-ml, n. an action concerning a goor.
go-vefr, m. = guvefr.
go-vegr, m. the way of the gods.
goll, n. gold = gull.
gollurr, m. pericardium.
gor, n. the cud in animals.
gor-mnar, m. the first wintermonth (Oct.-Nov.).
gotnar, m. pl. poet. men.
gotneskr, a. Gothic.
g-brjstar, a. kind-hearted;
-fengr, a. good-natured;
-fsliga, adv. willingly;
-fss, a. benevolent;
-fsi, f. goodness, good-will;
-fst, f. goodness, good-will;
-gipt, f. benefit, charitable deed;
-girnd, f. = g-fsi;
, f. = g-fsi;
, a. benevolent, kind;
-gjarnliga, adv. kindly;
-gjarnligr, a. kind, kindly;
-gripr, m. costly thing;
-gfliga, adv. gently;
-gt, f. good entertainment;
-gti, n. dainty;
-gr, f. charity;
-grning, f. = g-gr;
-grningr, m. good deed, charity;
-httar, a. well-mannered;
-hjartar, a. kind-hearted.
gi, m. (1) good-will; (2) profit.
g-ltr, a. good-natured;
-leikr, m. goodness;
-lifnar, m. good life;
-lfi, n. good life;
-lyndi, n. good nature;
-lyndr, a. good-natured;
-mannliga, adv. like a good man;
-mannligr, a. gentle;
-menni, n. a good, gentle man;
-mennsks, f. goodness, gentleness;
-mennt, a. n. good people;
-mtliga, adv. kindly, gently;
-orr, a. gentle in one's words.
gr (g, gott), a. (1) good, morally commendable (g. ok rttltr konungr, g kona); (7) good, honest (drengr g.); g.vili, good, honest intention; (3) kind, friendly; g. e-m, kind towards one; gott gengr r til, thou meanest well; gott var frndsemi eira, they were on good terms; vilja e-m gott, to wish one well; (4) good, fine, goodly; g. hestr, fine horse; gott ver, fine weather; me gu fruneyti, with goodly suite; gr beini, good cheer, vera gott til e-s, to get plenty of; var gott til fjr ok mannviringar, there was ample wealth and fame to earn; g. af e-u or e-s, good, liberal with a thing; g. af tendum, good at news, communicative; g. af hestinum, willing to lend the horse; g. af f, open-handed; g. matar, free with his food.
g-rr, a. giving good counsel;
-ri, n. goodness;
-semi, f. = g-fsi;
, n. charitable deed;
-vild, f. kindness, good-will;
-vili, m. kindness, good-will;
-viljar, a. benevolent.
gvilja-fullr, a. benevolent, kind;
mar, m. benevolent man;
-mikill a. full of good-will.
gð-viljugr, a. kind;
-virki, n. = -verk;
-virkr, a. making good work;
-vnliga, adv. = -vttliga;
, a. promising good;
-vttliga, adv. amicably;
-yrki, n. = -verk;
, a. of good family.
gi, f. the month Goi (from the middle of February to the middle of March);
-beytill, m. a species of horse-tail (equisetum hyemale).
glf, n. (1) floor; (2) apartment.
golf-stokkar, m. pl. floor beams;
-ili, n. deal floor.
g-ligr, a. fine, pretty (-lig or).
gmr (-s, -ar), m. (1) the roof or floor of the mouth (efri or neri g.); e-m berr mart gma, one talks freely

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