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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


glymr, m. clatter, clash, ringing.
glyrnur, f. pl. cat's eyes.
glys, n. finery (kaupa glys).
glys-gjarn, a. fond of finery;
-ligr, a. showy, specious;
-ml, n. pl. specious words.
gl, n. joy; glja (gen. pl.) n gir, thou hadst no mind for joy.
gljar, pp. gleeful (vel g.).
gl-stamr, a. joyless.
gla (-dda), v. to glow, glisten.
glr (gen. gls), m. sea; kasta gl, to throw into the sea, squander; hlaupa gl, to run in vain.
gl-ri, n. = glapri.
glsa. (-ta, -tr), v. to embellish; gulli ok silfri glstr, adorned with gold and silver.
glsi-ligr, a. splendid, showy; specious (-lig or).
glpa-fullr, a. full of wickedness, ungodly;
-mar, m. miscreant, malefactor;
-mannligr, a. ruffianly;
-verk, n. crime.
glpi-liga., adv. wickedly;
-ligr, a. wicked;
glp-ligr, a. = glpiligr.
glpr (-s, -ir), m. misdeed, crime.
glpska, f. misdeed, offence.
glp-varr, a. righteous;
-yri, n. pl. foul language.
glgg-dmr, a. sagacious in one's judgement;
-leikr, m. sagacity;
-liga, adv. clearly, distinctly.
glggr (acc. -van), a. (1) clear-sighted (glggt er gests auga); (2) clear, distinct; vera glggrar greinar, to distinguish sharply; eigi er mr at glggt, it is not clear to me; neut., glggt, as adv. clearly (muna, kenna glggt); (3) stingy, close (glggr vi gesti).
glgg-rnn, a. clever in interpreting runes;
-skygn, a. sharp-sighted;
-snn, a. sharp-witted;
-sr (-s, -stt), a. (1) clear-sighted; (2) manifest, clear;
-ekkinn, a. quick to discern, clear-sighted;
-ekkni, f. clear-sightedness.
gnadd, n. grumbling, muttering.
gnadda (a), v. to murmur, grumble.
gnaga, (a), v. to gnaw (hestar gnguu beizlin).
gnapa (-ta), v. (1) to jut or stand out; (2) to stoop or bend forward; (3) to droop the head.
gnata (a), v. to clash.
gnau, n. noise, din, rattle.
gnaua (a), v. to rattle, ring.
gnegg, n. neighing.
gneggja (a), v. to neigh.
gneista (a), v. to emit sparks.
gneista-flaug, f. shower of sparks.
gneisti, m. spark.
gnesta. (griest; gnast, gnustum; gnostinn), v. to crack, clash (gnustu saman vpnin).
gneypa, (-ta. -tr), v. to pinch.
gneypr, a. (1) bent forward, drooping; (2) savage, fierce.
gnia, (a), v. to rub, scrape.
gnpa, f. peak, jutting pinnacle (on a beetling mountain).
gnsta (-sta, -st), v. (1) g. tnnum, to gnash the teeth; (2) to snarl (of dogs); (3) gnstanda frost, biting frost.
gnstan, f. gnashing.
gnsting, f. gnashing.
gnga, adv. poet. = gngliga.
gng-leikr, m. abundance;
-liga, adv. abundantly;
-ligr, a. abundant.
gngr, a. (1) abundant, plentiful, enough (selveiar gngar ok fiskifang mikit); at gngu, sufficiently; ok vinnst oss at at gngu, it is enough for us; gng, enough (var ar vatn gng); gngu (neut. dat.) lengi, long, enough; (2) g. um e-t, at e-u, richly furnished with (n var hann g. orinn um kvikf).
gntt, f. abundance, plenty (g. fjr) gera g. spurning (dat.) e-s, to give sufficient answer to one's question.
gna (gn, gnera, or gnra, gninn), v. to rub (hann tk til ora ok gneri nefit).
gnfa (-a), v. to droop (g. me hfinu).
gnp-leitr, a. stern-looking.
gnpr (-s, -ar), m. peak (= gnpa).
gnyja (gny, gnudda), v. to mutter, grumble (herrinn gnuddi ilia); to grunt (g. mundu n grsir).
gnyr (pl. -ir), m. murmur.
gnja (gn, gna. gnit), v. to roar (vindar gnja); g. , to set in ( gni hallri mikit ok vertta kld).

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