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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-stigr, m. a wrong path;
-vg, n. accidental manslaughter.
glata, (a), v. (1) to destroy (g. e-u); (2) to lose; refl., glatast, to be lost.
glatan, f. perdition.
glatuns-hundr, m. glutton (?).
glaumr, m. noisy merriment; glaums andvana, cheerless.
glam-sni, f. illusion.
glea, f. glede, kite (bird).
glei, f. gladness, merriment, joy (var ar g. mikil).
, n. joyful mien;
-dagar, m. pl. days of happiness;
-fullr, a. joyful;
-ligr, a. glad;
-mar, m. cheery man;
-mt, n. = -brag;
-or, n. pl. words of joy;
-stundir, f. pl. merry, happy time;
-vist, f. merry sojourn.
gleja (gle, gladda, gladdr), v. to gladden, make glad; refl., glejast, to be glad, rejoice.
glefja, f. spear, lance (for. word).
glefsa (-ta), v. to snap at (g. e-t).
glens, n. gibing, gibe, jest, banter.
glensa (a), v. to jest, make fun.
glensan, f. gibing, jesting.
glens-ligr, a. bantering;
-mikill, a. full of jesting or gibes;
-yri, n. pl. jesting or gibing speech.
glepja (glep, glapta, glaptr), v. (1) to confuse one (in reading, speaking); (2) to confound (g. skn, vrn); (3) to beguile (g. konu).
gler, n. (1) glass; hll sern g., slippery as glass; bresta gleri, to break into shivers; (2) looking-glass.
gler-gluggr, m. glass-window;
-steinar, m. pl. glass stones, agates;
-tlur, f. pl. glass beads.
glett, n., gletta, f. banter, raillery, taunting; fara (ganga, ra) glett vi e-n, to provoke one.
glettast (tt), v. refl. to banter, rail against one, taunt, provoke an enemy (g. vi e-n).
gletti-liga, adv. tauntingly.
glettingr, m. = glett, gletta.
, f. splashing wave.
glettinn, a. bantering.
glettni, f. = glett (eiga g. vi e-n).
glettu-atskn, f. a feint to provoke the enemy to attack.
glettunar-mar, m.; engi glettunar-mar, a man not to be trifled with.
gleyma (-da, -dr), v. (1) to make a merry noise (glaumr); (2) with dat. to forget (gleymt hefi ek essu).
gleym-samligr, a. forgetful.
gleymska, f. forgetfulness.
gleypa (-ta, -tr), v. to swallow.
glissa (-sta), v. to grin, gabble.
glit, n. 'glitter'; ofit g., brocaded.
glita, glitra (a), v. to glitter.
glkindi, glking, glkja, glkligr, glkr = lkindi, lking, etc.
glma (-da, -t), v. to wrestle.
glma, f. wrestling.
glminn, a. expert as a wrestler.
glmu-brg, n. pl. wrestling-tricks;
-flagi, m. wrestling-mate;
-frr, a. able-bodied as a wrestler;
-mannliga, adv. like a good wrestler.
glj (-a, -), v. to glisten, shine.
gljfr, n. pl. rocky (sides of a) ravine.
gljfrttr, a. rocky.
glott, n. grin, sneer, scornful smile; draga g. at e-u, to sneer at.
glotta (-tta, -tt), v. to grin (g. at or vi e-u); g. vi tnn, to smile scornfully and show the teeth.
gla (a, or -a, -t), v. (1) to shine, glitter (glar nkkut gtunni); (2) to glow with heat; glanda jrn, red-hot iron.
gl (pl. glr), f. red-hot embers.
glar-ker, n. fire-pan.
gl-raur, a. red as embers.
glfar, a. gloved;
glfi, m. glove.
gl-fxttr, a. light-maned.
glpaldi, m. fool.
glpr, m. fool.
glsa (a), v. to explain by a gloss.
gluggar, pp. with windows.
glugga-ykkn, f. dense clouds with openings in them.
gluggr (-s, pl. -ar), m. opening (in a wall, roof, etc.), esp. window.
glumr, n. noise, rattle, clatter.
glumra (a), v. to rattle, clatter.
glutr, n. squandering, lavishment.
glutra (a), v. to squander.
glutrs-mar, m. spendthrift.
glutrunar-mar, m. = glutrsmar;
-samr, a. lavish, extravagant.
glpna (a), v. to become downcast.
glymja (glym, glumda, glumir), v. to dash noisily, splash (unnirglymja), clatter (glumdu jklar), rattle.

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