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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


had for a trifle.
-laust, adv. without gift;
-lendingar, m. pl. feudatories;
-lyndi, n. open-handedness;
-mildr, a. open-handed;
-or, n. match (of a woman to be married);
-vaxta, a. marriageable (of a maid);
-vinr, m. open-handed friend.
gjald, n. (1) tribute (hann lagi g. borgina); (2) payment; hldu bndr gjaldinu, they kept back the payment; (3) retribution, esp. pl.; ella mun r g. at vera, thou shalt pay dear for it; (4) reward, return, compensation; sr gjf til gjalda, gift looks for gift.
gjalda (geld; galt, guldum.; goldinn), v. (1) to repay, return; g. gjf vi gjf, to pay back gift for gift; g. aptr, to restore, pay back; (2) fig. to give, yield; g. skynsemi vi e-u, to give reason for; g. samkvi at e-u, to consent to; g. var, varhuga vi e-u, to be on one's guard against; g. e-m fjndskap, to show ill-will towards one; (3) with gen. to pay for, suffer on account of (ar munu it min g.); g. e-s at= g. e-s; geldr at nbreytni (gen.) konungs, it is a punishment for the king's innovations.
gjald-dagi, m. pay-day;
-fang, n. payment, equivalent;
-gengr, a. taken in payment;
-keri, m. the king's steward.
-kyri, m. the king's steward.
gjalla (gell; gall, gullum; gollit), v. to scream, shriek (ernir gjalla htt); strengr gellr, the bow-string twangs; impers. to resound, echo (kva orsteinn sv htt, at gall mrnum).
Gjallar-horn, n. (1) the horn (trumpet) of Heimdal; (2) the drinking horn used by Mimir.
gjallr, a. ringing, resounding;
gjalti, only in the phrase, vera at gjalti, to turn mad with terror.
gjarn, a. (1) eager for, desirous of (g. e-t, e-t, til e-s); (2) g. e-m, willing to follow one.
gjarna, adv. willingly.
gjarn-liga, adv. willingly.
, adv. willingly.
gj (gen. gjr; pl. gjr, gen. gj, dat. gjm.), f. rift, cleft, chasm.
gjlfr, n. din of the sea;
gjlfr-dyr, n. ship (poet.);
-samr, a. roaring (of the sea).
gjr-bakki, m. brink of a rift;
-barmr, m. edge of a rift;
-munni, m. mouth of a rift.
gj, f. sensuality;
-lfl, n. sensual life;
-mar, m. a sensual person.
gjsa (gs; gaus, gusum; gosinn), v. to gush, burst out (ar gaus upp stundum, eldr; blit gaus r srinu).
gjs-r, f. 'gush-vein', artery.
gjta (gt; gaut, gutum; gotinn), v. (1) g. hrognum, to spawn; (2) g. augum, sjonum, to cast a look.
gjf (gen. gjafar, pl. gjafar and gjafir). f. gift; skipta gjfum vi e-n, to exchange gifts with one; leia e-n t ( brott) me gjfum, leysa e-n brott me gjfum, to dismiss one with gifts (at the end of a visit).
gjfull, (acc. gjflan), a. munificent, liberal (g. at gulli).
gjgr, f. cleft, rift (gljfr ok gjgrar).
gjgra (a), v. to reel, stagger.
gjlnar, f. pl. the whiskers of the Fenris-wolf.
gjlta (-lti), v. to bark (rare).
gjr-, see gr-, gr-.
gjor (gen. gjarar; pl. gjarar and gjarir), f. girdle; saddle-girth (sulgjr).
gjrvallr, a. see 'grvallr'.
glaa (a) v. to gladden (= gleja).
glaan, adv. = glaliga.
gla-ltr, a. cheerful;
-liga, adv. gladly, willingly;
-ligr, a. glad, cheerful;
-mltr, a. cheerful in speech.
glaning, f. gladdening, gladness.
glar (gl, glatt), a. (1) glad, gladsome, cheerful (Flosi var allra ruarma, glaastr); (2) bright, beautiful, of the sky, weather, fire (ver glatt, tunglit skein glatt).
gla-vri, f. gladness;
-vrr, a. gladsome, cheerful.
glam, or glamm, n. noise, din, clash.
glama, v. to twaddle, talk idly.
glamra (a), v. to tinkle, jingle.
glap, n. beguilement, seduction; venja kvmur snar til glapa (or glaps) vi konu, to aim at seducing.
glapna (a), v. to grow dim (glapnai honum heyrn ok sn).
glappa-verk, n. mishap.
glap-ri, n. mistake, blunder;

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