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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


geysingr, m. impetuosity.
geystr, pp. (1) rushing hastily; (2) enraged (vru bndr mjk geystir hendr honum).
-gi (or -ki after t or s), a suffix used esp. with negative, but also with positive and indefinite force.
gil (gen. pl. gilja), n. ravine, gully.
gilda-skli, m. guild-hall.
gildi, n. (1) payment, tribute (rare) (2) recompense, return; sr til gildis gjf (see gjald 4); (3) repute, esteem (egar r komist g. vi hfingja); (4) feast banquet ( gengu sir at g. snu.) (5) guild, brotherhood.
gildis-brr, m. pl. guild-brothers;
-fundr, m. guild-meeting;
-skli, m. guild-hall;
-t, f. guild-term.
gild-leiki, m. perfectness.
gild-liga, adv. properly.
gildr (gild, gilt), a. (1) valued at (g. tveim. mrkum); (2) of full value; worth, great (g. konungr, hfingi); me gildum sma, with great fame; Hallfrer var sem gildastr, H. was then at his best.
gildra, f. trap.
gildra, (a), v. to trap, set a trap.
gilja (), v. to beguile (a woman)
gils-rmr, m. edge of a gully.
gim-steinn, m. gem, jewel.
gin, n. mouth (of a beast).
gin-kefli, n. gag.
ginna, (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to dupe, fool one; g. e-n at sr, to fall out with one; (2) to decoy, entice (g. e-n til e-s, heiman af bnum).
gin-heilagr, a. most holy.
ginning (pl. -ar), f. deception, befooling (Gylfa-ginning).
ginningar-ffl, n. one who runs a fool's errand (vera ginningar-ffl e-s).
ginn-regin, n. pl. the great gods.
ginnunga-gap, n. the great void, primeval chaos;
-himinn, m. the heaven over ginnunga-gap.
ginnungr, m. juggler, lister.
gipt, f. (1) gift (jarligar giptir) (2) good luck (= gipta).
gipta, f. good luck.
gipta, (-pta, -ptr), v. to give away in marriage (g. e-m e-a); refl. giptast, to marry.
gipting, f. marriage (of a woman).
giptu-drjgr, a. lucky;
-ftt, a. n. luckless (e-m verr giptu-ftt);
-liga, adv. luckily;
-ligr, a. lucky, auspicious;
-mar, m. lucky man;
-munr, m. difference in good luck;
-r, n. good, auspicious match;
-samliga, adv. auspiciously;
-samligr, a. = -ligr;
-skortr, m. want of luck, bad luck;
-tmr, a. luckless;
-vnligr, a. promissing good luck, auspicious.
gira (-a, -r), v. to fence, = gera.
Girkir, m. pl. the Greeks.
girna (-di, -t), v. impers., mik girnir, I desire; refl., girnast e-t, e-t, til e-s, to desire something.
girnd (pl. -ir), f. desire; lust.
girndar-bruni, -eldr,-hiti, m. fire of lust, ardent lust;
-r, n. (foolish) love match.
girni-ligr, a. desirable, pleasant.
girska, f. the Greek language.
girskr, a. (1) Greek; (2) =gerzkr.
gista (-sta, -st), v. to pass the night (g. at e-s, at or e-m sta); g. e-n, to spend a night with one.
gisting, f. night-lodgings, accommodation for the night (beiast gistingar; iggja gisting).
gistingar-bl, n., -star, m. night-quarters.
gizki, m. a kind of kerchief
gifr, n. witch, hag;
-liga, adv. savagely (lta -liga).
gfr, a. poet. bloodthirsty, savage.
ggia, f. fiddle;
gigjari, m. fiddler.
gna, (gin; gein, ginum; ginit), v. to gape, yawn (gnandi fr); g. yfir e-t, to take into one's mouth; g. vi agni, to gape in order to take the bait.
gsl (pl. -ar), m. (1) hostage; (2) bailiff (g. keisarans); warder.
gsla (a), v. (1) to give as hostage; (2) to take as hostage.
gslar, f. pl. (1) sureties, securities; (2) securily, guard (setja g. fyrir).
gsling, f. (1) hostage (taka e-n g.); (2) pl. guard (setja gslingar fyrir e-n).
gjafa-laust, adv. (dismissed) without gifts;
-leysi, n. lack of gifts.
gjafari, m. giver.
gjafa-skipti, n. exchange of gifts.
-vxl, n. exchange of gifts.
gjaf-erf, f. bequest;
-falr, a. to be

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