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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gerning, gerningr, see grn-.
gerpi-ligr, a. martial (= garpligr).
gerr, a. see grr; adv. see grr.
ger-samliga, -semi, -simi, -simligr, see gr-, gr-
gersta (-sta, -str), v. to annoy, tease (g. hug e-s);
gerstr, pp. (1) wearisome, dismal; gerstan dag, the long weary day; (2) sulky; hann leit g. vi mr, he looked sulkily on me.
gerva, gervallr, gervi, see grva, grvallr, grvi.
gerzkr, a. from Gararki.
gesta-bekkr, m. guests' bench;
-bo, n. banquet;
-hs, n. guest-room.
-hfingi, m. chief of the guests.
-skli, m. guest-hall.
gest-gjafl, m. host (gr -gjafi)
gestr (-s, -ir), m. (1) guest; (2) a royal retainer of inferior rank.
gest-risinn, a. hospitable;
-risni, f. hospitality.
get, n. guess (rare).
geta (get; gat, gtum; getinn), v. I. with acc. (1) to get; g. orstr, to get fame; g. sr e-t, to get for oneself (gs um is ef sr g. mtti); g. gott af e-m, to get good of one; with dat. of the person, g. vluum vel, to be kind to the poor; g. e-m illa, to do harm to one; impers., getr e-t, there is (got); eigi getr slkan (there is none such) konungs herbergjum; (2) with pp. of another verb, g. veiddan fisk, to be able to catch fish; ek get eigi fylgt yr, I cannot follow you; (3) almost like an auxil. verb with infin.; ek Gunnari gat at unna, I loved G.; g. at lita, sj (to get) to see; without 'at', er slkt getr fa j, that shall rear such a child; (4) to learn (lengi man at er ungr getr); (5) to beget, engender (ftr gat son vi fti); geta brn, to beget children (said of both parents); (6) refl., getast at e-u, to like; v at mr gezt vel at r, because I like thee well; lta sr getit at e-u, to be pleased with; eigi lt ek mr at einu getit, I am not pleased to have always the same, I want some change; II. with gen. (1) to guess; g. gatu, to guess a riddle; g. rtt, to guess right; g. e-s til, to guess, suppose; g. hug e-m, to guess one's thoughts; (2) to speak of, mention, in speech or writing (ess er getit, sem grt er); geta um e-t, to speak about (hann gat ekki um etta fyrir snum mnnum); ess er vi getit, at, it is told that.
geta, f. guess, conjecture (er at g. mn, at); sp er spaks g., a wiseman's guess is a prophecy; tla ek eigi at til getu, at hann s ar, it is not likely that he is there; leia getum um e-t, to make a guess at.
getara, f. birth-giver, mother.
getari, m. begetter, father.
get-gangr, m. guessing.
getnar (gen. -ar), m. (1) conception; (2) ftus; vera me getnai, to be with a child; (3) liking.
get-sakir, f. pl. imputations (without evidence); skja -sakir, to prosecute one upon loose imputations;
-samligr, a. pertaining to guessing;
-speki, f. gift of prophecy;
getu-ml, n. doubtful case.
geyja (gey, g), v. (1) to bark (at e-m); (2) to scoff at (vil ek eigi go g.); g. e-n, to abuse.
geyma (-da, -dr), v. (1) to heed, mind, watch (geym ess, at enginn komist braut); hann hafi geymt hlutverka sinna, he had minded his work; g. sin, to take care of oneself; g at e-u, til e-s = g. e-s; (2) to watch, keep, with acc. (g. binn, heilrit).
geymari, m. keeper.
geymdir, f. pl. heed, attention; gefa g. at e-u, to give heed to.
geymiliga, adv. = gtiliga.
geyminn, a. heedful (g. e-s, at e-u).
geymsla, f. keeping, care.
geymalu-lauss, a. unguarded.
geyra, geyrr, = gra, grr.
geysa, (-ta, -tr), v. to send out with violence (hann ltr g. eld ok jrn); usually refl. to dash or rush furiously ( geysist hafit lndin; mgrinn geystist inn skipin).
geysi-, very, exceedingly; g. mikill, very great; g. margir, very many, g. illa, very badly.
geysi-liga, adv. enormously;
-ligr, a. enormous.

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