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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


choose what best suits you; (3) to signify, mean, matter; spuri, hverju gegndi glei s, er hann hafi, asked what his sadness meant; sumir mltu mti ok kvu ngu g., some denied it, and said it was of no use; meira en hfi gegnir, more than is due, above measure; g. tendum, to be of importance; (4) to amount to; sv at mrgum hundruum gegndi, so that it amounted to many hundreds.
gegni-liga, adv. duly, properly.
gegning, f. suitableness; essu er engi g., this will not do.
gegnt, (1) adv. straight; compar., gegnra, gegnara, more straight; superl., gegnst, gegnast, the shortest way; most right, meetest; (2) prep. with dat. over against, opposite to (g. konungi).
gegnum, gegnum (1) prep. with acc. through (g. vegginn); (2) adv., allan dag g., all the day long.
geifla (a), v. to mumble (g. e-u).
geiga, (a), v. to take a wrong direction; eigi veit, hvar skytja r geigar, none can tell where a shaft ill-shot may stray to.
geigan, f. wavering.
geigr, m. (1) scathe, serious hurt; vinna, gera, veita e-m geig, to hurt one; (2) danger (er at enn mesti g.).
geigu-skot, n. deadly shot.
geig-vnligr, a. dangerous, fatal.
geil (pl. -ar), f. narrow glen, lane.
geila-garr, m. a fence along a geil.
gei-ligr, a. fine, beautiful (rare).
geip, n. idle talk, nonsense.
geipa, (a), v. to talk nonsense.
geipan, f. brag, nonsense.
geir-flki, m. gerfalcon;
-fugl, m. gare-fowl, the great awk.
geiri, m. gore, triangular strip.
geir-laukr, m. garlic.
geir-mmir, m. poet. warrior.
geir-nagli, m. the nail fastening a spear's head to the shaft.
geir-njrr, m. poet. warrior.
geirr (-s, -ar), m. (1) spear; (2) the point of an anvil (nefstei).
geir-varta, f. nipple (of a man).
geis, f. impetuosity;
geisa, (a), v. to rage, be furious; eirra ofsi geisar htt, their insolence runs high.
geisan, f. impetuosity (= geis).
geiska-fullr, a. frightened.
geiski, m. panic, fear.
geisl, m. (1) snow-skater's staff, (2) ray, beam;
geisla, (a), v. to shed rays, to beam; geisli, m. = geisl.
geispa (a), v. to yawn, gape.
geispi, m. yawn.
geit (gen. -ar; pl. geitr), f. a shegoat (ragr sem geit).
geita-ftir, m. pl. goats' feet, feet like those of a goat;
-hirir, m. goat-herd;
-hs, n. goat-house.
geitar-horn, n. goat's horn;
-hugr, m. cowardice;
-hs, n. goat-house;
-skegg, n. goat beard.
geita-sveinn, m. goat-herd.
geit-bjlfi, m. goat-skin coat or hairy jacket;
-heinn, m. goat-skin coat or hairy jacket;
-skinn, n. goat-skin;
-staka, f. = -skinn.
geitungr, m. wasp.
gelda, (-da, -dr), v. to geld, castrate.
geld-f, n. barren sheep.
geldjfr-hfn, f. pasture for geldf.
gelding, f. gelding, castration.
geldingr (-s, -ar), m. (1) wether; (2) eunuch.
geld-neyti, n. barren cattle.
geldr, a. yielding no milk, dry.
gella. (-da), v. to yell, roar, bellow (sem griungr gelldi).
gemlingr (-s, -ar), m. a year-old sheep (at rja gemlinga).
gems, n. gibe, scoff.
gemea, (a), v. to gibe, scoff.
gems-fullr, a. full of gibes.
gems-mikill, a. full of gibes.
gengi, n. (1) luck, success; n er ills gengis nema heiman hafi, ill luck is home-bred; (2) help, support; afla sr gengis, to gather troops.
genginn, pp. gone, dead.
gengr, a. (1) able to walk; (2) fit to walk on (vegr vel g.); (3) eiga heiman gengt, to have time and opportunity to leave home.
genta, f. girl, lass.
gera, v. see gra;
ger, see gr.
ger, f. yeast, ferment.
ger (pl. -ar), f. gear, harness; pl. armour (gerar vrar).
gera (-a, -r), v. to fence in.
geri, n. a fenced field.
gering, f. fencing, hedging.
geri, m. 'ravener', wolf (poet.).
gerla, adv. see grla.

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