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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


gs (gen. gsar; pl. gss), f. goose (galt hann gagl fyrir gs).
g-samr, a. heedful, attentive;
-semi, f. attention.
gs-veir, f. goose-catching,
gta, f. riddle; geta (ra) gtu, to read a riddle.
gtt (pl. -ir), f. (1) the rabbet of a doorsill or doorpost; var hnigin hur gtt, the door was shut; (2) pl. doorway; innan gtta, indoors.
ge, n. (1) mind, wits, senses; heirnta aptr g. sitt, to come to one's senses again; vera gtinn at gei, to be on one's guard; vita til sns ges, to be master of one's wits; (2) disposition, liking, honum var vel gedi til Freysteins, he was well disposed to Fr.; fellst mr vel g., you are to my liking; fllst hvrt ru (fllust au) vel g., they liked one another well.
gedda, f. pike (fish).
ge-fastr, a. firm of mind;
-festi, f. firmness of mind.
gejar, a. to one's mind, agreeable.
gejast (a), v. refl., e-m gejast e-t, one is pleased with, one likes.
ge-lauss, a. fickle-minded;
-leysi, n. fickleness of mind, inconstancy.
ges-ligir, a. engaging, pleasing.
ge-speki, f. wisdom;
-svinnir, a. wise, clever.
gefa (gef; gaf, gfum; gefinn), v. (1) to give (g. e-m e-t); hann gaf eim gar gjafar, he gave them good gifts; g. e-m r, to give one advice; g. hlj, to give a hearing; g. e-m sk, e-t at sk, to lay to one's charge, to bring a charge against one; g. slg, to deal blows; g. e-m drekka, to give one to drink; impers., e-m gefr byr (byri), one gets a fair wind (gaf eim byr ok sigla eir haf); absol., gaf eim vel, they got a fair wind; ef fri gefr , if you get a chance; ef yr (dat.) gefr eigi missi essu mli, if you are not mistaken in this matter; at gaf llum vel skilja, it was clear for all to understand; (2) to give, grant; g. heimleyfi, to grant furlough; g. e-m gri, to grant quarter or pardon to one; g. e-m lf, to grant one his life; (3) to give in matrimony (ek var ung gefin Njli); (4) to give fodder to cattle, to feed (g. gltum, nautum, km, hestum); (5) g. staar, to stop; lt hann staar gefa rrinn, he stopped rowing; (6) e-m er e-t sv gefit, or sv gefit um e-t, one is so and so disposed, thinks so and so of a thing (ef r er etta sv gefit sem segir); (7) with preps.; g. sr litit (mikit) af (or at) e-u, to take little (much) notice of; g. e-t, to pour water on; fig. to press on (gefr Ormr ); g. e-m til e-s, to give in return for a thing (g. f til stta); impers., honum hafi vel gefit til (had good luck) um hefndina; g. sr mikit (ltit) um e-t, to take great (little) interest in (= g. sr mikit, ltit, af or at e-u); g. sr ftt um e-t, to take coldly, take little notice of; g. e-t upp, to give up (g. upp alla mtstu); g. sik upp, to surrender; g. upp gamalmenni, to give old people up, let them starve; g. upp leiguna, to remit the rent; g. upp sakir, to remit offences; upp gefinn, exhausted; g. e-t vi e-u, to give in payment for; g. sik vi, to give in (at er lkara, at ek gefa mik vi); (8) refl., gefast vel (illa), to prove good (bad); opt hafa mr vel gefizt yur r, your counsels have often proved good for me; hefir eim at ok aldri vel gefizt, it has never turned out well; gefast gjfum, to give gifts to one another; g. vald e-s, to give oneself into another's power; g. upp, to give in, surrender; e-m gefst e-t yfir, one does wrong in a thing (ef gfgum mnnum gfust strir hlutir yfir).
gefandi (pl. -endr), m. giver.
gefna-ge n. conduct, behaviour.
gegn and gegn, prep. with dat., against ( g. vindi sem forvindis); eli, against nature.
gegn, a. (1) honest (sannorr ok g.); (2) fit (fr O. ar land, sem honum tti gegnast); (3) direct, straight (hinn gegnsta veg).
gegna (-da, -t), v. (1) to go against, meet (g. e-m); (2) to suit one, be meet for one; velit at er yr gegnir,

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